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 Ryan Morgan

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PostSubject: Ryan Morgan   Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:55 am

BL personal request

Name: Ryan Morgan
Alias/Nickname: Seargent Morgan
Age: 26
Month and Day of Birth: March 15th
Place of Birth: Earth
Theme Song: A Man A Plan A Canal Panama - The Fall of Troy
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Home Planet: Heaven


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Ryan is a typical mid 20s male, though he tends to over-think things due to the nature of his job. Ryan has a lawful code of ethics, and believes that everyone except for the most low level of dissenters and demons shares this with him. He is ignorant to just how evil some people are, and how many of them there are. While he is lawful good, Ryan does not go out of his way to be benevolent except for when the situation presents itself to him. Ryan is not a hardened warrior, and acts more like a common person, and responds to all hostile situations by police/angel protocol as opposed to personal experience.

Low Combat Experience - Ryan has been trained for combat, but in his human life never faced any.
Naivety - Ryan's human life was typical and did not entail any supernatural or powerful evil forces, so he is new to the world beyond mundane human experience.
Limited Aerial Mobility - Ryan relies on wings for combat, so he can not take turns as smoothly as other fighters, and can have his flight limited by wing damage

Combat Training - Ryan is trained in hand to hand combat as well as the use of Swords, Bows, Staffs/Spears, and Guns
Detective Skills - Ryan was a homicide detective in his human life who specialized in blood splatter and balistics
Divine Powers - Ryan's blasts and special skills come from his angelic nature


Physical Appearance: Ryan is a 6'0 average built man with shoulder length dirty blonde hair. He has blue eyes and slightly pale white skin. Across his knuckles he has "FORGIVEN" tattooed, to represent his reformation from a corrupt lazy detective as a human to a ranking angel officer. On his right arm he has a tattoo sleeve of various worldly religious icons, and on the right side of his neck he has a tattoo of praying hands. On his back are two large feathered angel wings which he can contract and absorb into his back.
Attire: On a regular day or in his street clothes, Ryan prefers corduroy pants and golf shirts or hooded sweatshirts. He carries a pair of white gloves with him, used to prevent finger prints when doing detective work. In his official angelic apparel he wears white robes with gold trim that stop at his knees.
Picture: - Onis


Ki Color: Yellow/Gold

Technique List:

[Name] Angelic Grace
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] - Similar to Namekian Healing, Ryan can heal people of lawful good alignment over time.

[Name] – Angelic Wrath
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] – Ryan can use either one or two hands to launch a long golden wave of holy energy.

Power Level: 6,228 (15,570)

Racial Abilities:

Cherub - x2.5 - Requires 6000 PL


Angelic Bow
Angelic Gladius
9mm Pistol (Walther P22)


Biography: Ryan Morgan was a gifted criminal forensics student, specializing in blood splatter and ballistics. He took an interest in this field of work after his older brother was murdered in a random gang shooting. After being hired by a homicide unit in a metro police department, he began to develop a reputation among gangs and criminal organizations. After receiving threats directed towards his family from a gang who he got to close to busting for a murder, he began to work for them as their man on the inside, sabotaging any evidence against them. After turning 25, he could no longer live with the guilt, and turned on the gang, killing them all, but not before being fatally wounded by gunfire. After dying, King Yenma showed mercy to him, and saw potential in his police skills, so offered him a spot in heaven as an angelic detective. After the presence of powerful evil entities in the universe began to rise, Yenma promoted him to Seargent and transferred him to earth. Ryan was chosen for the job due to his very recent departure from earth, but due to a lack of free angels under his control, Yenma could not give him a team to work with. Ryan's job is to serve as an intermediary detective between Heaven and Earth, and his secondary goal is to form a team of mortal fighters to work with, who will all be granted access to heaven as an angel for their service.


Sgt. Morgan Saga:
Episode 1: A Sad Rainy Day...
Episode 2: First One To Die
Episode 3: Sensing a High Power Level
Episode 4: Path of the Kaio Sama

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Morgan   Sun Dec 25, 2011 1:05 am

As far as I know, Blues is gone for the time being, so I'll go ahead and accept this.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Morgan   Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:54 am

Temporary image! I am not a good spriter and am going to find someone to do a better one.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Morgan   Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:26 am

Done playing, consider him dead for good
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan Morgan   

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Ryan Morgan

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