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 Matza's come back.

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PostSubject: Matza's come back.   Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:57 pm

After that fight Matza took a time out to train, he realized that he wasn’t the strongest here, as he was used to, that didn’t made him angry, but he was unsatisfied with that after all he was a Saiyan. Matza had trained lots of his skills he was stronger than before.

He was now looking to test his powers in a spar so he looked for a warrior with the same skills as him. He didn’t fought that would be hard, he already knew that this so called earth was full of strong people.

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PostSubject: Re: Matza's come back.   Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:50 am

Shin walked the bounds of the city. The city was near dead today, not many walked the streets. The half saiyan entered his usual ramen shop, known as “RyuGami’s Ramen.” As he entered the ramen restaurant, there were no customers in the shop beside him. The owner of the small shop came from the back of the store. “Wel- Oh I see its you, Shin. The usually spicy chicken flavored?” He asked. Shin nodded. From what the half saiyan could tell, the shop owner was a good man and had treated him to several free meals since he had been eating at this place for quite a long time. Shin took a seat.

The man approached with Shin’s meal on a tray. “Order up!” He said with a smile. He placed the food on the table. The half saiyan broke a pair of chopsticks and dug in. “I’m surprised you’re here.” The owner said, striking up conversation. “Most people are probably watching the local street fights.”

This piqued shin’s interest. “Ftreet fights?” He asked.

“Yeah, street fights. They’re hosted once a year. Fighters from all over town go to them. Its simple, you sign up and are pitted against a random fighter. If you win, you get a little cash money. They are very interesting, of course.” The shop ownder informed the half saiyan.

Shin finished his meal and left the money on the table. As he left the restaurant, he glances about. No one was in sight, so he flew to the rooftop. From this new vantage point, Shin sees much of the city as sees the crowds of people watching the fights. Curious, he starts toward him. His pocket was looking a little flat anyway.

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PostSubject: Re: Matza's come back.   Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:49 pm

As Matza walked through the streets he noticed that only 3 people were on the street, it was unusual, Matza continued to walk on the street normally but now it was kind of annoying the lack of people, he liked the silence but he the fact he didn’t knew where all the people were was the annoying part of it all.

Matza used his new powers and started to fly up in the air, he was fast as a rocket, he liked the sensation of the wind rushing through his face, But then Matza stopped and looked to the town from above, he could see were all the people were. Matza landed safely on the ground, he approached some people who were writing themselves into the tournament, none of them looked stronger than Matza so he wrote his name on the participants list, he put his fake name on the list he signed “Matza”.

Matza walked around for a bit hearing to the conversations some said there were really strong fighters in, but none of them looked really strong, until he looked at a guy wearing a Saiyan armor.

That wasn’t funny at all, Matza though they were all gone long ago; he looked at him trying to recognize him, but that looked impossible, the man was wearing a mask, that was now the first task of Matza, getting rid of that black mask.

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PostSubject: Re: Matza's come back.   Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:37 pm

Shin approached the tournament sign-up sheet. There was a very worn looking lady working there and she didn’t seem like she was in a good mood.

“Name?” the woman asked.
“Shin Kohga.” Shin responded.
“22.” He lied. The minimal age for entry was 21.
“Alias?” she asked. His alias would be the name that was called out when he enters the ring.
“Death Reaper.” He answered.
The woman finished filling out Shin’s information on his profile and reached under her desk without looking. She pulled out a green ball and looked at it. “Number 37!” She said, tossing the ball into another pile.

Shin over heared the contestants register behind him. “Matza…Okay… Number 45.” He said. The saiyan reaper continued along the crowd and watched a few of the matches. Everytime they drew two balls that were delivered too them from the registration booth. Soon, Shin’s number came up. At this point, Shin had his scythe already drawn and attached to his back armor. He didn’t bring up any suspicion by drawing it out of thin air.

“Now, for our next fighters….” The man was fishing around the box of balls. He grabbed one and brought it up, looking at the number. “Fight number 37, The Death Reaper!” He tossed the ball aside and drew for another ball. “Versus, fighter number 45, Maaaaatzzaaa!” He yelled with a little flair. Shin started up the steps to the stage, but when was stopped. ‘Excuse me sir, but bladed weapons aren’t allowed.” He said.

Shin looked toward the man, his mask still on. His scythe vanished in a hint of a golden flame. The man nodded, a bit confused as shin continued up the stairs. He stood on one end of the stage, waiting for his opponent. He didn’t want to bring much attention to himself, he just wanted the money, so he lowered his power level accordingly.

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PostSubject: Re: Matza's come back.   Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:21 pm

Matza loved the fact that he would fight another saiyan he was anxious about this, he wouldn’t use any ki until “The Death Reaper” used it. Matza put his started to smoke his namekian tobacco in a pipe, just to annoy the other saiyan. Matza noticed that the man didn’t had a tail, it was a funny situation because now Matza didn’t know if the man was a saiyan or not, Matza entered the ring, and took out his coat and shirt, and he loosened his tail, just to show it to Shin, he was hoping nothing of this to get serious, he just wanted a little spar.
“Hey “Death Reaper?” are you a Saiyan-jin?” Matza asked hoping for an answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Matza's come back.   

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Matza's come back.

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