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 Shimizu and Scooby-Doo in The Crazy Case of the Crime Consortium! (Not Exactly)

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PostSubject: Shimizu and Scooby-Doo in The Crazy Case of the Crime Consortium! (Not Exactly)   Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:39 pm

Shimizu was in the forest, strolling along. He stared at the bright blue sky, trying to see if any clouds made any shapes. "That one looks like a car." He said to himself. He suddenly smelled a horrible stench. He covered his nose with his hands, and looked for the source. "Man, that stinks so bad!" A fire was visible through the trees. It was about a mile and half away.

Shimizu rose into the air slowly. "Time to a go-go baby!" He announced aloud to no one. He flew bolted to the scene in a matter of seconds. He landed on his feet. He was suddenly struck with shock, and he was horrified. There were at least twenty-five Monks, dead on the ground.

A figure emerged from the smoke. It was another monk, with a half torn black top. He had baggy pants on, the same color. It's eyes were blood red completely. "Ka-ka-ka!" It yelled before dashing for the Human. It jumped suddenly and appeared in front of Shimizu. He had no time to think. The monk bit his teeth into Shimizu's arm.

"Ah! Get off!" Shimizu struggled to release his arm. The monster suddenly ripped his teeth out, taking a stream of blood. Shimizu screamed in pain, clutching his arm. He fired a Hijiki-Nori, injuring the monk greatly. "Yea-lak!" It said, as his skin turned to a blue-grayish color. The body became large, and exploded. Its energy formed into a large, grey ball.

The ball absorbed Shimizu, and sent a surge of energy through his body. The ball then disappeared, but Shimizu was nowhere to be seen.

Shimizu found himself lying on the ground, somewhere very new to him. The sky had a creamy darkness look to it. The grass was almost dead, and it was the disgusting yellow color. He pushed himself up with his hands. "Well, where am I?" He saw a temple near by.

He ran inside, and there were many people there. All kinds of people, villagers, monks, priests, and many more kinds of people were there. They were all mumbling to each other, at the foot of these stairs. There was one man in armor with bandana on his head at the top. Shimizu flew over to him. The man had a long sword in his hand.

"Get back, peasant." The man muttered. Apparently, he was a guard protecting whatever was in the room behind him. "What the heck is going on? What can be so important that even I, Shimizu Kumiko, can't be allowed to see and/or get?"

The man clutched his sword. "That is none of your concern, punk. This is a sanctuary. Now get back with them." Shimizu was furious. "No!" He yelled. "No! I won't listen to you! I'm gonna see what's back there!" Shimizu pushed the guard to the side, off of the small platform. He trudged onward, into the restricted area. "Don't stand there! Catch him!"

Shimizu was in a long hallway with walls that were close together. He could barely run, that's how thin it was. He sensed many small Powel Levels all bunched together behind him. He stopped short, waiting for the troops to come. The Head Guard was ahead of the rest of them, and he reached Shimizu first. The rest of them stopped until the Head was the only one still moving.

"Die!" He yelled at Shimizu while sending a flurry of stabs flying. Shimizu yawned to anger the man while he dodged the attacks. "Well, Sir Chumpsly, (that's your nickname from now on.) It looks like you failed aim school. Haha, get it? Because you keep missing me? It's funny. Laugh." Shimizu said that whole thing in one breath, still dodging.

Sir Chumpsly didn't laugh. Instead, he swung his sword horizontally, getting it stuck in the wall. "Aw man! Now I can't get more dodging in! Damn!" Sir pulled on his sword more and more. He finally got it out, and the wall fell, revealing a secret room. Chump then tried to slice Shimizu horizontally, again. The Human caught it with his hand and yawned. He crushed the blade, and it made a nice clang noise.

The Guard stood there, in shock. Shimizu flicked the human's nose, ever so slightly. Sir clutched his nose in pain, and screamed. "He's a monster! Get him!" The army ran forward, weapons swinging. Some of them had long swords, while others had short daggers. Some had Battleaxes, while some had Buster Swords. It was a large assortment of weapons.

Shimizu ran into the room that was revealed in the previous minute. "Wow!" He exclaimed aloud. There were three different stone statues, each completely different than the one before it. One of them was a warrior with long flowing hair going down to the waist. There were no colors, so Shimizu had to assume. He had a fancy mask with spikes going inward. His face was visible, and he had many belts, all at different angles.

The second fighter was a female. She has large butterfly like wings sprouting from her back and head. They probably aren't for decoration, and she probably used these wings to take flight. She didn't have many clothes on, but enough to cover the unmentionables.

The third warrior was covered in armor. He had about ten weapons strapped to his back. He had a long scarf that reached the floor. It had dark stripes going down it, sort of like a tiger. They all looked really powerful. Shimizu spun around. There were a couple hundred soldiers there. "Well, the entertainment crew has arrived."

They ran in groups of ten. They came in a hurricane of attacks. Shimizu dodged them, and punched each of them once, sending them back. He charged his ki, just to scare them. "Aaaaaaahhhhh!" He yelled. It took longer to charge than it normally did. He looked around while charging. Some of the ki was going into the statues. He yelled louder. The stone was dissipating. "They're coming out! The monsters are being released from their cages!" The men yelled.

They started heading for the exit. The hand from the girl moved. She was in full color, as were the others. Her entire body was either purple or pink. The ground came up as a rock wall trapped the soldiers inside the room. Shimizu quickly rose to the top of the room and rested.

The three of them got off their pedestals. The man with the long hair had ruby red armor. "Lobo, you wanna get this one?" He asked the guy with the scarf. He nodded and let out a whisper. "Indubitably." He jumped up, and pulled out his bow and a single arrow. His weapons then disappeared, into thin air. He pulled it back as black smoke appeared at the tip.

