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 First Encounter on Vegeta!

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PostSubject: First Encounter on Vegeta!   Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:55 pm

Matt was pretty pissed, and I mean, who could blame him? He was just rejected training by the Granddaddy of Fighting (new term? No? Damnit.), and who knows when, or if, he would be able to receive such training. "God, this place sucks." Sparky mumbled as he accidentally bumped into a Saiyan warrior wearing light blue armor and orange tights underneath, accentuating his toned leg muscles. He had messy black hair that looked as if he spent hours trying to get that look down, but good for him. It was a good look. Right right right, anyway, so Matt had accidentally pumped into some Saiyan warrior, who, like most Saiyans was a relatively angry person at all times for absolutely no reason at all.

The Saiyan turned around, and just stared at him. Matt hadn't even noticed that he had nudged this warrior in his fits of rage, but you know when you're just sitting in University and you feel as though someone is staring at you, then you look up and they quickly look away as if to seem as though they weren't looking at you? Yeah, he sort of had this feeling, but when he turned around at the Saiyan, the Saiyan was staring him dead in the eyes. "What are you looking at?" Matt barked, still furious at the Kami.

"Oh no, you wouldn't want to be doing that!" The Saiyan cried, but not exactly in a threatening way...no, this was more of an overly dramatic stage actor, who was over-exaggerating every line so the audience would have a perfect feel for the character. "Do you think anyone can just haphazardly walk down the road and bump into anyone they want, no, not even anyone they want. You, my good boy, have bumped into the King of Fighters himself. Anago!" At this point, Anago made a pose that was too embarrassing for even the Ginyu Force to strike, but luckily for him, he was aware of how silly the pose was.

"You're the King of Fighters?" Sparky cockily asked, looking at the anime stance with disgust. "Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't train with the Kami."

"The Kami?!" Anago shot, in awe of the human warrior after misunderstanding the boy's sentence. "You were offered training by the Kami and...you refused?!"

Matt, just like the offer of training with the Kami originally, hadn't intended for his sentence to mean that at all, but if he was able to make this man go from angry to awe-inspired in a sentence or two, why not fib a bit more? "Of course I did! Do you not know who I am?" Anago shook his head. "I'm Sparky Deathcap! I'm the real King of Fighters! I have to give him credit where credit is due, the Kami's pretty good and I wouldn't ever try to pretend that he was a weakling, but..."

"Oh man, I have GOT to fight you, then." Anago then instantly charged for Matt, thrilled to fight someone with such power. The problem here was...Matt didn't have that kind of power. Nevertheless, it looked like he was in a do or die situation, so what could he do? I mean, he COULD die, but that's not really that good of an idea..." Anago sped for Matt, throwing a fist for the filthy liar's face. Matt quickly ducked, dropping into a "b-boy break dance" stance, with one foot holding up his entire body, throwing both legs directly into Anago's stomach. Immediately after, Matt was the unluckily recipient of some saliva, as the Saiyan accidentally spit everywhere in shock. Matt lost the strength in his arm, and dropped to the floor for but a moment, but a moment makes all the difference in a fight like this.

As he carelessly (and stupidly) wiped the saliva off of his glasses, Anago came in with a kick, planting his entire foot horizontally across Matt's nose. He was sent flying across the battlefield, crashing roughly into a nearby armory, mildly denting the side of the building. Matt curled forward and fell onto the ground, bleeding all over the nice rock ground. He wiped his bloody nose, exhaled deeply, and stood up. Anago was waiting right in front of Matt, being a fair fighter. "What are you doing?! You can do better than that. Come on, show me that you want it! I don't see why the Kami would even want to train with you in the first place, but, whatev-" Anago's sentence was cut off by a swift kick to the jaw.

The Saiyan stumbled for a moment, more surprised than hurt by the attack. "That's more like it!" Matt was then quickly swept off his feet, and in that split second before the next attack, he felt powerless. There was nothing he could do, but this moment seemed like it lasted a lifetime. In a nanosecond, a quick side kick to his chest sent him flying back into the building again, now stuck in a mini-crater that he made in the side of the building. Before he had time to fall into a ball and bleed all over the place again, he felt gold rings of energy clamping him down to the building. Two rings went around his wrist and two around his ankles, and one around his throat. Anago slowly walked up to Sparky Deathcap, arriving close enough to smell the fear on Matt's breath. Well, you can't actually smell fear, but...

He sent a swift knee right into Matt's ribcage, as the boy was helpless, unable to move or fight back. He felt the blood forming in his mouth now, so he intentionally coughed all over Anago. "Oh, come on man!" Anago said as he tried to wipe off some blood from his armor, but he ended up just rubbing the stains in instead. "Anyway, this is one of my signature moves. Dai-Dai-Fu. It's a fan favorite." He was referring to the rings that were holding Matt against the wall. "Now, this has be-"

Anago's sentence was interrupted by Matt's mix of rage and fear, resulting in a mild transformation that pushed his power level past the normal amount. Matt tackled Anago, throwing the Saiyan to the ground, before getting on top of him. Sparky threw down fists and elbows, causing Anago to send up some of his own blood in response. Excited, the enemy knocked Matt off of him, before throwing the boy into the air to engage in aerial combat. "This is what I'm talking about!"

Panicking and hurt at this point, Matt threw his right hand forward. A ball of chi appeared for a moment before dissipating, and then shooting out as a long, thin spark. Anago, surprised, was suddenly shocked...heh, get it? Shocked? Because it's lightning. Right! Anago felt a stun as if he was tased, before falling to a lower altitude for a moment. "Oh man, you keep surprising me!" Anago said as his hair spiked up, his eyes turned green, and his blue aura transformed into a bright golden. "This, my opponent, is a Super Saiyan."

Matt doesn't remember what happened next, but it's honestly a wonder that he didn't die that day.

WC - 1210
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PostSubject: Re: First Encounter on Vegeta!   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:38 pm

INDEED BRO Crosseyehappy
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First Encounter on Vegeta!

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