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 The green goblin

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PostSubject: The green goblin   Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:41 pm

Name: Le'emon, Cytro
Alias/Nickname: Holy Sh-
Age: 47
Month and Day of Birth: 6/6
Place of Birth: Namek
Theme Song: Fortunate Son
Gender: Namekian
Race: Namekian
Home Planet: Namek


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Cytro is a fairly terrifying person, he is kind of shy, from being shunned as a child for his strange appearance, even for a Namekian, and has adapted to talk to himself, and doesn't take insults well, they either hinder, or enrage him. When he does talk to people, he is quite well spoken, dispite refering to himself in the third person. He seems to have a mild case of retardation, but he doesn't seem that way when he speaks, just in the way he acts. He is very pessimistic, but knows he isn't something easily destroyed.
Weaknesses: Insults, His negative look on life, and the fact that he see's almost anything as an enimy and is afraid they will shun him.
Strengths: His monstourous size, and strength, which also makes him quite intimidating. He is very gifted in battle from his training to become a warrior class, regardless of the fact he is a dragon class.


Physical Appearance: He is of a light green complexion, ligther than any other Namekian, a lime like color. He has the usual two anteane and pointed ears of a Namekian, but his eyes are pure white, with no pupil, which makes his eyesight not as great as any other. He has a very massive body, from usuing his ability as a Namek to be larger, as to suit his strength, which his normal body couldn't sustain.

Attire: He wears a traditional turban that Nameks usually wear, when they are fighter caste, it is quite heavy. He also wears very baggy purple pants, and brown pointed shoes. He usually doesn't wear a shirt, but when he does, it is usually a heavy coat-like robe with a hood to cover his monstrous appearance, only showing his large sharp teeth.


Ki Color: Lime - Green

Technique List:
[Name] - Beam Cannon Flash !!
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - Cytro holds out his palm, and thrusts it forward, sending out a powerful, and highly fast beam of energy. He must keep his focus for the beam to hold, but when he does it will stay on the opponent smashing them into the ground, until he lets it go, or loses too much energy.

[Name] - Big Crunch
[Technique Type] - Ultimate
[Description] - Cytro forces his mouth to expand very large, and infuses ki into his jaws, to force them closed at high velocity, taking chunks from his opponent if it connects, considering his sharp teeth it would easily stop a foe if hit, but it has very short range, and afterwards, he must restore his teeth, leaving him weakened and having to heal.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability - Regeneration] A Namekian's blood has amazing regenerative properties. This gives Namekians the rare ability to heal themselves of any wound instantaneously. However, it causes fatigue.

Transformations: N/A


Weapons: Claw like nails, extremly dense.

Biography: For his younger years, he looked to be a normal Namekian, and was born into the dragon class, destined to be a healer, and future village elder. As he got to be a few years older, he began to become lighter, and lost his perfect vision, no one had any idea as to what it was, and he was exiled from the lands, as they thought he was a monster, considering it was a rare disease he had, that only effected one or two nameks every couple decades, and whenever it did, the people would be treated as monsters and banished, as they would go insane and destroy everything in sight. Cytro wandered the vast planet, a young Namekian left to fend for himself, luckly he found a warrior in the rough mountainous area of Namek, who trained him to become a powerful warrior. Eventually his master died, and he had to move on, becoming a savage and eating meat, which is very uncommon among his species. Instead of sustaining with only water, he chose blood, and loves the taste of it. Eventually he went to Earth, and realized human meat was much sweeter than all animals of his homeland, and he prayed upon them. He continues this to the current day, and the legend of the green beast who feeds on men, woman, buildings, children, and the likes.
Other: He is an Omnivour, He can eat anything with his jaws, and could care less about the pain or losing a tooth, he can regenerate.

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The green goblin

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