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 Shimizu's Awesome Adventure with Robots and Spirits!

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PostSubject: Shimizu's Awesome Adventure with Robots and Spirits!   Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:47 pm

Shimizu Kumiko woke with a jolt, beads of sweat rolling down his face and breathing hard. He had just sensed an incredible leap in Susanoo's Power Level, and it was now above 20,000!
"What... the heck?" Shimizu wondered. "How did he get so powerful all of a sudden?!"
Shimizu looked around, observing his surroundings. He was still in the hospital, it was dark out, and the only light came from the stars and the moon from outside. Shimizu moved the blankets off himself and got.
"I can not just lie here in bed while Susanoo is raising his Power Level like crazy!" Shimizu stated. "But what can I do to gain his kind of Power Level?"
Before Shimizu's very eyes, someone materialized right in front him. Shimizu went into a fighting pose before realizing who it was. It was Zachary, Shimizu's dead father who some how managed to communicate with Shimizu and give him training. He looked just like Shimizu in every way, except was a little taller, and had a white aura and a halo.
"You seem discouraged, and upset." Zachary said. "What is the mater?"
Shimizu stood normal again before replying: "It is Susanoo. He just had a sudden increase in Power Level! I want to become that strong, but I do not know how..."
Zachary closed his eyes and sensed Susanoo's Power Level before continuing: "That is a pretty big increase, my son. I do not think that is the end of it, however...
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"I should not tell you... It will be a surprise at the Budokai...."
"...Fine... Anyway, how can I become stronger, as strong as Susanoo?"
"...I do not know a way for you to become stronger, but I do know a way for you to not only pass the time, but avenge our clan..."
"Really!? How?!"
"I will tell you the faithful day of when our clan was wiped out, first: It was a peaceful day. The entire clan was prospering, and everyone was happy. Your mother and I were taking care of you, when one of the guards came in to inform us an enemy clan was preparing an attack. The clan was called the Azeruki, and the Kumiko have always had tension with them. They were mad that we cut off trade with them, and when we refused to continue the trade, they finally attacked. We were stupid to take things so far, because the Azeruki, as much as I hate to admit, were much stronger than the Kumiko. They started killing off each and every Kumiko with ease. Your mother was already dead, and I had to enter the battle, but before I did, I placed you in a basket and sent you down the water stream, as to save your life. I was killed trying to protect my clan..."
Shimizu could not believe the story he had just heard, and was at a loss for words. Finally finding his voice, he spoke.
"Wait, so you were the leader of the Kumiko clan?"
"Yes. Why else do you think you and I gained the Kumiko's incredible power? We are the descendants of the original ruler of the Kumiko clan from hundreds of years ago. Normally, you would have gained the Kumiko's power when you were much younger, but as you just heard..."
Shimizu closed his eyes, and tear rolled down his check out of sadness for his murdered clan. He then suddenly opened his eyes, fire in them, for he was now furious!
"I'm guessing you know where these Azeruki are, and you want me to take care of them?!" Shimizu said through gritted teeth.
"Yes. They are in the Eternal Battleground. It is where they relocated after their attack against us, since they needed a place that was now more obscure before they were attacked by allies of the Kumiko clan."
"Eternal Battleground? Got it! I am off!"
Shimizu broke through the hospital window, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. He let himself fall a little before flying. The cold air felt good against his face, since the hospital was usually very warm. It felt good just to get outside and moving in general. Shimizu flew past many buildings before coming above the ocean. He continued his flight, past Master Roshi' house, past Guardian's Lookout, and straight to Eternal Battleground.
Shimizu glided down to the rocky ground below. The area was still damaged from the incredible three way battle between Shimizu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo. It brought back some hard memories, as Shimizu almost destroyed the planet here. But that was all Forbidden Kami's doing, and Shimizu know had control of him.
Shimizu made his way through the damaged landscape, searching for any sign of life. Finally, he sensed several sources of Ki coming from just up ahead, so he went into a full blown run, eager to start the *** kicking. In the distance, Kumiko saw buildings, monuments, cars, and everything else you would find in a normal city, except it was located all the way out here. When Kumiko reached the city, he looked around taking it all in. He could see no one, and nothing was happening. It was like a ghost town. He had an awful urge to destroy everything, but he did not know if this was the Azeruki's location or not.
Suddenly, a black Ki blast came at Shimizu from behind. Sensing it, Shimizu stepped to the side and turned around to look at who had just attacked him. What he saw was several men wearing black cloaks that covered their entire body's, concealing every inch of them.
"I take it you guys are the Azeruki?" Shimizu asked.
"Yeah, but what is it to you, brat?" One of the men said.
"What is it to me!? It is everything!" A burst of green energy surrounded Shimizu before he continued. "And I am no brat! I am the one who is going to kick all of ***** into next year!"
Shimizu teleported in front of one of the men, and, before the man could even react, punched him in the stomach. Shimizu then grabbed the man's arm and threw him at another man. The two collided and fell to the ground below. One of the men came at Shimizu from behind, but he flipped over the man and struck him in the back, causing him to also fall to the ground.
Shimizu thought he was already done, but more men in black cloaks just came to challenge him. Shimizu flew down and kicked one out of the way, and then fired a green Ki blast at one to his side. Two came from the front with flying fists, but Shimizu easily redirected their attacks to one another. Everyone know laid on the ground, defeated and beaten.
That was almost too easy... Shimizu thought.
Shimizu walked up to one of the men who was still conscious. He tried to crawl away, but Shimizu grabbed him by the collar with one hand and lifted him.
