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 Enzo WIP

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L. Cole

PostSubject: Enzo WIP   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:14 pm

"For Dizzle a.k.a. R4inbowDash"

Name: Enzo Ancitorai da Venezia
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 47
Month and Day of Birth: August 15th
Place of Birth: Italy
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
  • He is a highly skilled assassin, and has learned and developed many skills over the years, (pick-pocketing, armed and unarmed combat, both stealth and public assassination techniques, and the use of ki.)

  • He is highly flexible, has high endurance, and is highly acrobatic.

  • He is an expert Alchemist, and always has a variety of potions and poison with him.

  • He takes his allegiance to the Order to his head, and lets his arrogance control him sometimes.

  • He is haunted by memories of the past, most of those memories being of half of his family's death.

  • He is weakened greatly by the Fire Element.


Alignment: [Neutral Good]
Occupation(s): Order Of Assassins, West City Thieves Guild, The Brotherhood.
Reputation: During his first years a serving as an assassin, Enzo was highly-respected, and many people viewed him as their savior, over his travels he has re-located to West City where he has no fame at all.

Personality: As a child, Enzo was extremely emotional, and temperamental, but years of serving the Assassins and his dedication to them have made him mature greatly. In the past, he used revenge as a form of motivation, but as the years passed, this began to cease, and his love of serving the people is what drove him to continue on as an Assassin. He is passionately loyal to the remaining members of his family, and he'd put them over his safety and even his allegiance to the assassins. As he entered his late 40's, he became more quiet and distant from others, being more open to the ones who he knew and cared much for.

Physical Appearance:


Ki Color: White
Technique List: Start off with two techniques of any type.

Power Level: Starts off at 100

Racial Abilities:




Other: He is known for his good looks, flirtatious attitude and predispostion for womanizing. He has bedded many women.

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Enzo WIP

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