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PostSubject: Glacier   Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:15 pm

Name: Glacier
Alias/Nickname: Emperor Glacier, Ex-Emperor Glacier
Age: 38
Month and Day of Birth: September 23
Place of Birth: Unknown
Theme Song: Optional.
Gender: Genderless/Male
Race: Changeling
Home Planet: Space


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Personality: Glacier is the nicest of the trio. He ruled with an iron fist during his reign as emperor, but he had rules he followed, which helped support his underlings. They agreed upon his great leadership, except for one small band. He enjoys battling and had a natural rivalry with his younger brothers. After being overthrown, Glacier became more of a loner, but he still works with others easily.

-Heavily terrain environments
-Tail (Sensitive nerve connection because of the machinery)
-Open-field combat
-Multiple Enemies
-Water gives him a refreshing feeling for battle.


Physical Appearance: His blue-tinted body stands slightly over five foot. Starting with his head, Glacier has three spikes jetting from his head, one in back and two in front to make equal spaces between all three. He has a sapphire crystal orb revealing on the top of his head. He has a stern face with light blue eyes. Glacier has a toned blue body with whitish natural armor plates covering his chest, upper back, and abdomen. He has another orb sticking out from his chest’s center. His legs are darker than the rest of his body. Glacier’s hands and feet are armored over with white as well. His new implanted mechanical tail is made from space-sapphires. Though the way the light bends, none of the mechanics can be seen, but one could see through the tail, as if there was nothing inside.
Attire: None; he use to wear non-natural armor until he was overthrown. Now he wears no clothing of any kind.
Picture: Completely Optional


Ki Color: Sapphire

Technique List:
[Name] - Death Ball
[Technique Type] - Ultimate
[Description] - The user raises their hand into the air and points up one finger. The user then lets a large ball gather above their head. The user then throws their hand down towards the target, releasing the gigantic ball.
[Strongest against the "Good" alignment.]

[Name] – Ki Barrier
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] – The user expels ki from their body to surround a small area from any angle.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability – Immunity] A Changeling's body is built with numerous neural genetics that let them survive in any conditions. This means that a changeling are unaffected by any toxic or dangerous conditions and can even breathe in the deep fringes of space.

:.1st Form. PL - x2 - Requires 4000 PL
:.2nd Form. PL - x4 - Requires 8000 PL
:.3rd Form. PL - x6 - Requires 15000 PL
:.Final Form. PL - x8 - Requires 30000 PL
:.100% Full Power! PL - x10 - Requires 50000 PL


Weapons: Tail Mace
Equipment: Tail Mace (Machinery)

Biography: First-born to the Emperor, Glacier was the bloodline to the throne. He was raised with an iron fist so he could rule with the teachings. Upon his father’s death, Glacier took over the throne and ruled. He was a good ruler over the lands, but an uprising had brought war upon him and his two younger brothers. Glacier’s tail was sliced off, which became his battle scar, along with the actual scars scattered around his body. After the uprising, dispute began between Blizzard and him. Blizzard challenged him for the throne and was victorious upon a blow which removed most of Glacier’s power. Glacier fleed the kingdom, taking refuge on small planets. One planet was kind enough to reconstruct Glacier’s tail as a mechanical mace weapon. Glacier now wanders space on his own.

Blizzard- Younger Brother
Avalanche- Younger Brother

RP History: N/a yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Glacier   Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:32 pm

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