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 Lima Mea Atoa

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PostSubject: Lima Mea Atoa   Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:33 pm

Name: Lima Mea Atoa
Alias/Nickname: Li, Lime, 5
Age: 22
Month and Day of Birth: February 27
Place of Birth: Unknown
Theme Song: Optional.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Lima is usually an apathetic, distant human being. He thrives off of the weaknesses and poor qualities of others. When he see's a chance to ridicule another human being, that's better off than him, he takes it. Although he is sympathetic to other's that he feel are worse off than him. He has no hope for mankind, and wishes that he could make the worthless people disappear, or just disappear himself. He's a loner, figuring out why he feels that everyone is better than him, feeling like if he were dead, that the universe would be a better place, along with that feeling comes hatred for all living things, for not accepting him, for forcing him to feel like a zombie among living beings.

-He becomes weaker when exposed to too much water, Although he can stand taking a shower for a limited time or drinking a few glasses.
-He will never hit someone first, allowing most of his opponents to catch him off guard.
-At random times, he will stop because of a pain he feels in the same exact spot where his tattoos are, These pains are his other halves feeling his pain.
-His endurance is super human (He can run up to 50 miles before slowing down, this does not give him a greater speed)
-His brain works faster than the average human, so during a battle he can see obvious moves, and dodge them, this has allowed him to outsmart most of his former opponents.
-He doesn't let his emotions interfere in the fight, unless it involves his past.


Physical Appearance: At his physical peak, he stands at a sizable 6'4 weighing 232 lbs. He has long black Tarzan like hair with two bangs hanging in front of his face. He has a mixture of olive color and peach skin. He has black half slanted eyes, that look like death itself. His build is similar to that of Dwayne Johnson, and he has two circular tattoos on his chest and two tattoo strips on his arm.
Attire: He can be found wearing a short sleeved white T-shirt with light brown Khaki pants, with multiple zippers containing various objects. he sports a brown belt and a yellow belt buckle, along with grayish tennis shoes and a backpack with a light blue tint, and black and white stripes. Also on his left ear, he has a diamond earring. On some occasions he ditches the shirt completely, stuffing it in his bag, revealing his tattoos.



Ki Color: Light gray with a tint of blue.

Technique List: [Name] - Ki Cannon
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - An air wave sent at the opponent, sending them flying away at high speeds. If Lima is above you, it sends incredible winds flying down at your head,

[Name] - Kaikosen
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] - Move can be used during the middle or end of a battle, A beam shot through Lima's pointer finger creating an electric shock, which circles and stuns the opponent, rendering them unable to move for a short amount of time.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability - High Tension] Humans are known to have infinite potential. Therefore, they can learn the techniques at half the required word amount, rounded up.



Weapons: Swiss Army knife
Equipment: two ancient scrolls, one containing the kaikosen move, and the other containing the Ki cannon. Also 200 zeni.

Biography: Lima is one of five parts, each with similar tattoos on their bodies. As a baby he was whole, probably the most powerful being on earth, but they were split into 5 beings and sent across the universe, the reason for this is presumably their combined strength, but it is still unknown. Lima was the strongest of them all.He was found on an Island as a baby, and to his luck, a newly wed couple found him, and without any questions, raised him. He was just a normal child, not more, no less, well, normal for an Island child, he caught his own meals, with the help of his "Father" and he studied with his "Mother". At the age of 10 was when the accident happened. He was studying ancient technique scrolls when a tidal wave swept him away, luckily to land. He was in a coma until the age of 20. When he woke up he remembered nothing of his past, the only things he had to show for it were his tattoos and the contents in his backpack: Two scrolls, a Swiss army knife, and 200 Zeni. He took this bag, somehow knowing it was his, and escaped from the hospital, living as an angry man, blaming society for his amnesia with a lust for battle.
Other: Whenever something happens to one of his other halves, he can feel their pain , and his scars light up.

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PostSubject: Re: Lima Mea Atoa   Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:35 pm

Accepted. But the sprite of the tattoes look like...

Bat nipples :3
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Lima Mea Atoa

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