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 First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)

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PostSubject: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:13 pm

Quemon’s first friend.

Quemon is known to never have any friend but one day he was sleeping in an alleyway when a car parked at the end of the ally way waking Quemon up. From the car out was thrown a bag with a kid in it. Quemon saw this happen remembering that this happened to him and ran out of the ally towards the car. As he was doing this the car started to drive away. Quemon saw that the car was getting away so he shot a ki blast at the car, which ended up blowing up the car.

Quemon then walked back to the ally way to see a very scared kid trying to act brave that just came out of the broken bag. The kid was scrawny and small and looked like he was abused multiple times. The kid says to Quemon as he started walking in thinking Quemon looked scary “Sir please don’t hurt me. I didn’t mean to bother you.” While shivering not understanding what was going on around him

Quemon went passed the kid and went into his bed and says to him “Shut up. Well your parents ditched you so just lay down and sleep…”

The kid replies “Uhhhh… Okay.” as he tries to sleep but was to frightened from Quemon to sleep. Plus the sirence from down the road didn’t help.

The next morning came up with a nice pretty sun but in the ally way it was always dark.

As Quemon woke up he saw the kid looking at him and then says to the kid “Kid when did you wake up.” Still feeling bad for the kid knowing he was gonna live the same life as him.

The kid says in return still sounding very tired “Oh you know… I was…” then yawns because he was still very tired and tries to answer but then he falls a sleep.

Quemon says laughing a little “Your lucky I feel bad for you kid or I would beat you into the ground for not answering me.” and walks out of the ally way looking were he killed the kids parents and says to himself “I know your gonna hate me for what I did to your parents but at least you wont have to try to find and kill them now.” as he walks away from the kid.

Quemon never felt bad for anyone but himself until that day and because of which he stalks the kid to make sure he doesn’t get killed.

Quemon still helped the kid here and there because he wanted to help the kid.

Well about a week later the kid walked in the wrong territory of the city. So big guys start to surround him knowing he was an easy target to hurt. The kid didn’t notice until he was completely surrounded by big guys. The kid bumps into one of the big guys saying “Oh sorry I need to cross the street.”

The big guy looks back at the kid saying “Sorry kid your not gonna make it across the street.” as grabs the kid and says to his leader “Boss what should we do with this brat?”

The boss came out of the ally way says “Hmmm… Does he have anything on him?”

The big guy named Grud says “Sir I don’t known”

The boss says, “You morons have one of the others check his pockets”

So another big guy checks his pockets to see a pocketknife, a little money and note.

So the other big guy yells out to the boss “He has some money, a knife and a note”

The boss not to impressed says “What does the note say?”

The other big guy not knowing how to read says “Uhhh…. Sorry sir I cant read” as he starts shaking knowing what the boss was capable of.

The boss says “fine” and walks over grabs the note and read the note and laughs saying, “With this problem he is going to die” and rips up the note and says “Place him down”

Grud places the kid down. Once he does the kid started to run away strait towards Quemon, which was in a near ally way, even though Quemon was hidden still watching the kid.

The kid says to Quemon “Why didn’t you help me? I needed you.” while he starts to cry.

Quemon says to the kid “Wait you answer my question first. How did you know I was here?”

The kid replies “It is easy knowing right were you are. I mean you have been following me all week and you have helped me multiple times.”

Quemon surprised to here the kid say this grabs him by the neck and says, “How do you know this? I made sure I was hidden.”

The kid says, “You’re choking me…”

Quemon noticed how angered he was and lets go of the kid neck and yells at him saying “AWNSER!!!”

The kid says panicked “Okay, Okay… I feel vibrations from noise and can exactly see and feel were everything is.”

Quemon goes silent as he hears that and then finally says “Oh okay” and then starts to think [it isn’t my fault it is the kids for not telling me] and says, “Wait a second. Why am I saying sorry. You should have told me!”

The kid says “Oh sorry. I forgot.” because he is still scared of Quemon, but he still likes Quemon as well because Quemon is trying to be nice.

Quemon says “Great” and thinks for a second [I have always wanted to teach someone my skills. Maybe this kid will become… The next Quemon] then smiles a big nasty looking smile that scares the hell out of the kid.

Quemon says to the kid “Do you want to become the best or die like the rest?”

The kid didn’t like the way Quemon said it so he says “The best…. I guess…”

Quemon says “Good” in a scummy kind of way.

The kid says, “So what are we going to be doing?”

Quemon says, “I am going to be hitting you while you try to dodge them. You got that.”

The kid says “Wait what!!!” as Quemon hit him in the face softly which ends up launching the kid across the ground.

The kid gets up saying “OW!..” and starts to cry.

Quemon says “Kid you said you wanted to be the best. Then prove it!”