He let go, as the arrow soared in the sky, down to the soldiers. It landed in the center of the shivering men. The darkness seeped off of the arrowhead, and hit the ground. A dark circle appeared around the men. They slowly sunk into nothing-ness, like it was quicksand. After the last of the guards sunk, the circle disappeared.

The ground looked as if no one had died. Shimizu glided down to the ground and landed on his feet. "Why did you kill them? They were innocent people!" Shimizu questioned the Three's motives. Lobo landed on the ground, feet away from Shimizu. He held his hand open as his bow disappeared, presumably with the rest of his weapons. "They were chasing you weren't they?"

The girl interrupted. "We know you brought us back with your energy. Somehow. We decided to help return the favor." Then the man in red spoke. "Beauty is right. But, maybe he wasn't in serious danger..." Shimizu was upset now. "No! I wasn't in danger! In fact, if anyone was in danger, it was them! I was toying around with them. You guys are supposed to be heroes! You guys are villains!"

Lobo made two dual swords made of dinosaur bone appear in his hands instantly. "Watch your mouth boy. We can take you out quickly. You may have been alive for all of your existence, but that doesn't mean we can't alter that." He turned one blade to his partner without looking. "I can't believe you thought of that. You're such an optimist, Karu. It'll be the death of you."

Shimizu sent a small, weak, quick, ki surge through Lobo, making him drop the sword aimed at him. The weapon master quickly threw the other one at the Human. Shimizu narrowly dodged it, making a cut in his shirt, but not actually making any contact with the skin. Unagi flipped in the air, and landed on his feet. "Guys! I'm on your side!"

Karu looked in Shimizu's eyes. "Stupid kid, you don't know what you're getting into." He held out one fist. Shimizu shook his head. "Look, I don't even want to get into anything. I just got here. This big, organic, ball thing absorbed me. It captured me and sent me into this dimension. Or whatever this place is."

All three of them had a look of fear on their face. Beauty whispered. "You mean...Core? You got absorbed by core?" Shimizu shrugged. "If it's a big giant ball that captures things and explodes, then probably. It might not be that 'Core' thing though." Lobo shook his head. "No, it couldn't have been Core! No one below legendary status has survived that thing. It either kills you, or turns you into stone." All three of the heads sunk, as if they were embarrassed.

It was silent for a moment or two. Shimizu was thinking of what they just said. "Wwwwaaaaaaaiiiiiiiittttttt! That means that you got caught in Core too?" They all shook their heads. "Then it's good that you survived! At least you're back now! That's good, right?"

Karu shook his head. "No. We'd rather die. If it gets enough power that one of us had, then it'd go away for about ten years. That's called the 'Long Calm.' We thought that if we all died in there, Core would have enough energy and it would go away forever. Needless to say, it didn't work."

Lobo grunted. "If someone didn't do his own tricks, and he stayed to the plan, then maybe the Long Calm would be the 'Eternal Calm.'" He was clearly talking about Karu. If Shimizu were Karu, he would have laughed. This was not the case. Karu felt even worse.

Karu suddenly lost his cool. "Well, if someone wasn't such a sucky leader, and a spoil sport, then maybe we would have found a way to stop it without killing ourselves! But no, we had to follow your way. And of course it's all my fault! This whole monster is my fault!"

"Don't anger him, Karu." Beauty chimed in. He slammed her foot on the ground. A strip of land rose and sent the two boys in the air. Shimizu laughed out loud. "You like that huh?" She asked. Shimizu nodded. "Yeah, it's really funny!" She then did the same to him. Shimizu enjoyed it. "It's like a trampoline!" He laughed some more.

Lobo was not having fun though. He made a long sword appear and he stuck it in the ground. He landed on one knee. The land stopped its trampoline-ness. Shimizu and Karu landed on their backs. Lobo made his sword go away, and he stood up. "I don't have time for this." He started to walk out.

Beauty made the stone wall again, but he simply cut through it with a sword. When he reached the hall, he smiled at them. "Goodbye." He started to run down the hall. "Get him!" Karu yelled. The trio ran out into the hall. Lobo was almost out of sight. "Fly!" Shimizu yelled. Beauty picked Karu up by the pits and held him. She started to fly at a great speed, and Shimizu followed.

Lobo jumped off of the platform and landed on the floor in the main room. The audience clapped wildly, as three other warriors chased after him overhead. Beauty sunk to the ground. "Karu...you're too damn heavy!" She let go of him, and they ran outside.

They all stopped in their tracks. "Woah...I'm not even from around here and I know that's not right." There was a giant, puke colored orb thing in the sky. It was rooted to the ground, and it was jolting up and down, making a quiet sucking noise. "I think it's sucking life out of the planet!" Shimizu yelled, in a moment of great thought.

Karu nodded. "It's called Beta Core. It's a premature form of Core. It is part of Core, split off of the main branch. It sucks the life out of the planet and feeds it to Core. The main being, Core, then uses that energy as an emergency supply. That's why we didn't stop it. With that emergency energy, it still has a small amount of energy, negating our effect."

Shimizu was confused. "Wait, so it still has a little energy, so it goes on? And you guys were turned to stone? That's not fair! We gotta blow up this thing!" He began to charge up a blast to destroy Beta Core. He fired his hands out but Karu pushed his hands up into the sky, sending the beam off track. "What are you thinking? If you blast that thing, it'll use the energy it has to make a full explosion that'll kill everyone and everything around it!" Karu explained.

"Oh...sorry. Well, shouldn't we be looking for Lobo?"

