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 Exier Clessian

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PostSubject: Exier Clessian   Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:28 am

Name: Exier Clessian
Alias/Nickname: X
Age: 34
Month and Day of Birth: June 14
Place of Birth: Paris
Gender: Male
Race: Beastman
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Chaotic Good
“A killer by trade, a killer by nature, a killer by choice.”

Exier, an assassin since the day he was born, was bred to end lives; he was made to fight, to kill, to hunt. His order is one over constant scrutiny: angry victims or angry clients, he’s constantly under watched and forced to fight for his order. He wants nothing more then to extinguish all things that oppose his way of life, the chaos to his order.

Protecting the future is all Exier can think about, paving a way of bright light for the future generations is all he worries about. Exier’s heart has been hardened; the blood of too many people has made him all but immune to the charm of flattery. Luckily, he can still seduce someone if he needs to or charm his way into a situation.

A cold hard heart can really only harness one thing: hate. Exier’s hatred for all the corruption in the world has led him to go to great lengths to extinguish corruption wherever he is. His order was once a key influence on the world, now it has been reduced to cheap tricks and simple targets.

Killing is in his nature; he scopes out a room before he even makes an introduction. With the sort of profession that he’s chosen, Exier maintains a sort of cool distaste for people; trying to not form an intimate bond with anyone. You never know who you might have to kill one day.

A simple action, like a handshake or grabbing his shoulder, could have Exier retaliate with potentially deadly results. Exier can easily distinguish between friend and foe, but trying to negate years of training and instincts is impossible.

Weaknesses: Exier is crippled by random images of his dead twin, Omega, as well as being crippled by random bouts of loss of control of self due to the separation of his twin. He also can’t stand the scent of cabbages, they make him ill to the point of loss of consciousness.

Strengths: An expert negotiator, Exier has a way with words that involve twisting and turning peoples speeches against them. An expert fighter, Exier has been trained in the use of most weapons as well as some of the more simpler weapons or even improvised weapons. A master in self control, Exier has trained his mind to sustain even the hardest of attacks.


Physical Appearance: Exier is an assassin and as such he stalks in the shadows and the mist obscuring his presence. He treads lightly not to make a sound with his steps as he creeps ever so closely to his target. With his medium yet toned frame, Exier is nimble and light able to move in such awkward postures to quickly around the place. His legs are his best asset of his body, crouching to avoid unwanted attention, jumping and scaling walls or fleeting in the darkness to avoid death. Without his legs Exier would be nothing. But that would would mean nothing if he could not kill and thats why he values his arms. Skillfully dicing his opponents, carving their flesh and spilling their blood, Exier's arms represent how nimble his body yet how artful his mind is. The life of an assassin is not an easy one and there are times where he would be mere inches away from death, thus Exier trains his body and soul to the point of perfection just to survive that extra second. His face though shrouded in darkness to hide his identity is the last, but not least important assets to Exier, with his broad jaw and defined features swooning the hapless victims and fools is just another day at his job.

Exier’s face, one that so many people have gazed upon, but no one has ever recollected. His brown eyes, within them holding much more wisdom then even the most acclaimed sage, seems to hold the very face of Death within them; draining a mans life as he stares into his killers eyes. His hair, graying now with his age and experience, is the fabric that holds Death holds his souls in as he’s transporting them.

Exier has a scar on his lip, from his master “disciplining” him after Exier executed his master’s star pupil. The beating Exier’s master gave him was savage and terrifying. Exier has never forgotten that pain; not the pain of failing his master, but the pain of being forced into mediocrity.

