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PostSubject: Karuma    Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:02 pm

Name: Karuma [Name given by Skull]

Alias/Nickname: The Mysterious Traveler

Age: 16 Years Old

Month and Day of Birth: March 20, 1995

Place of Birth: Unknown [Skull found Karuma in a park though]

Theme Songs:
Gender: Male

Race: Human

Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Being raised and trained by the demon Skull, some of his traits were rubbed of to Karuma. He is silent, calm and prefers to be alone most of the time. Karuma is not very fond of people but when he becomes attached to a person he somewhat shows his kindness to that person even though he does not make it obvious. One of his unique traits is his patience as he never gets angry at anyone. Most people think that he is an antisocial, but in fact, he has a hard time talking to people because of his shyness, especially to girls, his face is often blushing when talking to them.


  • Talking to people, especially to girls
  • Reliance with his weapons; He is stronger with the use of his weapons and doesn't fight as well without them
  • An experienced fighter as he relied on his master on taking on the enemies


  • Being a weapon specialist, has the ability to use all sorts of weapon
  • Fighting capabilities at any range
  • Almost impossible to anger


Physical Appearance: Karuma is often told by girls to have a cute but bored-looking face. His face turns red whenever talks to girls. He has a short brown hair which the back part is spiky. He has crimson red eyes and pale skin. He stands at 5’6 feet hight and weighs at 120 pounds. His body is slim but fit.

Attire: Karuma wears a white armor for protection and wears a tight, short sleeveless black shirt over it, the appearance of the back part of the shirt is cape-like. He wears a pair of black fighting gloves with red orb-like objects on them. He wears the casual, regular denim jeans and wears a pair of combat boots. During combat, Karuma equips a smiling white mask that he received from Skull.


Regular Attire

Equipped with mask


Ki Color: Red

Technique List:

  • [Name] Requip
    [Technique Type] Ultimate
    [Description] Similar to Skull's technique called "Magic Materialization". Karuma has the ability to change or summon his weapons and equpipment, that is stored in a special storage dimension, at any time even in battle. This gives him a high level of flexibility in combat.

  • [Name] Telekinesis
    [Technique Type] Advance
    [Description] It allows Karuma to move things with the use of his mind, with a bit more practice, he can even lift people and heavier things.

Power Level: 1171

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - High Tension] Humans are known to have infinite potential. Therefore, they can learn the techniques at half the required word amount, rounded up.

[Locked]Power Up! - x1.5 - Requires 2000 PL
[Locked]Unlock Potential - x3 - Requires 6000 PL
[Locked]Chosen One - x6 - Requires 15000 PL
[Locked]Enlightened Warrior - x9 - Requires 40000 PL


  • [Manmosuburēdo]
    [Great Sword-Type] This great sword was given by a mysterious hooded man. The sword is almost able to cut through anything, great for attacking but slows down the user.

  • [Bushi no katana]
    [Sword-Type] Given by a retired samurai. The sword is light, sharp and sleek, good for fast combat action.

  • [Rūrāsōdo]
    [Sword-Type] Bought in a weapon shop. The sword's tilt is gold with a blue gem on the center, the blade is sharp and it is one of the favorite swords of Karuma.

  • [Hyōga to pairo]
    [Gun-Type] Dual guns which is attributed by fire and ice. The ki is the ammo required, once fired the ki is converted into the respective element.


When Karuma was eight years old, he was lost in a local park and was found by a demon named Skull. Karuma was in a state of trauma and lost all his memory of the past, including his name. With the concerned demon, Skull decided to take the boy with him in his travels. He later named the boy Karuma.

A few years later, after Karuma travelled and trained with Skull, the demon said his farewell as he was going to finish his mission. Karuma understood and said goodbye to his master. At age fifteen, Karuma finally finished his training and perfected his technique called “Requip”, he then decided to go on a journey to uncover his past.



Luka for the base of the Sprite
Zbir for the help with the sword

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PostSubject: Re: Karuma    Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:23 pm

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