Lobo was running in the Forest of Doom, alone. Jumping from branch to branch, he was still running away from his teammates. He tilted his head up, still jumping across the forest. "Beta Core. I knew this would happen." He saw a dark figure up ahead. He jumped to the ground and looked at the man.

He had a cloak on and a hood covering his face. A sword was strapped to his back with no sheath. He held out his hand, as if he was commanding someone to stop. No words came out of his mouth, but he made a grunt noise. Suddenly, a kick connected with Lobo's back. "Twelve. We meet again." Lobo knew Twelve.

Twelve is a milky-white being with no form of skin or tissue. He has very thin eyes resting on his oddly shaped head. He wears no form of clothing and is humanoid in body shape but, can change his physical shape as the situation demands as well as mimic another person.

He was the original being that Core sprouted out of. Lobo spun around and made a Bo staff appear. "Your face is ugly. I'll fix that." There was a laugh from Twelve. He had a twisted voice, sort of muffled. It was like an Alien's. "I'll fix it myself!"

He changed into a fighter from China. He wore a blue baseball cap with a yellow visor, a sleeveless white kung fu shirt, yellow wristbands, black pants and sneakers. A scimitar materialized in his hand. He now had a Chinese accent, and spoke like a human. "Yahoo!"

They both jumped up in the air, clashing their weapons. The man in the cloak just watched. Under the hood, a smile emerged. Soon, the new Core will be finished. Your death will not be in vain, Doctor.

Shimizu ran in the forest, along with his newly formed allies. As he ran along, he wondered. "Say, where did Core come from anyway?" There was a short silence, followed by Karu speaking. "Back, a millennia ago, there were no laws, and every single person killed, they stole, they destroyed property, and there was nothing that anyone could do." He took a breath.

"Then, one man, named Core Shunambi set down laws that everyone was advised to follow. No one did though. They just kept on doing everything what they wanted to and paid no attention to him. Then, when Shunambi was eventually killed, his hate for all who disobeyed resulted in what we know today as Core. It was originally a monster that was ageless, but then it grew into Core. Then, Core split off of the monster, making it something else, completely independent. It killed all those who didn't follow Shunabi. Then, it didn't stop and just kept destroying."

Beauty chimed in. "It's a real shame. Just because people didn't care for one man means that people, many years later have to suffer for their mistakes. That's why we're here. We need to sacrifice our selves to defeat him."

This was all too much for Shimizu to handle. "That's like, just totally messed up. You guys have to get blown up inside a giant monster thing, because of some stupid old dead people? That's not fair."

Lobo made his staff extend, due to it having special powers. It slammed into Twelve's face, sending him spiraling to the ground. He caught himself with his hand and flipped in the air. His hand changed to a war hammer, and he sent the attack to Lobo's face. Lobo fell onto the ground, and nearly broke his back. "Cheap...changing your weapon in the middle of battle. Oh well." His staff disappeared and a buster sword with strange readings appeared.

Suddenly, in front of Shimizu and the crew, a monster came up. "Necro. Why are you here?" Beauty asked. Necro was the brother of Twelve.

Necro's skin is pasty white with red marks on his face and shoulders. His eyes have no pupils and are yellow in color while his nose is long and pointed. He wears a set of purple overalls and large boots with shin pads that run up to his knees as well as a metal collar around his neck. His arms are lanky due to his elastic powers.

"Me want to help. You friends. Brother be mean. We punish brother! We hurt brother!" He held out his hand. "Please." The three of them huddled together. "Can we really trust him? Sure, I don't know who he is, but he doesn't seem friendly." Shimizu questioned.

"He's more of an enemy really. He's Twelve's brother. But he isn't a very good at lying, and he can't even speak well. I think he's telling the truth." Karu commented on the situation.

"I'll check." Said Beauty. She pointed to a tree with a wide trunk. "Go! Put your back against the wall!" She ordered. Necro did just that, and closed his eyes. Beauty landed on the ground and put her hand against the trunk, inches above his head. She felt for rapid vibrations. She then sunk to the ground and put her hand on the dead grass.

"He's telling the truth." She said, rising to her feet. "He's going to help us." She turned her head to Necro. "Necro. You follow." They ran wildly in the forest, trying to find Lobo. Shimizu tried to find a fairly high Ki level, but nothing came up. Oh, right. They have no ki. All because they're different. No one has ki around here. It's so weird. It's like I'm a freak.

Twelve was about to transform. His body changed back into its normal form, and then started to change even more. His body went into a female shape. His (now her) clothes consisted of the following. A baggy, khaki ninja suit with a mask over her lower face. "I hope you like this. I call it my 'Sexy Dynamite.'

She threw three kunai at Lobo. The Weapon Master pulled up his sword in defense, making the knives bounce off and clang against the ground. She ran along with her katana, and slashed across Lobo's arm, right in the center in between the shoulder and the elbow.

Lobo clutched his arm, in pain. He then turned his attention the man who was just watching. "Coward." Lobo said gritting his teeth. "Just watching as your worker does all the work. You're weak." He threw his sword at the mysterious man.

The leader simply moved his body to one side, letting the blade get stuck in a tree. He clapped his hands, not saying a word. He then crossed his arms, and took a step forward. Lobo rose into the air, and fired the same dark arrow that he did to the guards, way back in the temple.

The man didn't move, and the darkness surrounded him. He slid downward, until he wasn't visible anymore. Then, a circle of darkness appeared on the trunk of a tree, one that was in front of Lobo. The man jumped out of the circle, and kicked the Lobo in the face, sending him across the fighting area.

He then held out his hand and lighting came out of his fingers, electrocuting Lobo, keeping him in place. The warrior screamed out in pain, as the attack stopped. He fell to the ground, landed on his knees and fell forward, nose to the ground.

