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 Glacier's Final Refuge Day

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PostSubject: Glacier's Final Refuge Day   Fri Dec 23, 2011 2:03 pm

A desolate rock floated through space, drifting. Its diameter was simply a meter long and wide. Upon the rock, an alien stood with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He was concentrating in deep space, concentrating on his motives. It had been some time since he left his family business of the galactic trade, back when his own brother betrayed his rule as emperor. He felt alone out in space, training for the purpose of renewal. He wanted to regain his strength from the duel between his brother and him. Blizzard, the middle brother, managed to remove his power and outmatch Glacier, this alien who stood in deep space. His crystal-like body shone upon impact of sunrays peering over a planet. He opened his eyes in a furry, and the rock below him burst open. Glacier had punctured his foot into the rock. Glacier floated in the spot still as the rock pieces expanded outward through space. Glacier pulled out his left arm and took aim. Firing ki blasts, he took out each section of the rock. His ki had obliterated all the dust particles from the space rock. He pushed his body forward slightly so space could carry him to his next location. He had launched himself in the direction of the planet he had been taking refuge on for months. He came into range of his space pod, a small pod only able to fit him. He grabbed the edge of the doorway and pulled himself in. He closed the door and pressed the red button, sending him back to the planet for landing. The inside only had three buttons to choose from: red, blue, and green.

The pod crash landed, piercing a multiple mile wide crater on the surface of the planet. The area he landed in was heavily cratered, signifying either he trained this way multiple times or that area of the planet had severe tectonic activity. The former was the most probable, considering Glacier had been on this planet for months. Glacier departed from his ship and traveled the surface for a few hours. He dragged himself to a distant city where he took to his shelter on the outskirts of the settlement. The race dwelling on this planet feared to confront him as they were far too weak. Glacier hopped into his bed made out of common crystals from around the planet. This society used these crystals for practically everything.

During Glacier’s nap, a group of assassins snuck into his small bunker, and one got close enough for a final strike. He lifted his arm to jab Glacier in a fatal area, but he suddenly stopped and started making gasping sounds as if he were drowning. One of the other assassins caught sight of what was happening: Glacier had pierced through the attacking alien in the chest. His blood hadn’t been pouring out because Glacier’s crystalloid tail filled the hole enough, but his blood had been pouring into his lungs. The assassin dropped to his knees and Glacier removed his tail, letting loose gallons of alien blood onto the floor. Glacier pulled up his arm quickly and fired out a ki blast at the one assassin who could see the event. He was instantly evaporated, bringing shock to the other two (as these groups traveled in four). The two remaining assassins fled in secrecy, or as they thought. Glacier still knew of their whereabouts and their leaving. Afterword, Glacier pulled his upper body up and turned as if he were leaving his bed. “It seems my time on this planet is over.” Glacier tended to leave planets every time they tried killing him off. He wasn’t scared of any danger, but he wasn’t in the mood to kill them off just yet. He always thought one day he’d come back. His thoughts strayed, and he came onto the topic of his family again. This event bothered him often, flashbacks raced through his mind of Blizzard towering above him, placing the final strike of removing Glacier’s tail. This scene was the most common one that came into Glacier’s mind.

Time passed quickly, and Glacier was still thinking about the revolution of his empire. He just never saw it coming. To him, it just happened out of the blue. Glacier stood up and simply walked outside. An army of civilians stood outside, hearing the news of his murders. The aliens gathered together to expel him from their planet. They didn’t enjoy him just taking their supplies and killing their people, and to them, now was the time to rise against. Glacier, before even seeing the massive group of people, raised his arm and pointed his finger to the sky. A small sapphire-colored ki ball appeared and quickly tripled in size. After, it grew continuously as Glacier poured more energy into it. The aliens were overcame with fear and stood frozen before Glacier. He wasn’t planning on destroying every last one of them, but he would need to if they didn’t let him leave. What held him back so much in just killing off this race was they gave him his new tail. He was surely grateful for their assistance, but he wouldn’t become a good person just from their deed. His ball stopped growing, and he glared at the front of the pack with a look that commanded them to move. Most of the civilians disbanded and ran away, some even pulling others with them. They knew they were nothing compared to him. Glacier walked forward holding his Death Ball. “I’m leaving this planet now. Continue on with your lives.” Glacier never stopped during his talking, so he was already heading away back into the crater-filled field. The aliens were relieved that he was leaving and that they weren’t going to die. Luckily for this race, it had been Glacier who landed and not Blizzard. The race would have perhaps been gone if Glacier had won the conflict between Blizzard and him and if Blizzard had been exiled by shame instead.

After successfully leaving the sight of the aliens, Glacier repelled his Death Ball back into his energy. He wandered the planet, heading for his spaceship. Glacier had taken the training spaceship from the race that inhabited this planet, but he had his own spaceship from when he had left his brothers. It wasn’t much, but it was far roomier than a chair inside a ball. His spaceship was roughly the size of a chamber back in his old palace, enough room to fit three people comfortably. Glacier opened the door and climbed inside via the ladder. The door pulled the automatic ladder back into storage and sealed shut behind Glacier’s full entrance. “Master.” A servant, as could be known by hearing his formal speech, stood before Glacier with information on his mind. “Yes, what is it?” “I have gathered that Blizzard and Avalanche are in search of you. They claim you are on Earth sir and will decimate the planet to drive you out. Avalanche has convinced Blizzard to bring you back to the empire.” Glacier snickered. “Why should I go back? Blizzard overthrew me for a reason. They should be fine without me.” He paused for a moment and brought his hand up to his face. “Though I could always show him what I’m really made of with all the training I‘ve been doing.” Glacier thought aloud for his one underling to hear. “Should I make course for Earth?” Silence filled the room shortly after as Glacier gave no response. His underling stood waiting as he believed he should for his emperor, or at least how he saw Glacier. Glacier, himself, thought over his decision and decided he might as well go and see what they want specifically, and even teach Blizzard a few lessons for bringing an uprising against his own brother. “Very well. Let us proceed to Earth.”

WC: 1,317 Words.

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PostSubject: Re: Glacier's Final Refuge Day   Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:47 pm

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Glacier's Final Refuge Day

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