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PostSubject: Avalanche    Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:49 pm

Name: Avalanche
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 28
Month and Day of Birth: May the 3rd
Place of Birth: Vegeta.
Theme Song: I'd Do Anything For You Guys
Gender: Male
Race: Changeling
Home Planet: Vegeta


Alignment: Neutral Evil
Personality: Avalanche is evil, yet he will only be do things for his own need not for pleasure or anything else. He doesn't desire to be king unlike his two older brothers, he's the most laid back out of them but also charges into a situation first. He's cocky and doesn't like to be proved wrong but won't argue about it, he would just usually tell them to shut up. He's also stuck between the middle in most things in life, this is proved with his alignment and his relation ship with his brothers not choosing a side just staying in the middle keeping the peace.
Weaknesses: Pulling (As if you were pulling to rip it off) Stuns him momentarily. Fights bad on ice (looses footing often) He often rushes into battle without thinking.
Strengths: He's very good at hand to hand combat. He can adapt to situations very quickly so even without planning its not a bad idea. He can fight well on flat land giving the opponent no were to hide.


Physical Appearance: Avalanche has white skin with a Emerald crystal like objects on his head and shoulders underneath his amour on his torso there is also an Emerald 'stone'. He is quite short only standing at 5 foot 5 due to being a challenging. His tail is a light white color which reaches out quite far. He has two spikes at each side of his head which are white with two at the top.
Attire: Avalanche wears a black suit of amour on his torso with gold lining around most of it. He also wears finger less wrist guards, with one shoulder guard one his right shoulder. He also wears no shoes, on the tail he has a black spear which can be used as a weapon.
Picture: N/A


Ki Color: Emerald
Technique List:
Name: Death Ball
Technique Type: Ultimate
Description: The user raises there hand into the air and points up one finger. The user then let's a large ball gather above there head. The user then throws there hand down towards the target, releasing the gigantic ball.
[Strongest against the "Good" alighnment.]

Name: It's Just Getting Started
Technique Type: Advanced
Description: Avalanche punches the foe in the stomach when he then kicks him up into the air and stabs him with the spike on his tail repeated, then shoots a ki blast at them launching them into the air.
[Rush Attack. Requires Dice Roll]

Power Level: 889.

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability - Immunity A Changeling's body is built with numerous neural genetics that let them survive in any conditions. This means that a changeling are unaffected by any toxic or dangerous conditions and can even breathe in the deep fringes of space.

.:Locked:.1st Form. PL - x2 - Requires 4000 PL
.:Locked:.2nd Form. PL - x4 - Requires 8000 PL
.:Locked:.3rd Form. PL - x6 - Requires 15000 PL
.:Locked:.Final Form. PL - x8 - Requires 30000 PL
.:Locked:.100% Full Power! PL - x10 - Requires 50000 PL


Weapons: N/A
Equipment: N/A

Biography: Avalanche had two brothers with Glacier being the eldest, his farther died years later when Avalanche was 18 resulting in Glacier becoming the king for 10 years until there was a revolution lead by Blizzard Avalanche's older brother, there was a long bloody war with casualties on both sides, yet Avalanche kept in the middle trying to lower the amount of conflict between the two. He did a good job in some rights but the inevitable happened. The result was that Glacier was dethroned and fled the planet and Blizzard became king until Now where Avalanche has decided to find his elder brother Glacier.



Blizzard: Older Brother
Glacier: Older Brother

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PostSubject: Re: Avalanche    Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:56 pm

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