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 David Comes to Life!

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PostSubject: David Comes to Life!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:54 am

The birds were chirping, and the trees were rustling in the early Archipelago morning. There was a light breeze today, barely noticeable by even the most in-tune with nature. However, under the ground, something was rustling. Buried dozens of feet under the ground, there was some activity...some serious activity. Lights were flashing, and some heavy voodoo stuff was happening. Of course, no one could tell on the surface. The most astute adventurer might notice a very mild shaking, but you could attribute that to a dozen things. An ancient warrior being reborn into his sixth life was far from a reasonable explanation for this slightly different behavior in the forest, but that's exactly what was happening.

Suddenly, out of slight cracks in the ground, light brighter than the sun shone through, illuminating the dark sky in sunrise. The earth continued to split, causing massive panic to all of the wildlife in the area. In a moment, the ground completely shot open, as the entire area was blinded as if they were inside of a lightbulb. A man shot out of the ground, flying upwards into the sky, before crashing into the soil with confidence. He remained on one knee for a few moments, as the light faded, all of the animals staring at the man. Some deer ran away and a flock of birds scattered, but most of the forest was intrigued, rather than scared. The man was naked, (well endowed), and he had messy long hair that looked like he was an unkempt rockstar. He looked down, snapped his fingers, and white pants arrived over his body.

"Hm." He said to himself, or rather, anyone who was listening. "Carry the one...I got it." After computing what year he was in, he made a white jacket appear, and matching white shoes. He messed around with his hair a bit, and felt that he was ready. He looked up at the sky, noting the time of day. "Perfect. I should be able to get to West City by nighttime."

And David set off.

WC: 346
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PostSubject: Re: David Comes to Life!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:04 am



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David Comes to Life!

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