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PostSubject: Purgatory   Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:59 pm

Getting back to the mortal coil is no simple task. Without the dragonballs or being a demon, those who have lost their way find it impossible to return from the dead. At first, it used to be that ressurection happened only a paltry week in the Otherworld, but this will never do. This is why Purgatory was born.

Those who are given approval to return to come here must face a series of consecutive rooms. Each room tests the person's will, strengths, abilities, and strategies, and it gets more difficult as you progress. Each room they clear gets them closer to their goal. However, the further they go through, the more they lose themselves in the process. Their mental state becomes fractured and tattered, leaving even the most hard-willed of soldiers crying for their mommies just after the first room.

Rules of Purgatory
- Upon entering, all other topics you’re in have to be immediately closed. Ineptitude to do so will result in your character losing PL equal to the number of words typed in those topics.
- Whenever you complete a room in heaven, you do not gain PL equal to the number of words you type per room. In fact, PL will be never gained in Purgatory. You will only lose PL equal to the minimum requirement for each room in Purgatory It is the physical and mental price to pay for resurrection.
- You are to not type and training posts or make topics while in Purgatory. Any that you do will be shut down and you will lose PL equal to the total of words typed.
- Should you PL be reduced to zero during Purgatory, your character will be removed from existence and deleted from the RP altogether. You will not be able to recreate the character again.
- Complete all ten rooms, and you will be revived.

First Room - 200 words required
Second Room - 200 words required
Third Room - 250 words required
Fourth Room - 250 words required
Fifth Room - 300 words required
Sixth Room - 300 words required
Seventh Room - 350 words required
Eighth Room - 350 words required
Ninth Room - 400 words required
Tenth Room - 400 words required
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