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 Christopher - WIP

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L. Cole

PostSubject: Christopher - WIP   Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:58 pm

Name: Christopher Enzeru
Alias/Nickname: Chris, Chrissy, The Dark Knight
Age: 0 (Appears to be in late 20's)
Month and Day of Birth: March 8th
Place of Birth: Heaven
Theme Song: Fallen Army
Gender: Masculine
Race: Angel[Dominant]/ Human
Home Planet: Otherworld


Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Christopher is arrogant, determined, and somewhat cold. He often comes off as blunt and uncaring and doesn't take kindly to outside interference, preferring to believe himself capable of handling most things on his own. He lacks many of Alexis' inhibitions, being perfectly willing to eliminate a foe rather than merely subduing them, and he often believes that the ends justify the means. Because of this, he is often very destructive in battle. Still, he does have a personal sense of honor, enough to leave At times he behaves with almost a mercenary attitude, joining forces with others only to further his own goals, but in the end he usually ends up picking the side of moral right. When Christopher has a goal, he sticks to it with grim determination and intense focus, not resting until it is fulfilled. He has high expectations for himself, and takes personal failure especially hard. He has little patience for silly behavior. While others often tease him about his seemingly brooding attitude, he is capable of subtle compassion.

Weaknesses: List three. [NOTE - No bullshit weakness, we want legitimate weaknesses that will affect your character not only in combat but as a whole.]



Physical Appearance: Minimum of 50 words mandatory.
Attire: Minimum of 50 words mandatory.
Picture: Completely Optional


Ki Color:
Technique List: Start off with two techniques of any type.

Power Level: Starts off at 100

Racial Abilities:




Biography: Minimum of 100 words mandatory.


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PostSubject: Re: Christopher - WIP   Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:18 pm

You don't get any racial abilities since Angel and demon races are recessive
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Christopher - WIP

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