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PostSubject: Ferrum   Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:04 pm

Name: Ferrum
Alias/Nickname: Android 17-B(io)
Age: 510 Years (Looks as if Human in mid-twenties)
Month and Day of Birth: May 12th
Place of Birth: Earth - Wastelands - Gero's Lab
Theme Song: Papa Roach - Singular Indestructible Droid
Gender: Male
Race: Bio-Android
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Ferrum was never finished being programmed by Dr. Gero. In the state he was left, Ferrum was fully functional with all his faculties intact, and has a considerable knowledge database. However, he was never given any sort of personality to speak of. Ferrum has no opinions on anything, no preferences, likes, or dislikes. He has no understanding of emotion apart from the definitions that describe them. He is completely impartial on everything as of now. He is truly neutral.
-Blinded, Ferrum has to rely on technology in him to view his surroundings. Although he can see everything 360° around him, the image is only clear when Ferrum is standing almost completely motionless.
-Ferrum has zero battle experience. He has the knowledge of several martial arts, and has gone through virtual, hypothetical battle sequences, but has never been in an actual battle.
-He is completely blind around considerably powerful magnets, which throw off his artificial "vision."
-Ferrum's regenerative abilities from Namekian DNA in him, alongside the limitless energy from his fuel cell, allows him to regenerate wounds indefinitely with no fatigue.
-Although Ferrum has no eye sight, the many locating devices built into his body allows him to create a 360° image of his surroundings.
-Affinity for the electric element, allowing him the ability to control and absorb electric currents.

Physical Appearance: Ferrum has the appearance of a Human male in their mid-twenties at peak physical condition. He stands at nearly six feet, and weighs in at 175 pounds. Ferrum has lengthy brown hair, with the bulk of its length in a braid stretching down along his back. With a pale complexion, it appears Ferrum has gotten zero sunlight for a considerable amount of time.
Attire: Ferrum's attire consists of the colors yellow, black, and brown. Clad in light, mulitple-piece leather armor, Ferrum is well protected from the force of most melee blows, and weak energy attacks. Underneath this armor, the bio-android wears a form-fitting black jumpsuit.


Ki Color: Yellow
Technique List
-Artificial Lightning
--[Advanced] [Elemental] [Environmental]
---An environmental move. Fires an electrically charged ball of energy into the sky and creates a harrowing thunderstorm that lasts for the entire topic. Increases the power of all electric and water techniques by 50%. The user rolls the successful die. If successful, then the effect takes place. Can only be used once per battle.

-High Voltage
--[Advanced] [Elemental] [Power Up]
---The user absorbs all surrounding electric currents into their body, charging up all regular moves with electric power, and further enhancing electric moves relative to the amount of electricity absorbed.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities:
--[Special Ability - Regeneration] A Namekian's blood has amazing regenerative properties. This gives Namekians the rare ability to heal themselves of any wound instantaneously. However, it causes fatigue.
--[Special Ability - Fuel Cell] Androids were built to last. Therefore, they have a limitless energy pool at their disposal. This allows them not to feel fatigue.

.:Imperfect Form - x4 - 8000:.
.:Perfect Form - x8 - 30000:.

--[Elemental] [Sword]
---A rapier built by Dr. Gero alongside Ferrum. It's guard has two conductors made to react with the energy, from Ferrum's fuel cell, flowing through his body. When charged, the blade is filled with high voltage electrical energy.
Built in devices such as a GPS, Radar, Sonar, Radio, etc.

Biography: Ferrum is only one of many of Dr. Gero's incomplete, inactive, or "failed" Android creations. As the first Bio-Android considered to be functional, the creation of Ferrum was Gero's first step toward the making of the ultimate being, Cell. Ferrum, or Android 17-B, was an improvement on the base 17 model. Ferrum was also Gero's only creation of Gero's made to specialize in weaponized combat, with a weapon made specially for the android. After making a key discovery, Dr. Gero eventually scrapped the project of Android 17-B so that he could focus all his attention on his life's greatest work- Cell. For hundreds of years, Ferrum has laid in a comatose-like state in Dr. Gero's lab. Only with human intervention, or the perfect natural conditions, could Ferrum be awoken.


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PostSubject: Re: Ferrum   Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:06 am

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