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 Discovery of Power

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PostSubject: Discovery of Power   Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:21 pm

Matt kicked open the door to his apartment...well, that makes it sound cool and heroic in a way. It was less of a kick, and more of him stumbling into his door with his feet, and then falling onto his hardwood floor. He had sprinted the entire way home, to the extent that his so-called "Iron Lungs" had failed him. Matt was terrified, he really was. Sure, he had put up a nice fight with Ritsuke, even (mostly inadvertently) surprising the ever-living crap out the Saiyan warrior, but still. Who's to say that Ritsuke wasn't holding back, and after seeing that Sparky Deathcap could shoot chi based lightning, he would use his full potential? And yeah, sure, Ritsuke had shown Matt manners after realizing that it was best to end the fight...but you never know.

So, what did he do? He sprinted across West City, at the absolute top speed that he could, in fear that the universe traveling samurai man was going to appear right behind him, ready to stab him through the brain, stomach, throat, or groin. Oh god, that'd be the worst. Imagine getting stabbed in the groin for a moment. Oh...that would be...that would just be awful. Matt scrambled to his feet, wiped off his clothes, and then took a deep sigh. "I'm...safe. For now, anyway..." Matt flopped down on his emerald couch, breathing in the material for a moment or two, when he felt and heard his phone vibrate. Shifting in his furniture, he adjusted himself so he could slide his hand down into his pocket, and grab the phone. Looking in his messages, Sparky noticed that he had eleven text messages that were unread. Granted, seven of them were from his close friends on Twitter, but four of his friends had already seen his fight.

"dude!!! I saw the fight on youtube!" Kyle Dickinson sent, ten minutes ago. "Bro, are you okay?" "WTF MAN?!?!" and "Did you just...I...what?" from Angelo Ingridson, Dan Leto, and Plobert Rant respectively. "You saw my fight already? But...it happened...half an hour ago. What's the video called?" It had actually happened two hours ago, but between the adrenaline rush of sprinting across town and the fifteen minute long nap he wasn't aware that he took, he had lost track of time. After four replies that all said, "Man in armor Cafe fight!", Sparky kind of wished that he just asked Plobrert Rant.

Going through several pages of anime AMVs and awful video game Let's Plays, Matt found the video. The video looked like it had taken with a toaster, in fact, the top rated comment by "xxXAnimeFreak69Xxx" had said that, but they replaced "toaster" with "potato." Through the grainy footage, you could see a man dressed in a cape, armor similar to a Saiyan's, and a headband fighting a man wearing a white "The Beautiful South" shirt with a black unbuttoned cardigan over it. The "hipster" as one commenter called him, ("I am NOT a hipster!" Matt incorrectly yelled to himself.) was using metal drumsticks in a fight, oh wait, make that plural. That was the part where he accidentally threw one of the sticks across the room.

"Shit!" Matt cursed, realizing that he accidentally left his sticks there. "Oh well, I have like, what, twenty more pair?" He looked over to where his drumset was, and noticed exactly what he said, twenty more pair of drumsticks. "Let's just hope that I don't run into any more samurai!" You could almost hear the crickets after that one, and they weren't applauding. He turned his focus back to the toaster video, and then suddenly remembered something. "Wait a minute...I...oh yeah." How could you forget that you shot LIGHTNING OUT OF YOUR PALMS?! Hipsters are the worst, seriously. I mean, the girl ones are kind of hot, but Matt was neither hot nor was he a girl, so he was pretty much the worst kind of person ever.

Matt watched the video end, and avoided the large red "REPLAY" button. He had to figure out how to use this again. Sparky got up out of his chair, looked around the room a bit, before noticing his dartboard that he almost forgot that he had. He took the darts off, pulled down the picture of Lamar S. Smith, and then walked back to the other side of the room. He concentrated on the bullseye, threw out his right hand, and got into a cool action movie stance. If he was holding a gun, he'd be holding it sideways, that's how cool he looked. Well, the coolness was proportionate to how cool he normally looked, so he didn't look cool at all really, but for Sparky Deathcap, he looked pretty damn awesome. Matt focused his energy, tried to harness the inner chi, and fire...!

Nope. Not gonna happen. Nothing. He sat there for five minutes, just straining his arm at an empty dartboard. "Come on!" He yelled at his arm, accomplishing nothing. If he was yelling at his ears, he'd at least be able to hear the pointless screams. Crickets? Really? That was alright. Sparky opened up the video again, and tried to analyze what he was doing wrong. He had to get back into the same mindset that he had before. "Do I have to be defecating in my pants?" Matt got back into that same cowardly, pathetic stance, with his right leg slightly ahead of his right, and both hands extended. He imagined a fearsome warrior dashing towards him, ready to punch his face into a little tiny bit. Well, Ritsuke would have almost certainly stopped before that, but that's not how Matt interpreted it. Wait a minute...yes...yes!