In that short time of the electricity, Shimizu sensed a giant jump of ki. "He's over there! And he's fighting something terrible." Shimizu yelled to his comrades. They ran faster and faster than before, now knowing where to go. Necro instantly turned into a pile of goop and evaporated into the ground. "Where'd he go?" Shimizu asked, worried that they lost a fighter.

"Don't worry about it. He's a monster made of stable goop. He can get somewhere faster than we can." Shimizu then had a thought. "Fly!" They all flew to the scene, ready to save Lobo.

Twelve changed out of the female body and turned back into his creamy, base form. "You're pathetic." The humanoid let out quietly. "You're nothing but a speed bump to your teammates. You're making them come here to save you." He raised his fist to punch Lobo in the temple, killing him. As the fist soared through the air, his brother's body integrated itself into the scene.

The fist went into Necro's stomach, and then bounced back out. Necro tackled his brother to the ground, and then repeatedly punched him. Twelve pushed his brother up into the air with his feet, and jumped up to fight. Karu, Shimizu, and Beauty arrived at the scene.

"Lobo!" They all recited running over to him. Lobo had a stream of blood coming from his forehead dripping off his face onto the ground. "Get...get away! That guy...he's too strong. Get out of here!" Beauty picked him up and rose in the sky. "I'll bring him to the hospital. You stop those guys!"

Karu and Shimizu nodded. "Let's do this thing." They both said to each other. The man opened up his hand as a lime green ball appeared from his palm. He then held out his hand and the ball went for Karu. Shimizu jumped in front of the fighter and grabbed the blast. It wouldn't move for a split second, but Shimizu put a little more energy into it and sent it up, into the sky. Shimizu then held his hands out in front of Karu.

He turned into a Kami Human, and charged his ki in defense. The ball exploded right near the two brothers, sending them crashing to the ground. The explosion set the forest on fire, making it a perfect battleground. "You're a monster!" Shimizu yelled. "Why are you doing this?"

He was still silent, not revealing even his voice. He just pointed to the two brothers who were, still fighting. Twelve through a punch to his brother's stomach, but surprisingly, Necro's body opened up and the hand went through. The torso then became normal size again as Necro turned a bright yellow. "Brother. You die. Me die too." He turned his face to Shimizu and Karu.

"Necro go bye bye. Don't forget. You save Lobo." He said as his body exploded, and his body turned to goop. His brother was still in his body, not as a goop structure, but still nonetheless defeated, dead.

Karu ran over to the family of humanoids, staring. "No...Necro. I'm sorry." Shimizu had not gone over, having not known either of the brothers. Instead, he remained staring at the man. He couldn't see inside the hood, but he imagined the guy was quivering with fear.

Shimizu jumped dashed for a tree, jumped to it, then bounced off it and grabbed Lobo's sword on an opposite tree. He whipped the weapon out of the sword, and landed on his feet. He ran from behind the man, sword over head, ready to attack. Shimizu swung the sword horizontally, as the man jumped forward, having the weapon slice the hood off.

The man look at Shimizu. He had a blond faux hawk, and an eyepatch over his right eye. "Oh man! Now I can't be all mysterious and stuff. Damn! Ah well. I'm Edge." He said bowing with a smile. A scythe appeared in his hand. "Now we can really fight. I don't need to be all wierd and show almost none of my powers."

Edge fell forward after being hit with a fistful of fire. He thrust his weapon outward as a pink ki slash ran for Karu. The fire warrior didn't dodge in time and got a giant gash across his chest. Edge's scythe disappeared. He made a portal appear, and he walked into it. He turned his head to Shimizu. "Get a haircut." He said going away.

Shimizu flew through the air carrying Karu, to the hospital. There, Beauty was outside. Karu leaned against a wall for support. "Will he be okay?" Beauty asked. Karu nodded. "It's just a flesh wound." He said smiling.

"So, where's Lobo?" Shimizu asked. Beauty pointed to a room above them. "He's in there. Resting. He'll be fine, he just got a little beating. He can handle it. So, what happened with you? Where's Necro?"

"Well, Twelve was there and he started fighting with Necro. Twelve was having a tough time beating his older brother, and neither had any real advantage. It was a pretty even match. So, in order to save us, Necro exploded, killing them both."

Karu fell to the ground, clutching his chest where the cut was. "The atmosphere! Beta Core. It's...it's draining my energy through the cut!" Beauty ran over to Karu. She picked him up and brought him into the hospital.

An hour later, Karu was resting in a hospital bed. He was resting with the wound almost healed. He needed to get the darkness from Beta Core out of him though. He rose from his bed and looked out the window. Lobo walked into the room, and he wasn't in a good mood. Lobo started running for Karu as he was turning around. "Lobo what're you- ah!" He got punched right in the face and got hit through the window.

He flipped in the air a few times and landed on his feet. Lobo jumped out of the window and landed on his feet, causing the ground to shake. "I'm going to kill you now." Lobo announced to his teammate. They were in a basketball court with big gates, much taller then they were.

They both ran for each other, and tried to elbow their opponent. Their arms clashed, and they stood there, struggling. Lobo kicked Karu upside the forehead, and the fire warrior did some back flips, getting away from the enemy. "I see." Karu said. "Be that way." Lobo made two long swords appear in his hands, and he got ready for an attack.

Lobo blinked for a split second, and Karu was gone. He then came up from underneath the gravel, splitting the ground. He punched Lobo's face, sending the Weapon Master sliding across the ground. He jumped to his feet and saw Karu running for him. Quickly, Lobo spun his swords in a manner that resulted in a small miniature tornado appear, making Karu spin around, losing control.