"Please!" The man said through tears. "Do not kill me!"
"I've got a couple of question for you! Why did the Azeruki really relocate out here!? If you are strong enough to defeat the Kumiko, surely you would have been able to defeat some other clans!"
"After our battle with the Kumiko, our clan was severely injured. If we got in to another battle, we would have been slaughtered! So we moved out here until we had recovered enough for..." He stopped there.
"Recovered enough for what!?"
"I can not tell you! The leader of our clan would kill me!"
"What makes you think I will not?!"
Shimizu's fist started to glow green as he focused Ki into them, about to fire an energy blast that would surely kill the man.
"Alright, I will tell you! We need to recover enough for the attack on West City we were planning!"
"An attack on West City!? And what do you mean 'were'?!"
"The attack is already in affect! Our men have surrounded West City, and will soon destroy it! And there is nothing you will be able to do about it! HA! HA! HA!"
Shimizu dropped the man flat on his *** and began to head for West City.
Shimizu stopped to here what the man wanted.
"Who are you?"
"Who am I? I am Shimizu Kumiko, the one who will avenge the clan that should have rightfully been mine!"
Shimizu took the sky as he flew for West city. Meanwhile, the man below pulled out a cell phone from one of the pockets on his cloak, and after dialing some numbers, started talking to someone...
"Boss? Yeah, it is me. It is confirmed: Shimizu Kumiko is heading for West City. I told you we would get him to! Anyway, prepare the attack..."
Up in the sky, Shimizu held his hand out toward the Azeruki city. It glowed a bright green, and Shimizu fired a huge Ki blast. With a mighty, earth shaking explosion, the entire city was destroyed. All that remained was rocks, rubble, and a big crater.
Shimizu flew at super high speed back to West City. Once again, he flew past Guardian's Lookout, past Master Roshi's island, past the clear blue waters, and straight to West City...
By the time he got there, the sun was beginning to rise, casting a light over the once dark West City. From Shimizu's point of view, the city was completely normal. Everyone was waking up and heading out for work, kids were going to school, and the usual animals were out and about.
But then suddenly, Shimizu felt something hit him in the back, HARD. He went crashing in to a building. Shard of glass flew everywhere when Shimizu came through the window of a busy office. He skidded on the carpeted floor a little before standing up. People were staring at him. Ignoring them, Shimizu ran and flew out the broken window to see his attacker. What he saw was more men in black cloaks that concealed their entire body. Shimizu sensed their Power Level; they were a lot stronger than the ones back at Eternal Battleground.
"Are you Shimizu Kumiko?" One of them asked.
"Yeah, but what is it to you?" Shimizu replied.
"On orders of the Azeruki leader, you are to be captured and brought to him. If you cooperate, this will be pain less."
"And id I do not cooperate, this WILL be painfull... for you!"
"Foolish human. You do not know what you are up against."
All of the men gripped their cloaks and threw off at the same time. Shimizu was horrified at what was behind them: Robot body parts! Some had robot arms, others had robot legs. Some even had their entire body, except for their head, robotic!
"What.. the hell happened to you?!" Shimizu asked.
"Is it not great!? The leader of the Azeruki did it to us, and now we are stronger then ever! It is because of his bionic research we were able to defeat the Kumiko clan!"
Shimizu clenched his fist in anger and said: "This guy is a mad man, doing this to you! And you are all stupid, allowing him to!"
"Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess we will just have to show you this incredible power first hand!"
They all came at Shimizu, who leaped high in to the air to avoid them. The robotic humans easily changed direction, however, and charged at Shimizu again! One of them head butted Shimizu in the stomach, causing him to cough up blood. While in pain, two others grabbed on to his arms and began spinning him, finally letting go and sending him right into another building! There was a crash and rubble fell down to the ground, were civilians were screaming and running in terror. Out of no where, a huge green Ki blast burst from the building and hit one of the robotic humans, piercing right through its stomach and leaving a giant hole!
Shimizu flew out of the building and punched another across the face. He then kneed it in the gut, and while it was clutching it stomach in pain, Shimizu slammed it to the ground below with both of his fists. There was a crash, and Shimizu saw the bionic human get back up. Shimizu turned to the one he had hit with the Ki blast, and to his disgust, saw that its wound was healing! Wires connected inside the hole, filling in what was once lost!
"What the hell?" Shimizu yelled.
"Our new robotic body's not only give us infinite regeneration powers, but we also have an unlimited supply of energy to keep on fighting!" One of them explained. "Now, for the last time, surrender yourself to us while you still have the chance!"
Shimizu thought for a moment and said: "Then I guess I will have to break you in to so may pieces, you can not regenerate!"
Shimizu dashed at the cyborg and threw a punch that went right through its gut! Acting fast, Shimizu then focused Ki in to his hand, giving a light green aura. He slashed down at the cyborgs arm, cutting it off! He then did the same to the other arm, and both fell to the ground below. Using the same Ki powered hand, Shimizu slashed off the cyborgs head! The head and the remaining body fell to the ground below like every thing else.
"One down." Shimizu said.
Two cyborgs came at Shimizu, one from each side, so he put his hands toward them and fired two huge Ki blasts, knocking the cyborgs away. Shimizu looked down, and saw the cyborg he had worked so hard to tear apart was putting itself back together!
"What do you I have to do to defeat these freaks!?"
Now three cyborgs came at Shimizu, each from a different direction. Shimizu did a spinning kick, knocking them all away again, but not for long. They just came back for more, and began over powering Shimizu. One hit him in the back, another kicked him across the face, and the last one fired a black Ki blast that sent Shimizu flying away. Shimizu regained his stamina and stopped his falling back. The two remaining cyborgs joined the three, making five in total.
