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PostSubject: KATO (WIP)   Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:01 am

Name: Kato
Alias/Nickname:Kid Darkness,Cody,BBOY CODY,CO-DAY
Month and Day of Birth: 3/13 (march 13th)
Place of Birth:West city village.
Theme Song: afterlife-A7x (coming soon)
Home Planet:Earth


Alignment:Neutral Good
Personality:Kato is a Nature loving,Kind heart-ed boy who just Hates Destruction.He is way too emotional.He loves Free running,Parkour,B-boying and loves playing soccer.He is very shy.Even though he gets angry easily,He does not beat up anyone;he controls his anger.He frequently gets adrenaline rushes/pumps because of free running due to which,people think that he is mature enough.He can do anything for his family and friends.
Weaknesses: -Cannot Fight Female characters because he does not want to touch them.
-Is a bit weak in water environment because he is afraid of water.
-Is afraid of Sharp objects such as Swords(shadowripper)etc.
Strengths:-Close Combat mode.
-Free running which causes his adrenaline to go high.
-He likes to push his body far beyond his limits.


Physical Appearance:He is a boy around 5''5 of height.He has Black colour straight Hair with a bit of spikes.He weighs around 50 kg. He has muscles which are not well defined yet.He works out and eats/drinks whatever he can because its his age of growing.
Attire: He wears a white T shirt and over it, a Dark blue GI. He wairs blue stockings/black shoes.He wears Black Track pants and a pair of white stockings.He wears Black casual Shoes without shoelaces.He wears a blue belt too,Color almost similar to his dark blue GI.
Picture: Coming soon.

Ki Color:
Technique List:
Power Level: Starts off at 100

Racial Abilities:




Biography: Minimum of 100 words mandatory.

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