Lobo then struck at his friend's legs, causing Karu's entire body to be off the ground. Lobo then kneed him in the back, and grabbed his foot. Karu made an aura made of fire appear around him. Lobo still held on, and threw him into the metal fence. Karu sat on the ground for a second before sliding under Lobo's feet.

He did a flip, and midair, kicked Lobo's stomach. He then grabbed Lobo's scarf and threw him in the air. The Weapon Master made his swords go away and he was unarmed. He flipped in the air and soared for Karu with his fists in front of him. Karu simply shifted to a side and put his palms on Lobo's stomach and face. He propelled the Weapon Master towards the ground, so fast that Lobo couldn't stop.

Lobo jumped out of the ground a second later, covered in dirt. "Thanks to you, my clothes are dirty!" Karu ran to a basketball hoop. He pulled the pole from under it, and used it as a weapon. Lobo made a great sword appear as he unearthed himself and cleaned off his body.

Karu swung the pole at his former friend, who was now trying to kill him. Lobo held his sword inches in front of him, and pulled back the rest of his body. The pole smashed the sword into pieces, but Lobo grabbed hold of the pole and got it out of Karu's grasp.

He pulled the pole back and threw it at Karu, with amazing force. Karu narrowly escaped, and jumped in the air. He charged up two fireballs, and held them in his hands. Lobo jumped towards Karu and charged up two balls of ice. They both soared in the air towards each other, and their attacks clashed. "Kill you!" Lobo grunted, looking at his teammate, while trying to go through his attack.

The balls exploded, sending them both tumbling through the air. Karu flipped in the air and landed on the rim of the remaining hoop. Lobo landed on the metal fence, in a crouching position. Karu and Lobo were panting heavily. "Heh, I never knew that you'd make me fight to my limit."

Lobo spit onto the ground beneath him. "You're scum, Karu. You really are." He jumped off of the fence, making it fall to the ground. Karu jumped to fight some more, but got bashed in the head with two fists. He started to sink to the ground, but put his hands out. His arms couldn't hold him up from the strain the battle was putting on his body.

Shimizu was walking in the hall, when he noticed the door to Lobo's room was open. He walked in, and noticed that he was gone. Beauty was in the room, one knee on the ground. She was feeling the ground. "I can't get a trace of him. If Karu didn't make him angry earlier, then we wouldn't be in this mess and we might be stopping Core right now. I'm sorry you're getting dragged into this, Shimizu."

Shimizu shook his head. "It's fine. I like a good story. Heh, this would make a good story." He laughed, but Beauty did not. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean for that to be mean. Wait..." Shimizu ran out of the room. His feet screeched on the tile floor for a split second, before he started running again, down the halls. "Slow down!" Many voices echoed.

He reached Karu's room. He ran inside and did not see Karu. He scanned the room quickly and saw that the window was shattered. A few pieces were on the floor. He ran to the window and saw the two's fight. He took a few steps back. He got a running start and jumped out the window. The wind flew through his clothes, and he was high in the sky.

"Karu! Need some help?" Shimizu said making a tsk noise. "Shimizu, stay out of this battle. It's not yours to fight." Lobo said. Karu nodded. "He's right. You can watch." Beauty appeared next to Shimizu. "So, they're finally fighting it out? Boys. I knew they had their differences, but this isn't the time! Oh well. Boys will be boys. I'm going to meditate over by that tree."

Lobo had a Bo Staff appear in his right hand. He made many mini tornados appear and move for Karu. The Fire Warrior spun around in a circle, and a tornado made of fire appeared. The tornado went forward with him inside, towards the tornados and Lobo. Each one of Lobo's small tornados made Karu's tornado even bigger. Lobo charged another ice ball in his hand, liquefied.

It had enough power to knock Shimizu out of Kami Human. Karu suddenly jumped out of the tornado at incredible speed, and quickly, Lobo made his staff extend. Lobo's eyes shifted to Karu's hand. "You charged it inside that tornado of yours? No way!" Karu landed on the staff and slid along on it.

Lobo thrust his hand forward, ready for another clash. When Karu reached Lobo, he grabbed his friend by the wrist, sent the hand away, and thrust his hand into Lobo's stomach. The ball exploded upon contact, making a large gaping hole appear in Lobo's body. He fell to the ground, and landed on his back. He smiled. He held his hand out to Karu, as if he was going to fire something in a last resort.

"Karu, don't... let your dream die." A tear ran down Lobo's eye. Karu nodded. "Yeah. Thanks for this." He smiled. Suddenly, a portal that looked exactly the same to the one Edge used appeared. "Edge." Shimizu whispered to himself. He instantly turned Kami Human, jumped the gate, and landed next to Karu.

"Well, I'm glad you dudes remember me! I'm that awesome. Damn right I am." He smiled as Beauty landed next to Shimizu. "Glad you could join me missy." He held his hand out to his side. "These people are there for a reason." He fired an enormous blast that blew up the hospital.

"Bastard!" Shimizu said running for him. The man after imaged behind him, spun his body around so Shimizu could see Edge, and grabbed Shimizu by the collar. He held him up and fired a medium sized ki blast. He then threw the body of Shimizu into Beta Core. The wound in Beta Core closed, and Shimizu felt his energy slowly fading.

He charged to his maximum ki and then fired a blast, sending him out of the thing. Suddenly, Beta Core exploded, and the cracks appeared in the sky. The ground was cracking too. Everything except for Edge, Shimizu, Karu, and Beauty was cracking. Karu quickly look at Beauty.