"We have given you a chance to quit peacefully. Now prepare to be defeated!" One of the cyborgs said.
They all rushed at Shimizu who started flying back, trying to create distance between him and his attackers. It was to no avail, however, as the cyborgs easily caught up and circled around Shimizu. They all came in at the same time, but Shimizu jumped in to the air, so they all crashed in to one another. Shimizu then put his hands together, and they began glowing a shade of black.
"Take this! Shadow Holy Attack!" Shimizu yelled as he moved his hands forward.
From his hands came a giant, black Holy of pure Ki. It roared as it slammed into all of the cyborgs below, creating a huge explosion. Bits and pieces of both human parts and machine parts fell to the ground below. Shimizu waited a moment, but they never regenerated or rebuilt themselves or anything. Shimizu turned around to leave, but saw something that almost made him shit himself: Easily another 100 cyborgs, all part of the Azeruki clan.
Shimizu sighed deeply and said: "Well, here goes nothing, I guess..."
Shimizu charged to full power, giving his entire body a green aura of energy. He charged at the cyborgs, who did not move. Shimizu pulverized the first one, then slammed the next one. He fired many Ki blast at the next ones, and continued his barrage. The cyborgs, for some strange reason, still did not move. So Kumiko just kept on pounding each and every one with a flurry of punches, kicks, and Ki blasts.
"Come on! Fight back!"
Finally, the cyborgs moved. They all turned toward Shimizu and held their metal hands out. They all began to glow black with Ki, and at the same time, they all fired a massive barrage of Ki blasts! Shimizu jumped in to the air, some how managing to avoid every single blast. There was a fiery explosion below, which is what would have happened to Shimizu if he did not move!
"Hey, I did not mean it!" Shimizu yelled to the cyborgs below.
After focusing Ki in to his mouth, Shimizu opened wide, releasing a giant, flaming Holy large enough to burn all of the robotic humans below! The cyborgs had a trick up their metallic sleeve, however, as they all raised their hands in to the air, generating an energy shield that protected them all from the mighty blaze! When the fire died out, all the cyborgs jumped at Shimizu one by one, but Shimizu was well prepared for them.
Shimizu punched the first one away, kicked the second one, head butted the third one, fired a Ki blast at the fourth one, and so on. Seeing that this was not working, the cyborgs started jumping at Shimizu at a faster pace. This gave Shimizu more trouble, but he managed to keep up. Shimizu kept on knocking all of the attackers away, but he was beginning to slow down. Noticing this the remaining cyborgs all jumped at once, and began pummeling Shimizu.
Helpless against the great odds, Shimizu succumbed to the blows taking hit after hit. One hit knocked Shimizu back giving Shimizu time to recover, but not for long. During this time, Shimizu noticed his clothes were torn in several places and that he was bleeding on his arms and legs. Shimizu started charing up to Unlock Potential, and his Power Level began increasing at an incredible rate, and his mussels bulged a little. Realizing this, the cyborgs charged in for the kill, but could not even touch Shimizu. Shimizu beat up each cyborg left and right with ease.
He started charging a huge, green Ki blast that would certainly destroy all of the cyborgs, but felt a sudden shock go through his body. The electricity grew and grew until Shimizu finally passed out. It was a cyborg with powerful electric shocker built into its arm who had done the deed. His Unlock Potential ended, so his mussels returned to normal size, and his Power Level decreased. Shimizu fell to the ground below, a fall that would most likely kill him, but one of the cyborgs actually caught Shimizu, saving him! It swung Shimizu around its metal shoulder, and all of the cyborgs flew in the same direction, taking Shimizu with them...

Shimizu slowly opened his eyes, and found he was some where very new to him. He was in a small, square room. The walls were made of the type of brick that made pyramids with a passage way on one of the walls. There was some weird writing on the walls in red paint, and there was torches in every corner that were lit with a crackling, red and orange fire. Shimizu was strapped down to a stone platform that was actually hovering above the ground! What was keeping him down was quite unusual, however. They were bands of gold, which Shimizu correctly guessed were Ki. When he tried to free himself, he found that he could not.
"You will find that quite pointless." A male voice from the passage way said.
Shimizu heard foot steps, and through the passage way came a man with long, brown hair, a pair of hip hop jeans, a black sweater with a burning skull, and a black beanie-cap. He walked up to the levitating platform and smiled a little.
"Is it not great? They are my own invention: Bands of pure Ki that is released, quickly hardened, and become unbreakable."
"Where the hell am I!? Who are you!"
"I am the leader of the Azeruki: Ito Azeruki. You are in a sacred place were I will extract the Kami inside you."
"Kami? You mean Forbidden Kami?"
"Yes. But you see, Forbidden Kami is not the only Kami out there. There are eight others: There is the Fire Kami, the Water Kami, the Thunder Kami, the Earth Kami, the Wind Kami, the Ice Kami, the Plant Kami, and the Dark Kami. I have them all contained inside my body, increasing my Power Level ten fold!"
Shimizu sensed his Power Level, and was surprised to find out how low it was! It was only 1,000!
"I know just what you are thinking: That my Power Level is low. Currently I don't have the Kamis incredible power active, so it is at what it currently is."
"Fine, whatever. What are you planning to do with me!?"
