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 Blizzard [February Showdown/BFL Rematch]

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PostSubject: Blizzard [February Showdown/BFL Rematch]   Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:20 pm

Name: Blizzard
Alias/Nickname: Bliz, Chosen of Ice, Prince of Pluto
Age: 17
Month and Day of Birth: December 13
Place of Birth: Pluto
Theme Song: Click me.
Gender: Male
Race: Ritual Plutonian
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: At first glance, Blizzard seems cold and uncaring- that's simply how he was raised. Having lived his childhood on Pluto, he felt like an outcast- he was obviously different from the native Plutonians. On Pluto he spent most of his time with the Elders, never really leading any sort of a social life. It's not until you break through this emotional wall of his that you see who he truly is. It wasn't until Blizzard came to Earth that he built and sort of relationship with anyone. Once Blizzard started making friends, he became dedicated and caring. If his friends were in any danger, he would jump in without a second thought.
Blizzard brings this determination in combat as well. He is strong-willed, and will almost never give up. Most of the time he acts as a defensive fighter. Blizzard isn't the strongest, physically, so he relies on his agility to overpower opponents. When choosing to fight offensively, Blizzard uses his opponents own power against them. He chooses mainly to dodge and counter, waiting for the right moment to strike- swiftly and effectively. He is nimble not only in body but in mind; being a quick thinker and resourceful fighter is key to victory.
-High heat or fire-based moves are not his thing.
-Reckless actions when fighting a Saiyan.
-Flashbacks of the Pluto-Saiyan Invasion. Though not as frequent as they once were, they still take their toll on his mental health.
-Being a Ritual Plutonian, and having lived most of his life on the frigid planet of Pluto, Blizzard's body is built for extreme conditions. He can hold his breath for great lengths of time, is unfazed by extreme cold or high pressure. He can even survive in the vacumn of space for several minutes. With this comes a resistance to [Basic] and [Advanced] Ice and Water moves, as well as to [Basic] Wind moves.
-Another effect of his Plutonian origins, Blizzard has great physical resilience.


Physical Appearance: Blizzard has a lean build, and stands at 5' 8'' weighing in at around 160. He is toned, but not really muscular; he focuses on speed instead of power, and his body shows that. He has deep ocean-blue eyes, and a rather gaunt facial structure. His hair can be described as either a cerulean or midnight blue color; it was once black but his time on Pluto somehow changed his hair color. His hair is spiky, and he has rather long bangs that often shade his eyes.
Attire: On Earth, Blizzard wears a rather simplistic outfit. The outfit consists of a loose sea-green T-shirt, dark gray jeans, and blue and white shoes. This loose choice of clothing gives him a good degree of mobility, though little protection. Blizzard also has bandages wrapped around his hands and forearm, these are mainly to protect himself from his own ice attacks, as he is once more vulnerable to his own attacks since he lost his power.


Ki Color: Icy Blue
Technique List:

[Name] - Mastered Cryokinesis
[Technique Type] - [Ultimate] [Manipulation] [Elemental- Ice]
[Description] - The user can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms meaning they effectively make things colder, user may become capable of generating and sending forth various freezing effects. User also has ability to transform moisture/water into varying forms of ice and control, manipulate and move it as they wish

[Name] - Combat Teleportation
[Technique Type] - [Advanced] [Movement]
[Description] - A short-ranged teleportation technique where the user effectively "blinks" out from one space to another. It is for all intent and purposes, a mastered form of the "Zanzoken" technique. The user may leave behind an afterimage if they choose to. Limited to one use every 3 posts.

[Name] - Explosive Wave
[Technique Type] - [Advanced] [Area of Effect] [Knockback] [Offense] [Defense]
[Description] - The user spikes up their energy rapidly, causing ki to burst out in a sphere around them. This explosion of energy can be used to harm opponents or ward off attacks.

[Name] - Super Explosive Wave: Blizzard
[Technique Type] - [Ultimate] [Elemental- Ice] [Area of Effect] [Knockback] [Offense] [Defense]
[Description] - The user stands charging energy around their body, then they explode with a gigantic energy sphere around their body. If the foe contacts with the Super Explosive Wave, it will deal much greater damage than the normal Explosive Wave. It can also be used for defense and offense at the very same time. Blizzard's has the elemental quality of ice to it, and the entire radius of the blast is left frozen solid and with a frosty chill in the air.

[Name] - Aegis Igloo
[Technique Type] - [Advanced] [Elemental - Ice] [Area of Effect] [Defense] [Chargeable] [Dice Roll]
[Description] - The user expands their ki out and freezes it, creating a large protective dome of snow and ice that can protect one or more persons for a short or moderate period of time. With more time to focus and build up the walls of ice, the dome can go from a last-second defensive move, to a long-standing impenetrable fortress. Varying amounts of focusing or charging posts increases this moves strength:
Same Post Activation - The walls will break with the next hit. Protects 1 person.
1 Post of Charging - The walls will last for 2 posts, but can be broken through with a Successful Dice roll or [Advanced] Fire attack. Weakened damage will still be done to those inside if the dome is broken. Protects up to 2 people.
2 Posts of Charging - The dome is much stronger, and will last for 3 posts, but can still be broken through with a Successful Dice roll. Those inside will remain unfazed if the dome is broken. Protects up to 3 people.
3 Posts of Charging - With this amount of time spent on focusing their energies, the dome reaches its perfected form. Cannot be broken, even with a Successful Dice roll, only with an [Ultimate] Fire attack. Will last for 5 posts and protect up to 4 people.

[Name] - Beast
[Technique Type] - [Advanced] [Offense] [Knockback]
[Description] - A technique much like that of a Kiai wave. The user stomps their foot on the ground and lets out an echoing, animalistic roar. A beast-shaped wave of energy shoots forth from their body to knock back and damage the target.

[Name] - Judgement
[Technique Type] - [Ultimate] [Area of Effect] [Offense]
[Description] - The user fires an array of charged ki blasts into the air overhead, and they fuse together into one powerful orb of energy. It slowly absorbs energy from the user as the battle progresses, increasing in power the longer it stays aerial. At any point after this, the energy can be released in a powerful ray that's fired down leaving nothing but ruin in a circular radius where it hits.

Power Level: 60,000

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Resilience] Hammerheads have an incredibly resilient physical make-up. They are capable of withstanding immense amounts of damage in battle before falling. They can take a direct hit from an Ultimate move and remain relatively unfazed. "Feats of resilience" such as this can be performed twice within a thread, and fall under Staff discretion.

[Special Ability - Adept] White Tips are notorious for possessing large ki reserves, and are very efficient when it comes to ki consumption. As such, they are capable of performing twice the number of Ultimate moves in a single thread, up to 4.

Soul Clash - x4 - Blizzard brings forth the power of the Saiyan beast the Oozaru (Great Ape).

Perfect Balance - x8 - Blizzard unlocks his ki reserves completely, and is enveloped completely in a pitch black cloak of energy, and constantly resonates with an icy blue glow.


Weapons: None.




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Blizzard [February Showdown/BFL Rematch]

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