"Go!" They both yelled at each other holding their hands out to Shimizu. They turned into a vapor form and went for the Human. "What the?" Shimizu questioned. The Two Warriors went inside his body, and he felt a surge of energy. Edge smiled. "So, you've fused with him, so he can switch forms and powers at will? That's just rad. Too bad I'm gonna have to steal it."

Everything shattered into pieces. They were in some sort of cyber lab. It was all modern, like they were in a building in the future. "You're lucky that you survived your encounter with Core, boy." He glided in the air. "Oh, I mastered Bukujutsu by the way. Just so you know."

Edge appeared behind Shimizu and kicked him into the ground. Shimizu rolled across the floor, with a small stream of blood coming from his mouth. He suddenly heard a voice. "Use our power! You can transform and use our powers!" Beauty said within Shimizu. The Human boy nodded. "Ready..." He got up off the ground and yelled. "Cross Switch! Earth and Air!" He yelled. Wings appeared on his back, the headpiece from Beauty appeared over his eyes, and his muscles bulged a tiny amount.

"Alright! I love this!" Edge then put his feet on the ground. "Try me." Shimizu then pushed both of his hands in front of him. Edge lost his balance for a second. One more than Shimizu needed. He instantly teleported behind Edge and kicked his back. He grabbed Edge's wrists and threw him up in the air.

He then slammed his foot on the ground. A giant rock came up, and Shimizu sent it straight up, ready to crack Edge's back. Sadly, the attack didn't work. Edge punched the rock and then held out his hand. A Sniper Rifle that was the size of a pistol appeared in his hand.

He held it sideways, and teleported to a higher location. He fired one bullet, which was nothing more than an enchanted kunai. Shimizu slid across the ground and dodged slightly. He held out his hands. "Cross Switch! Fire!" His hair went down to his waist and turned blonde.

He sent a Fire Fist at Edge. The man just kicked it away, like it was nothing. Shimizu was upset. "I can't even hit this guy without being cheap. Even then, I don't do any real damage. I didn't want to have to use this...but, okay." He charged his ki toa the up most maximum. His hair changed from blonde to blue. His muscles grew in size a little, but not enough to slow him down.

"I am Kami KarShimizu!" He said at the top of his voice. KarShimizu was not an entirely new entity, it was just a name Shimizu gave this form. Shimizu held out his hands and initiated the Dai-Dai-Fu. The fire was now even stronger than ever, and it was tighter.

"blast!" He said, and on the "Ha!" a Hijiki-Nori also came out of Shimizu's mouth. The two beams soared for Edge, who spun in a full 360 circle to the left, dodging the beams completely. "Man, your aim really sucks!" Edge said, taunting Shimizu. He put his fingers in his mouth and stretched out his lips, and going "Lalalala!" with his tongue. "Can't hit me!"

"Oh yeah?" Shimizu asked in reply, picking up the sniper. He pulled it up, and fired the kunai. Edge was caught by surprise, and it went right through him. He fell to the ground, clutching his wound. "Damn! You're better than I expected." He began laughing evilly. "That's only because you have teammates to support you. With out them, you'd die quickly."

Edge walked over to Shimizu. He held his hand out to the side, and made a vertical Destructo Disk. He did the same with the other hand. "Twin Disks!" He yelled out loud, firing the two attacks. They tore at Shimizu's shirt, and sent him tumbling back. He was forced out of his Kami form, and was back in his base form.

Shimizu tried to transform, but couldn't. He was struggling to get off the ground. His body glowed yellow for a second, but Edge kicked him in the chin, making him flip and skid across the ground. A clear portal appeared, and it shattered. A man in a cloak that looked exactly like Edge's before it got sliced appeared.

He had a buster sword in his hand, and he shared some clashes with Edge. A laser sword was attached to Edge's arm brace, making it easy to block on coming blows and be there at all times. They entered a struggle, and Shimizu got up, onto his feet. He didn't know who this guy was, but, as far as Shimizu was concerned, the guy was on Shimizu's side.

The guy threw his hand to the side, and another one of those portals appeared. "Go." He said in a deep, low voice. Shimizu recognized that voice. "Lobo! You're alive?" The man didn't nod or say anything to respond. "Go!" He yelled. Shimizu nodded.

He ran into the portal, which thrust him down into a laboratory area. There were tons of clones of Edge in water tubes, resting. Waiting. "Oh man." Shimizu said to himself.

The person with the hood on was indeed, Lobo, but not only Lobo. He threw off the coat, and revealed the new Lobo. He had red hair, wore prayer beads around his neck, and had a grey gi. The Japanese character 'ten' meaning "sky", "heaven", or "providence" can be seen on his back.

"I am the New Lobo." He smiled, while blocking Edge's attacks and sending some of his own. "Your minion, Twelve was killed when Necro killed himself in an explosion, mainly to defeat his brother, but also to save my friends. Remember that? Good. When Twelve fell onto the ground, dead, he was in his full, base form."

"So what, ya big idiot? Core will destroy everything." Edge replied. Lobo shook his head while dodging more slashes. "You see, Necro turned into a sludge sort of form, and Twelve landed in that. After we left, they fused together to form one being. It was mixed though because Twelve wanted revenge on his brother and us, but Necro didn't let him. They eventually found my body, with a hole blown through it, courtesy of Karu himself.

"Then, when even though I had died, he fused with my body, resulting in an even stronger, and better Lobo." His sword then got hit to the side, and was now unarmed.

He ran for the blade, but Edge jumped to it. He got there first and stuck his laser sword into the weapon. "Can't get it without me slashing you!" Edge taunted. Lobo stared in Edge's eyes. He smiled, and Edge was surprised. "You're laughing? Hah! You're supposed to be afraid. You have no control over your emotions."

