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 The Iceman Riseth

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PostSubject: The Iceman Riseth   Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:13 pm

Alex reappeared into thin air at Yemma’s check-in station, landing face first on the clouds. He had been warped there by the Guardian of Hell, Piccolo, so that he could be revived. However, he had the displeasure of landing right atop of Yemma’s desk. This got a very mixed reaction out of Yemma, which was both shocked and furious that Alex had landed on his desk.

“What the-what are you doing here?” Yemma asked, astounded, “Go back to hell, foul creature-”
“Whoa whoa whoa!” Alex shouted, a bit freaked out, “Hear me out for a sec! Piccolo warped me here - yes, the Piccolo. He said that you owed him a few favors. Me coming back to Earth was one of them.”
“Hmmm…damn,” Yemma cursed silently before saying reluctantly, “All right, fine. You can head back to Earth but only because you‘re a good kid. But don’t go about dying again - I’m going to be making some system changes for guys like you so that you just don’t walk out whenever you please.”

Alex then disappeared once more, returning to the mortal realm. Yemma then proceeded for the next hour to clean the smudge Alex made on Yemma’s desk.
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The Iceman Riseth

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