The kid replied while still crying a bit “Yes I said I wanted to be the best but I didn’t say I want to get hit in my face”

Quemon says “Same thing…”

The kid aks Quemon “So do you want to be the best?” knowing he was going to hit Quemon.

Quemon knowing what he meant says “sure” arrogantly and moves his face closer to the kid.

The kid says “fine then stand tall.” Getting ready to hit Quemon

Quemon stands tall as the kid said and then laughs a little.
The kid runs up and kicks Quemon in the balls and says, “Eat that!”

Quemon falls to his knees for a second and then gets back up and says “Kid it is my turn.” as he starts to transform into his second transformation.

The kid stare at Quemon with his jaw strait open and then says, “What are you? Are you human?”

Quemon says, “You wouldn’t believe how many times I have heard that question but yes… yes I am human. I am just a human that already lived what your life is gonna be except you have a helper.” Talking about himself

The kid stays silent for a second and says “Don’t you mean friend?” with a smile on his face.

Quemon looks strait at him with a pissed look and says quickly “Still as I was saying earlier I am human. Now are you ready to train?”

The kid nodes his head and says under his breath “I will take that as a yes” and smiles.

Quemon says to the kid “This will hurt a lot” and uses his ora to knock the kid into the wall. Quemon then yells to the kid “Say Mommy” kind of playfully but he also still use to his ways of making his victims cry.

The kid says “Never!” playfully and he tries to laugh but it is hard for him because he feels like he is getting squished by 200 lb. fat guy.

Quemon gives a little boost of his ora, which made the kid say “Fine! Fine! Mommy! Mommy!”

Quemon powers down and says, “You can do that if you tried and had a little training.”

The kid still trying to catch his breath says “R… Re… Real…” and passes out on the ground from agitation.

Quemon laughs as he takes the kid back to the ally way and they both go to sleep for the night.

The night goes by and Quemon wakes up and knows he is hungry and goes to get food for him and the kid when he sees a sign with the kid on it saying missing. Quemon reads then sign that says:

Crowl Missing

His family was killed by a man with a bazooka (Hint: Quemon with his Ki blast) and he is thought to be kidnapped by a scary man last seen in West City. If you got any information call this number 555-8505
If found you get $500

Quemon sees a man next to him and asks him “Hey can I use your cell phone?”

The guy looks where Quemon was looking at and says “Okay that is fine”

Quemon calls the number and says, “Hello, I am Quemon. I got your kid… I found him here at High mans drive… He is all yours… but don’t forget about the money.” And hangs up the phone.

They show up within the next few minutes and then they wake up the kid = Crowl up and say “Hey their Crowl.” As he is surprised to see them and says, “Where is Quemon?” knowing he is watching from the next building.

They reply “He left and told use where you were” with a happy smile

Crowl goes with them into the car to see his Grandpa. The Grandpa looks back at Crowl and says, “The guy you were with was suspected to have killed your parents”

Crowl in shock says “No that is impossible…” and then thinks over Quemon’s strength and then knew Quemon killed them and was very angry yet he still stayed quite.

Quemon from up on the building says to himself “Kid I never wanted to say it but I guess you would have been considered a friend… I guess” and walks away dramatically.

WC: 1806

OOC: Yes it is the closest Quemon to being good.

and here is a picture of Crowl. Only see if you have no imagination:

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PostSubject: Re: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:41 am

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PostSubject: Re: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:32 pm

Quemon’s first friend (Part 2)

Almost a year goes by before he sees the kid again. So one day Quemon broke into an abandoned house with old, dusty and just pure nasty bed but it was a place to sleep. Quemon decided to sleep there for the next few days. When Quemon woke up he saw a lot of bugs and rats. He then looked outside to see it was raining again for the fife time that week. So Quemon walked outside and then walked into a store steeling some stuff to eat for breakfast and a little for lunch. And Quemon just walked out of the store easily because he is use to being a natural thief.

Many people that disliked him for who he was knew Quemon through the city. So when he walked back to the old building the building was on fire burning to the ground. The fire fighters came and put out the fire with a little help from the rain. So Quemon in rage from his place being torched, he destroyed the stuff he just stole from the store with his small part of his strength, as a result his power level started to be shown.

Quemon walked down the road seeing a man fly through the air, which for him was never a good sign. Quemon tried to sense his power level, which he sensed to be 100PL. Quemon not knowing the man was keeping his power level down started to fallow that man.

The man landed and stated to look around for something but wasn’t sure where it was. The man turned around giving Quemon a death stare.

As Quemon walked to the man seeing he looked buff as hell, and was quite tall but noticed he looked familiar. Quemon looks at him with a unfamiliar stare and says to the man “Do I know you?.. I feel like I have seen you before…” still not realizing it who it was.

The man replies, “Yeah you know me and I owe you a present” as he punches Quemon very hard knocking him through a wall.

