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 Collabration Rules.

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PostSubject: Collabration Rules.   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:44 pm

Collabs aren't as easy as they seem. To lead a successful collab you need to be a very good leader and put your foot down when it's needed.

For those that want to start one -

1. State the Flash version that's required for your so called collab, now and days the preferred version is Flash 8/ CS3 format. So again BE sure to state this.

2. Make sure your computer is able to handle the FLAs. They usually come in big sizes especially if the animator has too many files in there. If you can't find someone who can.

3. You must state the FPS being used, the BG color and stage size being used, again Flash version capable.

4. Have a method of being able to put all the FLAs together like naming all symbols with your name and whatever it is you're naming.

5. Make and reinforce a due date. If you really want it done, slacking will only prevent you from doing so.

6. Try to make a good interesting theme, regular sprite fights get wack after a while.

7. If you don't know what that animator has got, you should and can ask for proof of how good he/she is.

General rules -

1. If you're already in a couple collabs, Don't join more. The most I'll say is 2-4 at a time if you really intend on finishing them.

2. Regarding the leader's theme, constructive criticism can be given but don't cross the line and go offending others even if it's a retarded idea.

3. If there isn't any progress in the collab for a while, the topic will be locked until further notice.

4. Don't join the collab if you're honestly not up to it.

5. Make sure you show it's being runned by DBZ vortex, I'll make a perloader for us soon. So that shouldn't be a problem.


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Collabration Rules.

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