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 Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]

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PostSubject: Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]   Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:12 pm

Name: Krash Hirita (He-right-uh)
Alias/Nickname: Krash
Age: 17
Month and Day of Birth: March 13th
Place of Birth:Unknown
Theme Song: Ain't no rest for wicked- Cage the elephant
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Home Planet: Rumors say he was born on an undiscovered planet and sent to earth as a baby.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Personality: Krash is an arrogant smart ass. He has never been fond of people nor looked for help from anyone. Rarely has someone even heard his voice until his recent "courage".He is a very Mysterious being and will attack on site. He works alone almost always but can work with a partner, but don't let your guard down because he can attack his partner once the conflict at hand has been resolved. His heart grows with hate and disgust with every thought of his family leaving him on this wretched planet.
Weaknesses: 1-Vulnerable to mind power, If an opponent can use some form of telepathy and knows of his past he can put Krash in a state of rage in which Krash is unguided and may cause self damage.
2-Light causes his perception to lower and his avoidabilty is lowered
3-He tends to fight battles with high dexterity and can put himself in a bad location for counter attacks
Strengths: 1- In darkness his perception is greatly increased. It tends to be near impossible for an opponent to dodge quick attacks.
2- His battles are fought with outstanding strategy, although his attacks may seem weak at first they also end up helping for a bigger move in the end.
3- His combination of his weapons and Ki leads to quick and mid-strength attacks.

Physical Appearance:Standing at 6 foot two Inches tall and weighing 205 lbs, He is a force to be reckoned with. Although he may look human at first glance, his eyes and hair Say otherwise.He tends to hide his 3 foot long devilish tail until crossed by an opponent he wishes to destroy. Although there is no use of his tail, or is there, people still know that shit just got real the moment he pulls out his tail. His hair is a strong bright burgundy, almost cherry red, resembling the red of a SSJ5 Saiyan. His hair is Mid-length and somewhat thick. The body of an athlete, Krash, Shows to be an at-first-glance intimidation machine. His body fat percentage is an astonishing 0%. His eyes tell the story of his life with a glowing ruby red, representing the hatred for his past and his blood thirst hunt for revenge. On his face is a very noticeable scar crossing from the left cheek to the right eyebrow
Attire: Wearing a dark colored outfit consisting of: A stylish pair of dark blue torn jeans, A black hoody with the letters 苦痛(成功なし)はありません。(no pain, no success) Black dirt bike gloves with three knuckle spikes, these spikes are serrated and will cause lots of internal damage. On his face he wears a black ninja mask somewhat similar to a bandanna.


Ki Color: Red with a strong black ion trail.
Technique List:
[Name]: Avenger
[Technique type]: basic(can be trained to a more advance attack)
[Description] A simple version of Goku's kamehameha. Power is drawn from one hand and then the user thrusts with both hands making it a weaker but faster version. Great move for knockback and stun. Self-taught after his realization of his Saiyan abilities, After trying to rob a store.
[Name]: Demon Lash
[Technique Type]: Advanced
[Description]: A technique self-taught by Krash with hundreds of hours spent creating this. Very unique and astonishing in detail. Fires a bean from the fingers attacking multiple times and knocks the opponent back hundreds of feet if successful. can only be done at close to mid length range.
[Name]: Demon Double Dose
[Technique Type]: Basic (Simple Ki manipulation]
[Description]: With concentration the user creates a short lasting dark aura duplicate that mimics the users move creating twice the power of the attack. can only be used twice safely in a fight, anything after that has a high chance of self-knockout.Also can only duplicate basic moves until the advanced form of the technique is learned.
Power Level: 1260

Racial Abilities: Zenkai

Transformations: Pseudo Super Saiyan - x2 - Requires 4000 PL
Super Saiyan - x5 - Requires 10000 PL
Super Saiyan II - x7 - Requires 20000 PL
Super Saiyan III - x10 - Requires 50000 PL



Equipment: light plated armor under the clothing so that attention isn't drawn.

Biography: Life.What is life? To a man named Krash its a chance to fix a pain inflicted upon an innocent child by his parents and his race. With no given reason to the desertion, Krash convinced himself that it didn't matter and that someone was going to pay for the pain caused and he was going to ruin the lives of every being in the universe by taking control of the Saiyan throne. For years, Krash has roamed and scavenged the earth just to survive. This way of life is that of a soon-to-be Killer. Little does the world know, Krash won't stop until he gets what he wants. Born and left alone, krash, has stuck with being alone and stayed with the shadows until now. Krash has finally set forth his plan for total domination and will kill all those in his path. Merciless as he is, the universe better prepare because it's gonna take everything and more to stop this awakened demon.....

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PostSubject: Re: Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]   Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:28 pm

* Updated the weapons
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PostSubject: Re: Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]   Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:33 am

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PostSubject: Re: Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]   

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Krash Hirita [Cached copy found XD]

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