Quemon gets up saying “Ow! That hurt. What the hell was that for!!!” The man came charging up close to Quemon trying to hit him again but Quemon dodged.

Quemon says, “You are going to die for that” as he started to change into his first form thinking that would be all it takes to kill the man.

The man replies, “you think you’re the only one who can transform? Isn’t that cute?” as he changes into his second form.

Quemon says, “You gotta be kidding me.” as he started to change into his second form.

The man replies, “I am not surprised. I have seen your second form before and I have to say I was not impressed with it. You might have been able to force me against the wall with it from the last time you used it but you will never do that again.” as he charges at Quemon.

Quemon blocked with his face launching him back making him have a big brus on his face. The man says “Quemon!!! It is just like old times isn’t it?! Oh wait usually it was the other way around wasn’t it?” The man thinks for a little bit while Quemon got back up and then says, “Remember this game? DODGE!!!” and hits Quemon in the face again.

Quemon finally got it. He knew it was Crowl and says, “Wait… What?… I saved your life. I helped you when nobody else would and now you come back to kill me?” still not sure what was going on.

Crowl replies “No what you did was you killed my family, you…” as Quemon interrupts saying “They left you for dead! If it wasn’t for me killing them you would have never seen any of your family again!” while powering himself up slowly to his third transformation.

Crowl says “I came back to watch you suffer for your crimes towards me… So at least you can admit to them…” and spits on Quemon as he has been spit on before.

Quemon says, “That’s it!!!” as he transforms into his third transformation and charges at Crowl. Crowl dodges the hit and says “My turn” as he transforms into his forth form.

Quemon says, “How is this possible? Crowl how did you surpass me when I knew you use to be weaker then shit?” with a very surprised look on his face.

Crowl replies “Easy I self thought myself with my Grandpa for so long that I became the best. I killed many to get to the spot I am now.” with a serious look on his face.

Quemon says, “Wait you left your family other then your Grandpa to kill me? That doesn’t even make sense. I killed your ½ your family and the other half you left… Why?” still quite confused about the whole situation.

Crowl replies, “It is none of your business. You don’t even deserve to live after what you did but there is somewhere I wanna go first to visit old friends from this town.” as he picks Quemon up and then hits him into the ground again before Quemon gets out another word with the hardest hit Quemon ever felt.

Crowl then says, “I want to kill you so bad but there is someone I want you to see again before you do.” As he flies to a place he wanted to go to.

Quemon says in return “I bothered you that much didn’t I?” as he starts to laugh up some more blood.

Crowl takes him to the territory he was last time attacked in and throws Quemon onto the wall next to the ally way Quemon was watching from last time. Quemon then says “If you leave me here I will kill you” while still bleeding all over himself.

Crowl replies, “Shut up and watch as I have some old fun.” as he starts laughing and looks around to see his old friend Grud. Crowl walks over to Grud and picks him up like a feather and says, “Where is my shit?” and gives him a nasty look.

Grud surprised anyone could carry him because he ways over 300 lb. and kicks Crowl in the knee. Crowl didn’t even notice it and says, “You didn’t answer me!!! Where is my stuff!!!” getting all pissed ready to kill Grud. At this time Quemon slipped away getting himself a nice place to hide from Crowl because he thinks Crowl went nuts and just went looking for revenge on anyone he could blame it on.

Grud then says “Sir please place me down. I don’t even know you” as other members of the gang started showing up surrounding Crowl. Crowl sees the old leader and places down Grud and points at the leader saying, “Were is my knife?” with a pissed expression.

The boss looks at Crowl and says, “Sir… I don’t even know you. So get the hell out of here before my boys squish you like a bug” and starts to laugh.

Crowl says, “I am the blind kid from 1 year ago. I came walking down this street while you and him (pointing at Grud) stole my knife and my money. I want my knife back. It was the last thing my parents gave to me before they were killed.” as he gets set to fight the boss.

The boss looks at him and finally get who it was and says “WOW! I thought you died… Damn… Well I have no idea were your knife is kid. It could be in another galaxy all I know.” as he is still in shock to see Crowl again.

Crowl says, “Then you are useless to me” and uses his ora to kill Grud and the rest of the big men. The boss was scared even though he had the power of water and fire.

Crowl walked slowly towards the leader destroying anything that got in his oras way when suddenly a ki blast came launching as fast as possible from behind the leader aiming for the leader head. That blast hits the leader in the back of the head blowing his head off his shoulders into Crowl’s hands.

Crowl drops the head and says “Quemon… You were a fool to come back…” noticing who energy it was and also feeling right were Quemon was.

Quemon replies after eating a Sensu Bean “No I am not a fool. You’re the fool for letting me escape. You are now tired while I am ready for a fight. Are you ready to die?” as he laughs a horrible laugh.