"You have not figured it out yet!? You contain the Forbidden Kami, the final and most powerful of all the Kamis! I am going to extract it from you and give it to my master, someone who I cannont give you the name of, so don't bother asking. Then, I will give him the Kamis inside of me, making him unstopable He will rule the universe!!"
"You will not get away with it! I will stop you!"
"That is where you are wrong. See, the process of extracting an Kami kills the original container, so..."
"What!?" Shimizu yelled as he once again tried to break free, but to no avail.
"Yes. I would have extracted the Forbidden Kami a long time ago, but..."
"Wait! What do you mean, 'a long time ago'!?"
"Have you not been told yet? That is funny... Don't you ever wonder how Forbidden Kami ended up in you in the first place?"
"Some times..."
"But you still do not know. Then I will tell you: The Kumiko and the Azeruki were clans that were allies. If one ever faced trouble, the other would help out. This would have lasted forever, until YOU came along..."
"What does that mean?"
"The Kumiko clan placed Forbidden Kami inside of you, through a ritual. According to a certain someone who infromed us, they were planning on using you to wipe US out. We couldn't let this happen, however. The Azeruki is skilled in extracting methods, such as I'm about to do on you now. We attacked the Kumiko, and planned on taking Forbidden Kami from you there and then! But some of the Kumiko took you away, and put you in a place where we never found you. Until now, that is, when you've walked right into our hands. On a plus side, however, we ultimately DESROYEd the Kumiko that day. Every last one. Let me guess, though, your father told you some made up story so you would take vengeance against us, even though the Kumiko were in the wrong. Now look where it's gotten you..."
Shimizu watched in horror as Ito raised his right arm, and in a flash of white light, it became transparent!
"Brace yourself, this might hurt a little... Well... A LOT actually..."
Ito slowly put his hand up to Shimizu's stomach, and in one thrust, his hand went in to Shimizu's stomach! Although there was no bleeding or wounds, Shimizu felt like his stomach was being torn open! He cried in agony and pain, and tried to free himself once more, but still could not. Ito started to pull his hand out, but there was now a shadowy substance surrounding his hand, which must have been Forbidden Kami himself! The pain in his stomach growing with each second, Shimizu tried with all his might to break free, but his energy started to fade away.
"Yes... It will all be over soon... For you, that is..."
Forbidden Kami was inches from being all the way out! Shimizu was losing more and more energy, and he stopped moving all together.
No... Shimizu thought sadly.
Suddenly filled with energy and rage, he yelled it: "NO!"
There was spark of electricity, and Ito went flying back, crashing in to the wall, making some bricks fall down and apart! The shadow slipped back in Shimizu's stomach, who gave a final strain against the Ki bands. With a snapping sound, they all broke off and vanished. Shimizu jumped off the levitating platform and sprinted to and through the pathway. Meanwhile, Ito slowly got up, holding his hurting head. Realizing what had just happened, he got angry and gave an order.
"Stop him! Do not allow him to get away, no matter what!"
Shimizu ran down passageway after passageway, making twists and turns at every corner. There seemed to be no end, however. It was like running around in circles! Out of no where, ten of the cyborg warriors burst through the wall, all facing Shimizu and looking to stop him.
"Not you guys again!"
Shimizu held both of his hands forward, and they started to glow green with energy. Seeing what he is about to do, the cyborgs charge at Shimizu, attempting to stop him from firing the soon to be massive Ki attack. They came inches from Shimizu, however, they were too late. Shimizu fired a huge green Ki blast at the last second, causing a fiery explosion through out the entire hallway, When the smoke of the mighty blast cleared, the cyborgs laid on the ground, broken in to million of pieces and bits. Shimizu saw that they began reconnecting their wires and other parts; regenerating. Not wishing to stick around to fight them again, Shimizu ran right over them, heading for a hole he made in a wall. He went through the opening and found himself outside, surrounded by trees, plants, bushes and more. Shimizu then took to the sky, trying to get as far as humanly possible from the place were he was almost killed. He looked back. The building he was in WAS actually a pyramid, and it was getting smaller with every second Shimizu flew from it. The sun was starting to set, meaning night would soon fall.
Shimizu found an opening free of trees and other plants and decided to land there. He leaned fell to the ground, breathing hard.
"What... What happened back there?" Shimizu asked Forbidden Kami.
"Do you honestly think I was just going to let you lie down and have him take me!? No. I gave you my power for that moment. The sudden increase in Power Level caused that electricity and gave you the strength to break the Ki bands."
Shimizu smiled and fell on his back. His eyes staring to close as he dozed off in to sleep, but was interrupted by Forbidden Kami.
"Get up! No time for sleep! Some one is coming!"
Now fully alert, Shimizu sprang to his feet and sensed for a Power Level. He sensed a Power Level of only 1,000 just above him! Shimizu looked up to see who it was, and found Ito, both determination and fury in his eyes.
"Now, I can't just let you get away." Ito said. "I have come too close to let you slip from my grasp! I will complete my collection of Kamis for my master!"
"Over my dead body!"
"THAT can be easily arranged!"
Ito flew from the sky straight at Shimizu, who casually stepped to the side and punched Ito in his stomach. He then kicked Ito away, who managed to land on his feet before skidding back a little.
"With only 1,000 Power Level, you are no match for me!"
"You wish! This is just the beginning!"
Ito once again charged at Shimizu, who quite easily teleported behind him, grabbed a hold of the back of his collar, lifted him in to the air, and smashed him in the ground. There was a small cloud of dust and debris, which Shimizu waved away. There was a very small crater, but Ito was no where to be found! Hearing foot steps from behind, Shimizu turned around, and Ito was once more running full speed toward Shimizu, who just punched him away. Not hesitating, Ito ran at Shimizu and threw a kick, which Shimizu caught and threw Ito back.