Lobo slowly held out his hand, and the sword disappeared from the floor and instantly appeared in Lobo's hand. Edge was caught by surprise, and got sliced horizontally in the waist. The upper half of his body wasn't attached to the bottom half, and he was sliced in half.

Edge's torso fell to the side of the legs. "You...you're an idiot." He coughed up a little blood. "You don't know what you're up against. Two sub-par fighters trying to stop the terror of the universe?" He began to laugh, but then coughed up some more blood. "You can't do it. You're two grunts facing an entire army."

Edge stopped talking and his face froze. He had finally died. Lobo ran into the portal and appeared next to Shimizu. He looked at the clones. "So, there's more than one of him now?" Lobo asked. Shimizu nodded. "Alot more."

Suddenly, all of the glass shattered, and the containment fluid poured onto the hard floor. The clones jumped out of their tubes, and landed on the floor. "Two versus one hundred?" Shimizu questioned. "How unfair. I was expecting more." He transformed back into his base form and held out his hands.

"Dai-Dai-Fu!" A large ring of fire appeared around a group of them, about nine or ten. He then screamed. "Cross Switch! √última!" His hair stayed at normal length, but it was now silky. Beauty's head piece appeared, and Shimizu's body was a combo of Red and blue. He had the powers of Beauty, which were Earth and Air, and he also had the power of Karu, which was Fire.

The clones jumped onto the new fighter, and glowed a tint of purple. They let out random groans and "Ki-Ki!" noises. They apparently weren't the advanced kind of clones, as they did not speak in fluent English.

Shimizu, being crushed by the clones spun around in a fire tornado, and fired a dozen fire fists. The clones flew off and turned into a sludge form. Lobo was slashing multiple clones off of him with a move he called "Spinning Hurricane." He spun around in circles, slashing wildly, and then stuck his sword in the ground.

He tagged it with an explosive and jumped up into the air. "Shimizu! Come!" Shimizu saw the tag and moments before it exploded, he leapt into the air, narrowly escaping the fiery explosion.

They both then heard a noise that sounded like a vortex was sucking things into itself. They both looked up, and their nightmare was happening. Core was in the sky, very slowly approaching. "That's...Core!" Lobo and Shimizu both yelled.

As the ball got closer, it seemed to suck in itself, and then it was no longer visible. A man came into a view, and he had a long, black robe. He had long, black, hair going down to his waist. He glided down to the ground. Shimizu ran for him. "Get out of here!"

The man simply held out his hands and laughed. Wires stabbed themselves into Shimizu's arms and legs. He couldn't move, and he was just hanging there, bleeding. The man then held his right hand up to his mouth and made it in a circle shape. He took a breath and fire came out and spread onto the wires.

Shimizu screamed out in pain as the fire burned against his body. "Must...break free!" He charged up his energy. "You can't get away with this! You won't get away with this!" He yelled turning into Kami Human. The threads tore apart, and Shimizu was now free.

"This is a Kami Human. A Kami Human merged with both Karu and Beauty, can lead to deadly results." Lobo began running for the man, as Shimizu attempted to knock him off balance by altering the breeze. A force field appeared around him, and the attack shifted to the side.

It caused Lobo to lose his concentration, and the man sent a back fist to Lobo's temple. The Weapon Master was launched into the air, and hit into a wall. "No!" Shimizu yelled, stomping on the ground. A giant chunk of rock headed for the person. He simply held out his hand, and the rock shattered into pieces.

"Do you even know who I am?" The man questioned. Shimizu spat onto the ground, and grunted. "No, and to tell you the truth, I honestly don't care. You could be my brother and I'd still kill you. You're working to restore Core..." His voice trailed off.

"No, my boy. You have no grasp on reality. I am Core! I am your worst nightmare. The one and only, Core Shunambi!" He started laughing uncontrollably. "Now, if you don't mind, I'd fancy if you'd die!" He held out his hand and dozens of equally concentrated blasts were released, all at once.

Lobo, who was now stunned and not moving from shock, was hit with these blasts. His body flew back, and crashed into another wall. Shimizu narrowly escaped the attacks, and charged for him. He did a sliding kick, and actually managed to get a kick in to Shunambi. He shook his head. His body glowed a faint purple glow, and Shimizu was flung across the room.

He focused his body and jumped off of the wall. Shunambi's hand disappeared and turned into wires. He flung the cords forward as they wrapped around Shimizu. "What...what's happening?" The wires then had a surge of electricity flowed through them. Shimizu got shocked, and he screamed in pain.

"What? I'm sorry. I can't hear you. There's a nuisance. I'll make it shut up." He sent a longer, stronger surge. Shimizu screamed even louder. "I'm gonna kill you!" Shunambi yelled.

Lobo got up, but then immediately stumbled to his knees. "We...we can't win! He's the reason Core exists. He's the ultimate life form!"

Shimizu screamed from the pressure. The wires were getting tighter, and the surges were now being repeated. "Forget the legacy! AHHH! I...need help! Forget it...you can do it! You're the best fighter ever! Whatever it takes! Do it! Ahhh! I can't hold up much longer!"

Lobo nodded. "Fine. I guess there's no other way." He jumped to the side and grabbed his sword while skidding across the ground. He grabbed it, jumped up and ran for Shunambi. Lobo slashed the man across the chest, but to no avail. The attack had done nothing at all, except tickle Shunambi.

Lobo was struck across the face with a back fist. He fell back, but got right back up. He dashed up to the wires, and slashed at them, but his sword just bounced back, as if it was made of steel.