Crowl say in return “Sure I am ready to kick your ass without a sweat again” as he then laughs himself.

Quemon throws a ki blast and makes it miss on purpose.

Crowl says “Ha you missed” and laughs from what a bad shot Quemon was.

Quemon points behind Crowl indicating that the blast is going to hit him in the back so Crowl turned around looking for the blast but saw nothing. Not knowing that Quemon used that as a trick to hit Crowl a good few times in the back while he was turned around looking for the blast.

So Quemon hit Crowl in the back a few nice times. Crowl felt pretty hurt from that and turned around and says “Nice trick but you can only fool me once.” As he just stand there and waits to see another one of Quemons tricks just waiting to see what he does next.

Quemon knew that it no matter what was not going to be an easy fight but knew if he didn’t fight him now then he would only get stronger so Quemon knew what he would have to do. Quemon throw a thing of smoke bombs at the Crowl though they did not work because Crowl cant see anyway. So Quemon ran up to Crowl side and tried to hit him but he missed. Though Crowl saw this as an open opportunity and hit Quemon in the face and then in the stomach knocking him to the ground. Quemon had brought one Sensu Bean with him though so he grabs that out of the bag and tries to eat it but Crowl shoots the Sensu Bean to dust and blow off part of Quemon’s finger. Crowl then stepped on Quemons hand making more blood come out of his finger.

Crowl then says, “I never had to do this… Why did you have to kill my parents?… Why Quemon why?” as he starts to cry.

Quemon replies, “Because I never killed my parents. I never knew who my parents were so I chose to kill yours instead.” With a still pissed look on his face

Crowl then says, “Was this the hand you killed them with?” while pushing a little weight on Quemon’s hand to make him tell.

Quemon says quickly to make Crowl loosen the pressure “Ow! Ow! Yes I think so. Why?” while more blood was coming out of Quemon’s finger.

Crowl says “Good” in a bad toned voice as he pulls out a energy disc and aims it for Quemon’s hand ready to cut it off.

Quemon yells “Oh fuck” as he tries to move his arm but was unable to because Crowl was standing on it.

Crowl says, “This will hurt me more then it will hurt you…”

Quemon looks at his hand and then back at Crowl and says “Oh then lets switch places. We will see who it hurts more” while still being a smart ass.

Crowl says “Your still a funny one” while moving the energy disk closer towards Quemon hand.

Quemon says, “Wait!!!! Is there any way I can? Uhhhh…. Make it up to you?” while trying to get out through talking.

Crowl thinks for a second and says, “Yeah you can cut of your own hand…” and laughs a little.

Quemon yells “WHAT?!?!” thinking that Crowl was crazy if he even thought of making him cut of his own hand.

Crowl then says “Fine if you wont I will” and sends down the energy disk towards Quemon’s hand.

Out of nowhere a big energy blast hits Crowl energy disk making the energy disk go through the wall of a store. Crowl looks back to see whom through the blast… when he looked back it was his Grandpa. The energy disk from in the store then exploded making a bigger seen.

Crowl looked at his Grampa and asks “Wait what?.. I don’t… why are you here?! And I thought you were way to weak to throw a blast like that?” not understanding anything at this point but still standing on Quemon’s hand knowing that if he let go Quemon would run away.

The Grampa says “Son… I don’t have that much power I just used it all up right there” as he falls to his knees from using to much power.

Crowl ask “Then why did you save this…” and looks down at Quemon and says “Scum?” with a darker tone

The Grampa replies “because I learned that your parents were… gonna get rid of you then fly states to countries away. They kinda planned on you to die. He was the guy that saved your life basically” as he takes a deep breath.

Crowl was shocked by the news while Quemon was pissed by it. Quemon didn’t want to be known as the hero let alone weak.

Crowl gets off of Quemons hand and says, “I owe you an apology I guess” as he places out his hand.

Quemon looks down at Crowls hand then back at his face and spits in Crowls face to get revenge for what Crowl did to him.

Crowl knowing what he almost did to Quemon understood and looked down at the ground feeling like shit.

Quemon then walks over to the Grandpa and picks him up saying “If you ever tell anyone I was the so called hero I will kill you and all your family until Crowl gets a hold of me and kills me” and places him back down

Quemon then walks away without another word. Quemon knew he was going to train until he could beat Crowl and then train more to be ruler of the universe.

WC: 2421

OOC: Yes it is the closest Quemon to being good.
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PostSubject: Re: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:00 pm

Wrong. 2393 PL is what I got.

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PostSubject: Re: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:15 pm

Oh okay man I always use this one: http://www.wordcounttool.com/ : which told me the other one... Sorry...
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PostSubject: Re: First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)   

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First Friends (Part 1 - Part 2)

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