Exier's voice is deep and alluring where he is able to captivate your mind body and soul. He whispers such delights into the ears of his prey where they foolishly follow him into his web of death and deceit. Years of practice has allowed Exier to mimic such a trustful voice and as such he can slip through the wary and suspicions of others and turning them into unwitting pawns. By manipulating others with his words of hope and promise, they drop their guards and follow aimless around like balloon on a string. Yes Exier's voice is can seize the will of others and with that he sure doesn't run out of potential partners for some night fun. Exier’s voice and his cadences have been known to get him into a guards pocket, a nobles party, or a lady’s bedchamber.
Attire: An Assassin’s outfit is suited to darkness. An Assassin’s outfit is suited to blood. Exier’s outfit is suited to both as well as its remarkable attractiveness. With the cadence of a noble, Exier wears his jacket with pride and arrogance. Its black leather is perfectly suited to his lifestyle, providing protection while providing stealth, with its collar displaying his orders symbol, the Assassin A. His jacket features a unique style: his right sleeve is simpler and doesn’t protrude as far off of his wrist as his left one does.

Over his jacket Exier has tight fitted pauldrons, three layers thick and made of black metal; these pauldrons protect his shoulder joint from any possible attacks while not limiting mobility in the slightest. These have a black leather sleeve underneath them so that they doesn’t chafe against the leather jacket. His right forearm has a simple leather bracer on it, its black exterior trimmed with silver has elegant curls etched in it. His left forearm has a more elegant bracer, its black exterior is trimmed with silver and has elegant curls etched in it as well, but its made out of metal and can help Exier block or redirect certain attacks. Under his jacket Exier has on his signature throwing knife vest, its black leather hood extending well over his head in the signature hood of his order.

The beaked hood allows for increased range of vision compared to a normal hood while keeping his identity in the cover of darkness. The vest contains spots for 8 throwing knives, each of these sheathes are well oiled; some with plain oil, others can contain poison. The maroon face of his vest, styled in sharp points and tightly fitted to his body. The vest also features armor on it, it protects the inner most part of Exier’s shoulder and collarbones from small amounts of damage. This armor is bound with a thin leather strip that wraps across his chest. His maroon cravat is tucked into his vest and from it dangles the symbol of his order. His white shirt, bloodstained sleeves and high collar, are one of the only thing people remember ever seeing.

An essential part to Exier’s order is their iconic symbol. The symbol of his order is a staple to his outfit; on his maroon cravat, on his wide collar, on his belt buckle, on his throwing blades. This symbol is the symbol of an entire culture of Assassins, the creators of order and the destroyers of chaos, an entire culture… dedicated to shadows. It is said that when this symbol is seen it is the beginning of the end.


Ki Color: White
Technique List:

[Name] - Flammeum Pugnus
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] -
Creates a gauntlet of flames on the left hand, extends to elbow. Activated by clenching his fist tight, enabling the magical energies to flow through his body. Fingers are claws (2 and a half inches long), knuckles have longer studded points (3 inches long). Flames now incinerate wood and cause severe burns on a persons flesh if they come too close. Flames are now capable of burning objects made out of fireproof material and melting objects made out of metal.

Power Level: 2768

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Rapid Evolution] Beastmen are capable of becomming stronger than most species. They gain double they would gain from an RP topic or training post. This Racial Ability cannot be obtained with the Dragonballs without using them to become a beastmen yourself.

Transformations: None.


Dual Daggers:

Dual Wristblades:

Equipment: None.




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PostSubject: Re: Exier Clessian   Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:04 am

Well, its nice to see some new blood. Granted that you don't get bonus points if the sheet is well done like this, but it definately sets the curve really nicely. I congratulate you on such a nice character sheet.

Accepted with flying colors.

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PostSubject: Re: Exier Clessian   Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:54 pm

This kid's straight up bad ass at RPGing. in 12 hours he has gained 2668 PL lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Exier Clessian   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:00 pm

Chief Full Of Shit wrote:
This kid's straight up bad ass at RPGing. in 12 hours he has gained 2668 PL lol!
Ryu got 18k in 48...


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PostSubject: Re: Exier Clessian   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:04 pm

Wahhhhh????? Holy bawls!
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PostSubject: Re: Exier Clessian   

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Exier Clessian

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