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 David Eliade

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PostSubject: David Eliade   Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:51 pm

Name: David Eliade
Alias/Nickname: Mr. Huckleberry, Slim, Bright Eyes, he's had a lot over the various lives.
Age: 2,517 (His current body is about 33 years old.)
Month and Day of Birth: August 16th (In his first life)
Place of Birth: Archipelago
Theme Song: Overplayed, I know, but still.
Gender: Male
Race: Anemoi
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Bound by a code of morals, David must live to protect those who require protecting. In his youth, he was a silly troublemaker, but upon becoming an Anemoi, great power and responsibility was vested in him. He is aware that if he causes too much trouble on Earth, whether it be accidental or not,
  • David tends to get confused with which life he's on, and he'll often reference an event that happened centuries ago, and more importantly, forget that he no longer possesses a skill he did in a previous life as he's trying to use it.
  • David's strict way of life means that he must protect the innocent, at the cost of his own life. He has three for a reason, you know.
  • David is not physically built for intense combat.

  • David is a better archer than you could ever hope to be.
  • David, having lived in five completely different eras, has met some of the greatest that ever lived, and has learned a few tricks and tips from them.


Physical Appearance: David is tall and lean, but he definitely has enough muscle that you wouldn't call him scrawny. He wears messy, long brown hair, and he has brown eyes when he's not in a transformation. His eyes become a bright, almost white colour when he goes into Spirit Boost or above. Ladies dig the look.
Attire: He can change his clothes in the blink of his eye, but his typical "Casual" appearance is of a completely white suit, and his battle attire is very similar to Goku's Yardrat costume, although the pants are white and they're a bit tighter.
Picture: Human Form


Ki Color: Golden
Technique List:

[Name] - Light Shielding
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] - David creates a shield in front of him with his energy, able to block small blasts. As he gets stronger, the strength and degrees of the shield increases.

[Name] - Soul Explosion
[Technique Type] - Ultimate
[Description] - David uses all of the energy to create a large explosion, but destroying him in the process. This is an extremely powerful move, but very risky because he only has a total of three lives before he disappears.

Power Level: 446

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Aeolus Warp] The Anemoi, being Wind Deities, have an inner connection with both the Otherworld and the mortal realm. An Anemoi will be able to go back and forth from the Otherworld to Earth on their own free will. However, they cannot use the ability in battle and they cannot use it when they are dead.



Weapons: A golden bow named Goldeneye, which can detatch into two swords.
Equipment: None.

Biography: David was an ordinary guy. Well, actually, he was sort of a martial artist. He certainly wasn't anything great, he wasn't learning how to shoot chi or anything, he was learning true martial arts. So, it was a nice day, pretty sunny, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and like the silly fool he was, David decided he would go into the abandoned cave near his Martial Arts school. After tumbling down sandy hills, nearly being crushed to death, and accidentally punching a bear in the nose, he found a torch. Who knows how long that torch had been lit? Wait, that's not the important bit. Long story short, after finding a pearl and a scroll, he gained mystical powers and never was the same. Since then, he's lived five more lives, and this is his sixth. He's back, and ready to fight for justice.


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David Eliade

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