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 Residential Menace

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PostSubject: Residential Menace   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:17 pm

Full from his lunch included outing with Shin Xiao, Razoer felt the need to explore the town he hadn't seen in such a long time, he thought he would marvel at the sights around him come to life as darkness fell on West City.
"My hometown, what a bittersweet reunion this will be."
He said smirking to himself, remembering all that went on in the very same city, many years prior. He walked with his hand in pocket, down the streets looking at all the people who passed him, not noticing him, nor acknowledging his existence. He began to laugh as he continued to walk down the brightly lit streets of West City.

"Just like it used to be, eh? Completely anonymous... great."

Razoer looked up a certain skyscraper, he took his hand out of his pocket and began to scratch his head, thinking of where he and his mentor first met. His vision of the town changed from present to past, he saw his former self sent flying into a building; he appeared to be a child, young, body on the verge of being broken, bloody and about ready for death to take him.

"Are you done now?"

A familiar voice rung out, as his flashback still continued.

"To think someone as pathetic and weak could be so hard-headed, just die already boy. You've yet to utilize any of that Saiyan blood that flows through your very veins, too young to understand what power you have... Unfortunately for you, you will not live to see how far that could take you." The man said as he rushed toward the young boy, grabbing him by the by the head, slowly crushing his skull as he began punching him repetitively in the face. He flung down the bloody-faced boy to the concrete below, once he looked down, all he saw was a blue burst of fire rushing towards him, he easily avoided it.

"That's almost impressive, I guess you do know how to use some of that Saiyan blood, uh kid? However, like I said earlier, some will not help you at all..."

Razoer continued to walk forward, laughing to himself about he and Frost's first encounter together, not noticing where he was going, he bumped his way past three shady looking men. They proceeded to follow him, as the lights walking hand-in-hand with the city became darker and the streets turned more dangerous. Razoer squatted down after putting some money into a vending machine, to grab his beverage, upon grabbing the can he could feel a cold metal pressing against his forehead.

"Sure got some colorful hair freak, but that ain't gonna' be helpin' you tonight. Whatever ya' carryin' hand it over."

Razoer lifted up and placed his hand in his pocket, only to take out a toothpick and place it in his mouth. He then returned his hand to his pocket, standing calm, silent and waiting for the reaction of the men whom seemed to be holding him up. A few more minutes passed until the supposed leader of the group smacked Razoer in the head, with the blunt metal object in his hand. Upon light from the moon, it was shown to be a gun.

"I've had enough of your silent act, either hand over ya' money, or that soda machine's gonna' be accepting deposits of your br-"

Razoer flicked his toothpick at the gunman, enough to draw his attention into the sight of Razoer's head colliding with his. He grabbed the gun from his hand and tossed it aside, anticipating a "fair" fight. All three of the men drew knives from their coat pockets slashing them wildly trying to get a hit on the seemingly cautious Razoer. Razoer crashed his fist into one of the men's face, then followed up with a kick to the jaw of the second. The last one standing was the man who had held up Razoer in the first place, he had since searched and found his gun which was now pointed at Razoer.

"You've got some balls for being able to do this to three men, let alone on your own... But I'm afraid I've got to put you down."

The man fired several gunshots at Razoer, only to see that he was no longer there, he turned around noticing that he was now purchasing another drink.

"500 Zeni... all for this, but I think I'm going to savor this, after all the trouble you've caused me... messing up my hair... spilling my drink which cost me 250 Zeni... and most importantly, your poor handle of that weapon. Yeah... this flavor is nice."

The gunman fired wildly at Razoer, only to run out of bullets moments later. Razoer took this opportunity, proceeding in walking towards the man, while he desperately tried to reload.

"Out of ten shots, you managed to only hit me once. The next time you wanna' play street thug... Ya' might wanna know how to aim a down the sights before you go out and rob someone. You dumbass."

He finally reloaded, and pointed the weapon again at Razoer.

"I don't think so."

Razoer said as he bit down on the gun's barrel, ripping it out of his hand then tossing it again to the dark streets, he motioned his hand, throwing a small fire he had gathered at the surprised gunman. The fire connected, burning the right side of his face, screams could be heard all throughout the block as the man fled into the darkness of the night.

Total Words Counted: 905
Power Gained: 805 (- 100 for Technique Learned)
Overall Power Level: 1,313

- Acquired: Technique (Fury Spark [Ember of The Blue Fire)

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PostSubject: Re: Residential Menace   Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:32 pm

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Residential Menace

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