"Is this all you can do? I thought some one with eight of the nine Kamis would be able to do much better!"
"you want to see the power of the Kamis!? very well! I will show you! Fire Kami! Activate!"
Shimizu sensed Ito's Power Level, which doubled from 1,000 to 2,000!
"Is that it? I was expecting much more..."
"Just watch..."
Ito put his arms forward and opened his closed fists. Out of no where, pillars of fire shot from his palms. Shimizu managed to jump over it, so the blaze caught on to a tree and started on fire! The fire quickly spread, creating a ring of fire around Shimizu and Ito, trapping them in battle! The crackling blaze shone on each fighter's eyes, who were both determined to win! Shimizu ran in at Ito, trying close, physical combat. Ito's hand caught on fire, but he acted like nothing was wrong. Making sure not to touch the fires, Shimizu used his palms and pushed his opponent's arms to the side, leaving him wide open. Shimizu took full advantage of this, pulverizing Ito with consecutive punches and kicks. His final hit was kick in the stomach that sent Ito back once again. This time, he landed on his back but quickly sprang to his feet.
"Water Kami! Activate!"
This time, Ito's Power Level increased by 3,000, from 2,000 to 5,000! Ito put his hands forward, like he was about to shoot fire again, but burst of water came out instead! Knowing he would not be able to avoid them fast enough, Shimizu opened his mouth wide, letting a giant, flaming Holy escape like before. The blazing Holy and the water blast collided, and after a short struggle, the water became nothing but harm less steam and the Holy headed for Ito, who jumped to the side, but could not avoid the fire nailing him in the foot. He feel to the ground, holding his foot in pain. The fire had burned his shoe in to ashes, and his foot had very bad burns. He splashed some water on it, which he generated out of thin air, but it had little effect.
Still on the ground, Ito yelled: "Lightning Kami! Activate!"
Ito's Power Level now increased by 4,000, from 5,000 to 9,000! Shimizu was now well aware of what would probably happen: He would shoot lightning his way. This was not the case, however, as lightning suddenly came down from the heavens at Shimizu, who managed to jump to the side at the last second. The lightning hit the ground, instead, and left a scorch mark in the green grass. Shimizu had no time for rest, as another lightning bolt came down on him. He once again avoided, but was soon followed by another, then another, and then even more. It was practically raining lightning.
Realizing he was no getting any where, Shimizu ran at Ito, who was still sitting on the ground, holding his burnt foot. Ito held the hand he was not using for his foot and threw a small fire blast. Shimizu quite easily jumped it and came down at Ito like a drill, his leg outstretched, and nailed Ito right across the face. Some blood splashed out from his mouth, but Shimizu wasn't done there. When he landed on the ground, Shimizu lifted his other leg and stomped down on Ito's already injured foot. Ito screamed in pain, causing flapping wings to fill the air as birds fled from the loud disturbance. Ito stopped screaming, and instead yelled something.
"Earth Kami! Activate!"
Ito's Power Level now increased by 5,000, from 9,000 to 14,000! Shimizu, shocked by the sudden increase in Power Level, jumped back as to create distance between him and this now much more powerful foe. Ito raised his hand, and Shimizu was expecting an attack, but instead a wave of the earth rose from the ground and wrapped itself around the burnt leg. After pushing himself off the ground, Ito stood on both feet, and seemed to be in little pain! He now put his hands toward Shimizu, and the ground starting shaking a little. The shaking soon grew more violently, until finally a huge chunk of the ground rose up and came flying at Shimizu, who jumped it. After he landed on the ground, he ran at Ito, when suddenly he stopped. He looked down at his legs which he could not move, and saw they were trapped by pieces of the earth! Shimizu looked back up, just to see a barrage of rocks coming at him at high speed! Each hit, causing bruising but no serious wounds. But then Ito raised a a huge boulder from the ground, and Shimizu, not wanting to get hit with THAT, quickly put his hands together.
"Shadow Clone!"
Two other Shimizu's appeared, and they broke the earth trapping the real one, allowing him to jump out of the way seconds before the rock connected. One of the clones did not move fast enough, and was hit, causing him to disappear in a both of smoke. Shimizu and his clone nodded at each other, and turned to face Ito. They both ran at Ito, who stated to bring his arms up and down at a steady pace. Each time he raised one of his hands, a spike made out of the earth would rise from the ground, attempting to pierce Shimizu and his clone, but they both expertly dodged each and every one. When the two were near enough, the clone leaped high in to the air, and the real one suddenly vanished. Ito looked around, but could not find him anywhere! Out of he blue, however, Shimizu reappeared in front of Ito in a crouching position. Shimizu lifted his leg as fast as he could, and nailed Ito right in the chin, with enough force he sent him flying toward the clone who was still in the air! The clone drop kicked Ito in the face, sending him back toward the ground. Just before Ito hit the ground, Shimizu grabbed him and lifted him above his head. In one swift motion, Shimizu slammed Ito face first with the dirt. The smash kicked up dust and rubble, so Shimizu leaped back, and his clone vanished in a puff of smoke. Although he could not see Ito through the dust, Shimizu could here him saying something.
"I... I did not know you were this strong... Shimizu..."
"Guess I surprised you, didn't I?"
"Indeed you did. No mater, there are still four Kamis left for me to use! Wind Kami! Activate!"