"Come...on! I can't survive for much longer!" Shimizu screamed, still being squeezed and shocked. Lobo put his sword back in his sheath. "I can't do anything. Except this!" He kept pulling his sword out and putting it back in his sheath. Multiple shock waves soared through the air and cut the wires.

Shimizu fell out of the air and landed on his feet. He pushed the wires off of him and onto the ground. Shunambi's hand grew back in an instant, but he was no longer smiling. "Time to take this to the next step." He snapped his fingers and pointed up.

"Is that..." Lobo started. Shunambi nodded. "I call it Cyber Core. Edge and I have been working on it for a while. Fight while you can." He said, evaporating into thin air.

Lobo and Shimizu stared at it. "We have to attack it, and get inside it!" Lobo announced. He held his hands back in a blast pose, but when he attacked, instead of a beam, it was a blast sort of attack, and he didn't have to hold out his hands after it was fired.

It hit the surface of the metallic structure, but it did not do any substantial damage. "We have to hit the surface! Our attacks do virtually nothing! We need something stronger!" Shimizu yelled. "I can do it." Lobo announced. A Key materialized in his right hand. "I didn't want to do this, but okay..."

He stuck the key into his head. He didn't impale himself with it, but it went through his temple, like a ghost almost. The key was in the brain, but Lobo was still holding on. He turned the key and then it dematerialized. He went through a transformation and turned into something new. "This is Shin Lobo!" He announced.

Shin Lobo's appearance is very similar to Lobo's except he exhibits white hair and a slightly red tint of skin. His gi changed from black to purple.

"I've never been the optimistic type. That was always Karu's job." Shin Lobo said. "But I guess substitutes are okay!" He flew up to Cyber Core, leaving Shimizu staring at him. This'll make my body go away. But, I've got no other choice!"

He held out his fist, and it made contact with Cyber Core. The power went through Lobo into the machine, blasting a hole the size of two average sized men. "Bigger than I expected." He said, falling to the ground, as it was nearly impossible to make a hole the size of a penny.

His body slammed against the ground with a great, loud thump. Shimizu ran over to Lobo's body, and had a deep feeling of regret. "What's happening to you?" Shimizu asked, completely confused.

Lobo was now back in his normal form, and his gi was destroyed. His arm already disintegrated, and his legs were beginning to tear away. "This is what...happens when you put your whole being into one attack." Lobo said, slightly chuckling.

The rest of his body instantly shattered, as if he was made of glass. There was no blood, he was just gone. Shimizu was ready. He jumped into Cyber Core. Instantly, the hole closed, and wires rose up. They latched themselves onto Shimizu, who was firing blasts everywhere, as if consumed by anger.

He was in his Kami Human form, and he was doing some damage to Cyber Core. Explosions were going off at the edges of the machine, and it seemed as if he had destroyed it. Suddenly, he heard a clapping noise. "Not quite." A voice said, and Shimizu saw a faint yellow light. He motioned towards it, and the light was getting closer.

It was a ki blast, one with great power put into it. When it collided with Shimizu, the explosion launched him through Cyber Core, and he landed in a destroyed city. The entire place had a feeling of death. The sky was cloudy and grey, and the buildings were destroyed, tipped over, and grey.

Shimizu stumbled back, looking around. He looked up, into the sky and saw Shunambi. "You're still alive? You should be dead." Cyber Core was above him, in perfect condition. Shunambi held out his hand. "You're annoying." He said. Cyber Core fell apart into pieces, and covered Shunambi. There was a flash, and he was now transformed.

"I am the ultimate being in the universe!" He now had claws, robot arms and legs, and a helmet. They all had a red paint job. "You're nothing but a meat puppet. With you, I have reached the real world. This is no longer Karu's world. That was virtual reality. I am in your world now!"

Core instantly grabbed Shimizu and squeezed him. The boy yelled out in pain, as his friends were being forced out of his body. The part over his eyes shattered and fell on the ground, and Karu's armor faded away. The wings from Beauty shriveled up like a dry flower, then turned to dust and was sent away in the wind.

"Now you're normal! You don't have friends to back you up! You're just another human." He threw Shimizu into an office building, and the Human went right through and slid across the ground, and was in the middle of the road.

Shimizu snapped. He was kneeling on the ground, pounding the sand. Electricity surrounded him, and his black hair stood on its edge. Then, his hair turned to yellow. He got up, off of the ground. "I am a Kami Human...but not only a Kami Human. I am a Kami Human 2!" Shimizu yelled, jumping in the air.

One of Core's claws tore through Shimizu's stomach. "Ahhhhhh!" Shimizu yelled in anger, and he impaled himself even more, getting closer to Core. He was right up to his arm, and he jumped down. Core had to follow, and Shimizu spun around, crashing into a building.

The giant crashed also, but unlike Shimizu, Core received pain. Shimizu then screamed at the top of his lungs, and the claw shattered into pieces.

He was free, and fired a one handed blast to Core's face. The body faded away, and the metallic head fell onto the ground.

"I was made of sin..." Core announced quietly, using his last breath of life. "Are sins ever forgiven?"

"I've never tried. Well, now I'm going to try. So you don't exist." He walked over to Core's head. He slammed his foot on it, and turned back to normal.

"I'll phone in the verdict."

OOC: When I probably should have been reflecting on the error of my ways during my two-day ban, I decided that writing was more fun. So here's that. 9,156 words, but an RPG staff member might want to double check, seeing as how bad I screwed up on the last one.
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PostSubject: Re: Shimizu and Scooby-Doo in The Crazy Case of the Crime Consortium! (Not Exactly)   Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:36 am

Close, but no cigar. 9134 words.

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Shimizu and Scooby-Doo in The Crazy Case of the Crime Consortium! (Not Exactly)

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