Sparky could feel the sparks in his hands starting to form. He saw a very faint ball of chi form in between his hands, slowly but surely, until there was a bright ball of energy just sitting between this human's hands. He could feel the power pulsating through him, some weak magazines flying around the room, fluttering annoyingly. Matt pulled back his arm slightly, similarly to someone dramatically pulling back on the hammer of a revolver before an execution. Sparky threw his arm forward, as his blast tore through the wall, annihilating the drywall and paint, crashing through his across the hall
neighbor's wall. It was especially odd, because he was on the toilet as he watched a purple blast of concentrated energy just tear through his picture of Jesus mounted on his wall...wait a minute. Why am I telling you about Matt's neighbor, when Sparky was currently covered in glass and racing towards concrete?

That's right, thanks to nothing but his own clumsiness, Matt had lost his balance, and upon firing, he was sent crashing through his apartment window, glass shards entangling themselves in his skin. Racing towards the floor, Matt was terrified, even more than he would have been if Ritsuke had been using his sword in that fight. Ritsuke could have just cut off Matt's leg or given him a nasty cut, but hitting the ground from the 28th floor was certain death. Seconds, and oh do I mean seconds before hitting the ground, he suddenly threw his arms out of him like Superman, in a desperate attempt to die in a "heroic" pose.

Luckily, much to his surprise, instead of hitting the ground and liquidizing, (which would have rendered his pose worthless anyway,) his Superman move instead sent him flying upward with a large and wide curve to his flight. A newspaper flew out of a nearby pedestrian's hand and covered Matt's fight. Suddenly! Uncontrollable flight!

Imagine flying for the first time in your life, accidentally no less, and then Garfield sighing about how the trials of life are so tiring was covering your face. You'd have no idea what to do, and you would end up flying in the shape of Michael J. Fox's signature. Sparky's magical flight experience came to a sudden end when, just as Calvin and Hobbes flew off of the hipster's face and into the breeze, he was sent flying through the tall glass windows of a skyscraper, slowing his flight speed to that of a man jogging. Upon crashing into an empty cubicle, Matt looked around, let out a deep breath, and lost consciousness.

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PostSubject: Re: Discovery of Power   Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:02 pm

INDEED BRO Crosseyehappy
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PostSubject: Re: Discovery of Power   Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:08 pm

"Hey, listen!" Matt heard a voice that plagued his childhood, as he lay in darkness. "Hey, listen!"

Matt opened his eyes, to find that he wasn't in darkness, but rather his eyes were closed. "Hey, come on man, listen to me!" Before Sparky Deathcap stood a Spanish man in a janitorial outfit, who was repeatedly prodding the hipster with the wood end of the broom. "Are you alive, meng?"

Matt shook his head, once again, as he had just done earlier in the day, wiped the dirt from his clothes and stood up. "Where am I?" Matt asked, looking around. He didn't remember smashing through glass, although he sort of remembered flying through the air at breakneck speeds, but he dismissed it as nothing more than a silly dream.

"You're on the fifty-third floor Osborn Industries...sorry for the draft." The worker said, pointing to a gigantic hole in the wall covered up with thick pieces of duct tape. "There's um...a big hole in the wall."

"I can see that." Matt said, starting to put the pieces together. "Did the hole look like...a...person?"

"Oh you know, it was probably a UFO. America, the land of the free, and home of the brave...and UFOs."

"UFOs, you say...?" Sparky asked, realizing that he was was the one who caused that hole, although the UFO sentence gave him a completely new idea. "Well, I have to go, but thanks for the Taco, Paco!" Matt said as he dashed, stealing the taco from the janitor's cart of cleaning supplies and tacos. The man's name wasn't Paco. It was Goliath.
"God, why am I stuck on Earth?" Matt asked himself, soaring through the air with his newfound ability. Within minutes, he was across the city, sprinting into the Capsule Corporation building. "I'm going straight to sp-hm..." His sentence was interrupted by the fact that Capsule Corporation was a freakin' maze, and he had to...he had to...oh man, it hurts just to say it. He had to...ask for directions. "Hey...so, um...do you think you could...maybe...if you want...sort of...show me where...the space pod sign-up thing is?"

A custodian with the name tag "Paco" shook his head. "I only clean these wings, and it's in another wing." Matt took the last bite of his taco, and then shook his head.


Hours later, he had successfully signed up to go to a planet called...

"Planet Vegeta? It sounds...cool. And apparently there's a heavy population of civilized humans."

"They're not humans."

"Planet Vegeta it is!" And with that, he was off! He was off to Planet Vegeta, ready to train with the big leagues. As he soared off for the new world, he spun the hot babe at the counter's number. "I hope she remembers me when I get back..."

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PostSubject: Re: Discovery of Power   Sun Jan 22, 2012 12:45 am

INDEED BRO Crosseyehappy
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PostSubject: Re: Discovery of Power   

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Discovery of Power

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