Shimizu still could not see Ito, but sensed his Power Level had increased by 6,000, from 14,000 to 20,000! The sudden jumped in Power Level cleared all of the dust away, revealing Ito, who was now surrounded by electricity and his mussels were bulged a little. He was also breathing hard.
"Prepare to die, Shimizu Kumiko!"
Ito raised his hands, and a powerful gust of wind blew in the direction of Shimizu. Shimizu was easily knocked off his feet and went flying back. He managed to catch a tree branch, and was just barely able to keep hold with all the mighty wind. Ito now put one hand forward, and from it came a burst of streaming water! Shimizu, who was help less because of the mighty wind, was hit right in the stomach and went falling off the tree to the ground. The winds stopped all of a sudden. As Shimizu fell to the ground, he noticed a slight shaking in the earth. A giant set of hands of mud and rocks rose up sharply, and caught the falling Kumiko. The hands began to compress, squeezing the life out of Shimizu. He screamed out in pain, but started to focus his energy.
"Unlock..." Shimizu said through clenched teeth. "...POTENTIAL!!!"
Shimizu's Power Level increased four fold, from 10,845 to 43,380! The sharp increase in Power Level blew away the earth hands, showing Shimizu's entire body: His shirt was slightly torn due to the increase in his mussel size, and his pants were now shorts. He had a green aura of energy that swirled around him, and sparkles of electricity crackled around him here and there. The ground choke, rocks and rubble rose up around him.
"Now... I am serious!"
Shimizu dashed at Ito as fast at the speed of light, leaving a whirlwind of dust in his wake. Ito did not even have enough time to react before Shimizu was right up in his face, glaring him down and fire in his eyes.
"What... What are you...?" Ito asked nervously.
"I am a Kumiko!"
Shimizu spun around and kneed Ito in the gut, causing him to cough up even more blood. Shimizu then punched Ito across the face, leaving a rather large bruise. Shimizu then held on to Ito by his collar with one hand and began punching him everywhere on the body, even the penis. After just a couple of his, Ito looked really bad: He was bleeding in several place, his clothes were torn, and he could not even keep one eye fully open, it was so swollen.
"Stop... it..." Ito said through punches.
Shimizu stopped for a moment and asked: "What did you just say, weakling?!"
"I... said... STOP IT!!!"
Shimizu let go and teleported back as to create distance between him and Ito. Ito was furious; madder than ever before! Shimizu could sense his Power Level increasing with every passing second.
Damn! Shimizu thought. This is not good!
"Ice Kami!" Ito roared. "Activate!"
Ito's Power Level increased now by 7,000, from 20,000 to 27,000! Shimizu was suddenly unimpressed. After all that rage and fury, he was expecting Ito to become much stronger. This was not the case, however, as Shimizu was still a lot stronger! He chuckled at the horrible show of power.
"Is that it? And after all that anger, THIS is all you are capable of?!"
"Just wait and watch! You will soon see the power of the Kamis!"
"Yeah, right!"
Shimizu was about to rush at Ito, but found he could not. His feet and legs refused to budge. He looked down, and saw his lower body was completely covered in ice, disabling his movement! He was about to think of when Ito could have done the deed, but found the ice was crawling up his body, covering more and more. Shimizu once again put his hands together, about to make clones like he did when he was trapped in the earth, but Ito saw what he was planning.
"There shall be no more Shadow Clones coming from you!"
Ito put his hands forward, and ice blasts shot out of them at Shimizu. Not wishing to be hit with them, Shimizu swung his hand out, attempting to smack the ice away. The plan back fired, however, because on contact with the ice, Shimizu's entire right arm froze up! To make things worse, another icicle was closing in at high speed. Although he knew what would now happen, Shimizu did not want his body frozen, so he instead put his left arm in front of his body, and it met the same icy fate as his right. To make things even worse, the ice was spreading across his body, and now covered his entire stomach, and was still going. It covered his chest, then his neck, then his face, and finally his hat. He was now a human Popsicle. Ito walked up to Shimizu's frozen body and gave it a flick. Nothing happened.
"That is the end, I guess. Wasn't much of a challenge... You are a disgrace.... Anyway, time to claim what is mine!"
But as Ito went to pick up the entire frozen Shimizu, something started happening. The ice began to melt away due to a mysterious black mist that was arising from Shimizu. Ito sensed Shimizu's Power Level increasing rapidly, higher and higher, faster and faster!
"What the hell is this!?"
The ice all broke away in an instant, sending shards everywhere, one even scratching Ito pretty badly. This was now the least of his worries, however, as he stood before a demonic sight: Shimizu Kumiko, his wounds healing up, his Power Level still rising, his eyes blood red, and last but not least a sinister looking black aura of energy dancing around him. He reached out, grabbed Ito by his collar, and dragged him up o him, glaring into his eyes.
"You're... are going to wish you did not just say that!" Shimizu said in a voice dripping with venom.
He punched Ito in the stomach harder than he had before. He then stomped on his feet, causing Ito to scream in pain. While his mouth was open, Shimizu moved his hand in front of it, and it began to glow green with Ki. A blast erupted right in to It, and he went flying back, rolling on the ground a couple times before lying perfectly still.
"Are you finally defeated?"
"H-Hardly..." Ito answered in a voice lower than a whisper.
Ito slowly pushed himself up off the ground with his hands, just barely managing to get to his feet. He turned to face Shimizu, his entire body kind of drooping down. Shimizu noticed smoke coming from his nose and open mouth, most likely because of the blast Shimizu had just fired right inside of him. Ito put his hands together, an aura of Ki slowly forming.
"The final two Kamis! Plant Kami! Activate!"
