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 Yakiniku Karu - WIP

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PostSubject: Yakiniku Karu - WIP   Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:45 pm

Name: Yakiniki Karu
Alias/Nickname: Karu, the Emissary of Byakko, the Tiger Monk, Fried Beef
Age: 17
Month and Day of Birth: August 12th
Place of Birth: Unknown
Theme Song:
Gender: Masculine
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Neutral Good
Reliance on Melee Combat
Inability to Produce Extreme Ki Forces
Possesses a psychotic compulsion to right every wrong and help all in need.
Naive, ditzy, and lacking in common sense.

Excellent Martial Artist
Balanced, but high, physical abilities.
Pure of Heart; incorruptible by any Evil Force.
Creative, intuitive, and clever.


Physical Appearance: Standing at one point eighty seven meters and weighing seventy seven pounds, he has a lean build made for flexible and solid fighting. His skin is bronze and sheened, due to his hailing from a temple in the deepest mountains and his hair is jet black, spiked in various erratic bangs to the front, and tied backward, jutting the rest of his hair downward. Golden-bronze eyes and a joyful grin usually adorn his face, while a series of tattoos cover the rest of his body. From the top of his neck to the soles of his ankles and the tops of his palms, black tiger-stripe are drawnm in deep stylistic ink.
Attire: Karu's martial arts dogi is a typical design with an atypical color scheme, and bearing a notable symbol: all citing him as a member of the Temple of the Four Gods. Black Tabi and white socks with white armbands, banding over his fingers like a pair of gloves are small accessories, while cobalt training trouser-hakama and a cerulean over-top dogi over a white short-sleeved shirt serve as a regular uniform.
Picture: Completely Optional


Ki Color: Silver
Technique List:
Basic Technique: - Tiger Style: Mortal Strike: The ability to infuse any part of his body with a silver aura of ki and increase the strength a single a melee attack or combo.
Basic Technique: - Tiger Style: Force of Earth: A Kiai, or invisible burst of pure ki, that can be fired from literally anywhere on the body for minimum to moderate effectiveness.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - High Tension] Humans are known to have infinite potential. Therefore, they can learn the techniques at half the required word amount, rounded up.

::Locked:: Power Up! - x1.5 - Requires 2000 PL
::Locked:: Unlock Potential - x3 - Requires 6000 PL
::Locked:: Chosen One - x6 - Requires 15000 PL
::Locked:: Enlightened Warrior - x9 - Requires 40000 PL


Nyoi-Bo: A Magical Staff that can change size dependent on the users whim. It is blue, with golden styling.

Kinto-Un: A magical golden cloud that works as a reliable means of transportation for those of Lawful Good or Neutral Good hearts, and can comfortably sit two to three. It cannot be harmed by any attack other than those based on ki.

Orphaned, it is unknown exactly who his parents were or where exactly he was born. Estimated by the monks to be only two days old, he was left on the doorstep of their monastery: the temple of the four gods. The monks took him in and raised, trained, and loved him as one of their own. In specific, a monk by the name of Yakiniku Butan took a special partiality to him, becoming his care-taker, and surrogate parent. Karu to known him as Grandpa Butan or “Ojii-San”. The two loved each other deeply, and trained together constantly. Karu was exceptionally talented in the White Tiger style, the offensive, melee based style of the four gods; in fact, the best of his age. At the age of sixteen, the monks requested he journey on a pilgrimage, learning of the world and training himself further than anyone would ever think possible. He took one companion, a childhood friend; Genmai Miso.
Relationship: Genmai Miso; a childhood friend and possible romantic interest.

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Yakiniku Karu - WIP

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