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 Sparky Deathcap

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PostSubject: Sparky Deathcap   Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:30 pm

Name: Matt Morrissey
Alias/Nickname: Sparky, Sparky Deathcap
Age: 17
Month and Day of Birth: Nov 4
Place of Birth: West City
Theme Song: Bug - Wavves
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Matt's kind of a dick, to be honest. He's not a dick so much in the way that he'd insist that library was spelled "liberry" or acts like an 80s movie villain, but moreso that he just has to have an opinion on everything. Do you have bad taste in music? Matt'll tell you. Did you say something that's factually incorrect? Matt'll tell you. He's the kind of person that you would never bring to a movie theatre in a billion years, and he's always been that way. That being said, he's a good guy with (relatively) firm beliefs, and he's good to his friends. He's no shining paladin for truth and justice, but he'll defend his friend and he won't do anything too horrible.
Hotheadedness: Matt would rather fly into a battle he could never win than back down, and as such, he'll probably be visiting Otherworld quite a few times.
Carelessness: Matt's a really clumsy guy. Incredibly so, even outside of battle. He stumbles, trips, and often does the exact thing he was trying to avoid doing.
Loudmouthedness: You could not put a filter on this kid if you tried. While this won't really hurt him much in battle (except he might tire himself out by straining too hard to think of a clever retort in the middle of a fight,), he gets himself into much more trouble than he has to.
Perseverance: All of Sparky's weaknesses are also strengths, in a way. While they're most definitely problematic, there are good elements to them as well. A kick to the face and a punch to the gut won't stop him, in fact, it'll probably just make him work harder to kick your ass. Of course, this doesn't mean that he's invulnerable to pain or that he doesn't feel fatigue.
Unpredictability: You have no idea what this kid is going to do. His fighting style is quick and strong, and his clumsiness can often lead to more confusion than trouble on the battlefield.
Iron Lungs: Between his years of shouting at his favorite underground bands, his month long obsession with "The Story So Far" and his parents forcing him to take Winter Track in school, Matt developed the stamina of something that has a lot of stamina. (Similes aren't Matt's thing.)


Physical Appearance: Sparky is a lanky guy, almost to the point where he looks like he's ill. He has light brown hair that flops over his forehead, and blue eyes that shine right above his sharp cheekbones. His scrawny body is somewhat misleading, as he can actually pack quite a punch, and he begrudgingly had a job stacking heavy boxes for his father for about half a year. He's a looker, despite this description.
Attire: Aside from his oversized glasses without frames, Matt's attire changes on a nearly daily basis, unlike most characters in an anime or television show. He's often found wearing "hip" clothes, whether it be a v-neck, a tight striped shirt, a cardigan, or a shirt from Threadless. He loves to wear a dark navy/black pair of skinny jeans that accentuate his buttocks, and a pair of Converse that seem to always match his clothing for the day.
Picture: What a good looking chap.

Ki Color: Purple
Technique List:
[Name] - Two-Step
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] - Sparky throws his right leg in front of his left, then he switches and puts his left foot in front of his right while doing a hop sort of motion, before suddenly spinning around to the backside of his opponent. This can only be done while close to the enemy.

[Name] - End of a Spark
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - Sparky forms a bright ball of chi for several moments, before it disappears. Then, in a flash, a long, thin, and wild shock of electric energy shoots forward, indiscriminately zapping anything it hits.

Power Level: 5027

Racial Abilities:
High Tension
Power Up! - x1.5 - Requires 2000 PL
Unlock Potential - x3 - Requires 6000 PL
Chosen One - x6 - Requires 15000 PL
Enlightened Warrior - x9 - Requires 40000 PL

Weapons: Matt always carries around a pair of steel drum sticks in his back pocket, just in case he needs to ward off some angry moshers (or any other type of foe.) Steel? Who uses steel drumsticks? What a douche.
Equipment: Fantastic clothes.

Biography: Matt was born and raised in West City, and he's never expressed any desire to leave the city. He had a boring childhood, and only child with two uninteresting parents and no deep emotional story that makes him a damaged character, there's not much to really talk about. He's played in various bands with various instruments, he even tried his hand at singing once in a band called "West City Story", but they were awful. Just absolutely dreadful. He realized that he could fight, when at a rough guy at a show decided that he'd try to "kick the shit out of that gay hipster!" Matt hit back and accidentally knocked out the guy in a hit. Not much more to it. He's not really interested in fighting, as much as it seems to happen to him often. Oh, and the best part is how he got the nickname Sparky Deathcap! Well, you see, one ti-oh. Hey. Look, I've already gone past 100 words! Well, I guess you'll have to find out later on through the RPG. Heh.


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PostSubject: Re: Sparky Deathcap   Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:38 pm

lol Indeed.
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Sparky Deathcap

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