Ito's Power Level increased by 10,000, from 27,000 to 37,000! But he was not done here, however.
"Dark Kami! Activate!"
Ito's Power Level now increased by 13,000, from 37,000 to 50,000! Shimizu was impressed by this new show of power, but remained perfectly calm. He should be, since he was now stronger than It with Forbidden Kami's power assisting him.
"That isn't bad, but it will take a lot more to beat me right now!"
Ito once again put both his hands forward. A crackle of electricity was seen, and then another, and another soon after that. Before long but after quick, Ito's hands were completely surrounded with electricity. Slowly, the sparks turned green, and then black as the darkest night. The energy around Ito was growing, and so was his Power Level. The ground was shaking and cracking, and clouds of a storm formed over head. At last, Ito seemed like he was about to unleash what ever attack he was preparing.
"This is the end of you! Take th-"
He stopped right there. His attack faded away, the clouds began to return to normal, and all of the shaking stopped. Why? While Ito was loading the attack, Shimizu had teleported right in front of Ito and punched him in the stomach, ending everything. Shimizu laughed, his fist still dug into Ito's gut.
"Sorry, but you left yourself WIDE open..."
To finish things off, Shimizu fired a powerful green Ki blast that pierced right through Ito's body. Blood splattered everywhere, some even falling on Shimizu's face. Ito was wide eyed, pain and misery clearly visible in his eyes. But the emotions in his eyes went away, and made way for nothing. Just a 1000 yard stare. His skin went pale and he became cold as Ito he died. Shimizu moved his hand to his side, allowing Ito to plop down to the ground. He laid motionless. Shimizu gave him a couple of pokes with his foot, just to make sure he was dead. He did not do anything, confirming his death.
"I guess that is the end of that... I did not really want to resort to killing, but you left me no choice...."
Shimizu turned around and began walking away. He suddenly stopped half way between a step. It was like he could not move anymore. He was frozen. Frozen with fear. He was shaking uncontrollably. Why? Joshua sensed a Power Level that was beyond 100,000, and it was coming from right behind him! Shimizu was able to make his body turn around, and saw the source of this incredibly high Power Level: It was a figure. A figure whose entire body was pitch black, just like Forbidden Kami. He was clearly normal built, but had a rather large aura of black energy. The figure was also poking at Ito, and realized he was dead. It looked up at Shimizu with a glare that send a shiver down his spine. His eyes were blood red, and had murder intent on a level Shimizu had never seen before, never even imagined.
"You!" It said in a voice that was deep. "You are the one who killed Ito here, are you not?"
Shimizu could not answer. He was too scared at this point.
"What is the mater, can't you talk? Are you, or are you not, Shimizu Kumiko!?"
It had a nasty temper, which scared Shimizu even more, but he was finally able to say: "Y-Yes! I am Shimizu Kumiko!"
"And YOU killed Ito!? Pretty good, for a Kumiko."
"Who... What are you!?"
"You honestly do not know!? I am Master Kami! The most powerful of all the Kamis! I hired Ito here to collect all of the Kamis and hand them over to me. Since I knew you would not be easy, I gave him the Elemental Kamis that he had collected to battle you with. Weakling could not beat you even then... Pathetic.... Anyway, once I have all the Kamis, I shall be complete again and take over the universe! And you, Shimizu, are the only thing that stands in my way! So... Why do you not just give me Forbidden Kami nice and peacefully..."
"Foolish human! Do you honestly think you stand a chance against me!? Either you are very brave or stupid. I shall show you my power, which will have you begging for mercy!"
There was a flash of light, and Master Kami was right in front of Shimizu, which caused him to almost fall back in surprise and fear. Master Ego smashed Shimizu back with a devastating punch to the face. Shimizu went flying through the air, and before he could even hit the ground, Master Kami teleported behind him and smashed Shimizu back once again. As Shimizu was flying back, blood poured from his mouth.
Damn... Shimizu thought. He is strong... Too str-
Master Kami was now above Shimizu and bashed him in the stomach, sending him crashing into the nearby ground below. Shimizu was starting to get up when Master Kami grabbed him by the collar and whipped him into the sky. During Shimizu's flight, Master Kami fired a barrage of black Ki blasts, all which hit Shimizu with deadly accuracy. Shimizu was falling down before he managed to stop his descent. Shimizu put his hands together, started focusing Ki, and released it. 99 clones appeared, and with the real Shimizu, that made 100 Shimizu in total! They all leaped at Master Kami, coming in from every direction. Master Kami should have been worried against these incredible odds, but remained perfectly calm. Out of his eyes came red beams of Ki. The eye blasts hit the clones, creating a large explosion that took everyone out.
He...He did that so easily! Shimizu thought in amazement.
Once again, Master Kami was in front of Shimizu in the blink of an eye. He grabbed on to Shimizu's face, and started a free fall to the ground below. He began picking up speed, going faster and faster. Seconds before reaching the ground, Master Kami put Shimizu forward, and he collided with the ground face first. The extreme collision kicked up dirt and rubble from the ground, which Master Kami blew away with just a blow from his mouth. It revealed Shimizu, tired and broken, his shirt now completely torn off and his face bleeding heavily. Master Kami reached down and once again grabbed Shimizu, and put his face right up to his own, their noses touching.
"NOW will you surrender yourself to me!? NOW will you hand over Forbidden Kami!?"
After a moment, Shimizu spat in his face. This angered Master Kami to no end.
"Foolish child! I will teach you to mess with me!"
Master Kami began pummeling Shimizu in the stomach with his free hand. Shimizu coughed up blood with every hit, which Master Kami gladly licked off his own face with his tongue as he continued his barrage. Shimizu started closing his eyes, losing his will to fight. He shut his eyes tightly, and a tear rolled down.
Forbidden Kami... Shimizu thought. I can not... fight on... I have failed you... Now Master Kami will take you, and rule the universe! This will be the end of everything!
Tears now flooded out of Shimizu's shut eyes. Master Kami stopped his attacking for a moment and laughed.
"You little cry baby!" Master Kami taunted. "THIS is what happens when you mess with me! Maybe next time you will know better! Then again... There won't be a next time! HA! HA! HA!"
He continued on with his beating. Shimizu began to black out; He was going to die. And if he died again, he would not exist in the world of the living or Other World!
"Kid!" Forbidden Kami called within Shimizu. "Come on, kid! Your not done yet! You die, I die! No sleeping on the job! I have not given you my full power!"
"What... What do you mean?" Shimizu asked, confused.
"There is a form I can take that I can give to you. Think about your love of fighting, and your will to protect that of which is close to you. Tap in to my power, and you will take a form that shall give you strength like never before!"
Shimizu did as he was told, and suddenly felt different. At first he could not put his finger on it, but then learned what it was: An increase in power like no other. Shimizu opened his eyes, which were now dry of tears: They were turning blood red. The wind picked up, blowing Shimizu's belt upward. Master Kami, not sure of what was happening, dropped Shimizu and leaped back. Shimizu looked at his arm: His skin was turning pitch black, along with the rest of his skin. His finger nails became sharp, like claws, and so did his toes, which ripped through his shoes. He felt his regular teeth become fangs. But it was not done there. Shimizu's back began to fell strange, and after tow Holy like wings sprouted, he knew why. The final part of his transformation was a tail that came from his rear. After all of this was done, Shimizu looked like a human Holy. Electricity covered his body, along with a black aura of energy, and he got on all four.
"What... What are you...?" Master Kami asked.
"Your defeat. Your destruction. Your death!"
Faster than the speed of light and sound combined, Shimizu was in front of master Kami. HE was the one scared now! Shimizu punched Master Kami to the side, with a fist that would surely kill anyone else on contact. Master Kami went flying, and Shimizu chased him in air. Shimizu got under him and lifted his leg up, grinding his sharp claws deep into Master Kami, who went flying up. Shimizu once again pursued, and bashed Master Kami all around the forest they were in, hitting him left and right, up and down. Finally, when the timing and positioning was perfect, Shimizu smashed Master Kami down to Earth from a very high distance. Master Kami fell down, in disbelief about Shimizu's new, incredibly high Power Level. It was far higher than his own! When Master Kami hit the ground, there was a huge cloud of smoke and a loud boom. Trees actually fell down from the shock wave the crash made. When the smoke cleared away, Master Kami was lying on the ground in the middle of a huge crater! Shimizu flew down a to the ground, a couple of meters away from Master Kami.
"Come on!" Shimizu yelled. "You're not done already, are you!?"
Master Kami slowly picked himself off the ground. He was clearly very injured and damaged. Without warning, Master Kami held his hands forward. A black gathering of Ki began to form in his outstretched hands, and it quickly grew to an immense size. Shimizu realized he could not allow Master Kami to fire this blast; It could destroy the planet! Shimizu held his forward, also, only they glowed green with Ki. Both blasts continued to grow, until at last, Master Kami fired his! Shimizu fired his at the same time, which took the shape of a giant Holy!
"Holy Cannon!" Shimizu yelled at the top of his lungs.
The blasts collided, and began a desperate struggle with each other. Neither was willing to give up as the Ki struggled against one another. The ground started cracking and breaking apart with all the power and energy. Shimizu dug his feet in to the ground as to give himself a good foot hold. The blast continued their epic power struggle in a fight that seemed like it could on forever. Alas, however, Shimizu felt his beam begin to come back at him. Then again. Then once more.
Damn! Shimizu thought. He's winning! I can not allow him to win!
Shimizu put his all into his Holy Cannon, but Master Kami's attack was now seconds from hitting Shimizu, certainly killing him!
NO! Shimizu thought, but then he screamed it: "NO!"
At this, Shimizu's Holy Cannon suddenly grew to immense proportions! It broke through Master Kami's attack now like it was nothing, and collided with Master Kami! There a scream of pain and suffering, a fiery explosion, and a cloud of smoke. Shimizu walked-more like limped- through the smoke and looked for Master Kami. He had to make sure he was dead. to Shimizu's great joy, he could not sense his Power Level! He had done it! He had taken on an army of cyborg warriors, killed the murderer of his clan, and defeated an almighty, powerful Kami who was behind the whole thing. Shimizu collapsed on his butt, and he turned to normal: His wings and tail vanishing, his finger and toe nails going back to normal size, and his skin color and eyes returning to regular. Shimizu smiled brightly and gave a thumbs up to no one.
"I did it..." Shimizu gasped through deep breaths.
Shimizu Kumiko smiled even more.

OOC: This is what a combination of boredom, free time, and ability to crap out a mass amount of words (a skill picked up in college when essays are due) produces. 10,000 words, on the dot.

EDIT: My bad. Seems it is only 9,125 words. Or 8,904. All the word counters seem to be fucking up.
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Its 8904 Words = 8904 PL gain.

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Yeah my word counter says 9088 words on this site: http://www.wordcounttool.com/
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Shimizu's Awesome Adventure with Robots and Spirits!

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