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 [Pending Acceptance]Shin's Survival! First Trip to Vegeta and Back!

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Shin Masta

PostSubject: [Pending Acceptance]Shin's Survival! First Trip to Vegeta and Back!   Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:47 pm

It all begins with him wondering the wastelands close to the city. The sky is still dark, and it’s pretty quiet, except for all the access city noises from West City.

“Gah…I’m not as strong as I used to be… I need to get stronger…” he sighed, sitting on his chair inside of the cabin that rested at the mountain top.

“You know what… I should head out into space and train. I’m not going to learn jack shit here at boring ol’ Earth.” he said, as he decided on what he was going to do.

Shin went on about how he can become one of the greatest warriors of the universe. He made up his mind, and headed towards the outskirts of West City, and decided to find his space ship. He passed by Capsule Corporation. After leaving the scene, he then began to head for his ship. Trees of green and water of blue caught Shin’s eye, as he knew he was close to the outskirts. He landed on the grassy plains, now trying to spot his space ship. He peered around crowded bushes, trees, areas of vegetation, behind water falls, all of that. He eventually found the ship, and began to dust it off. He opened the palm of his hand, as a large force of ki swept through his hand, and out towards the ship, brushing off the green vegetation that began to grow.

“I hope mom will understand…” he said, looking behind.

“Nah, I’m sure she will.” he added, then jumping into the ship.

He rushed to the control panel as he began to fiddle with the controls. He paused, and started to think to where he wanted to go. There had to be one planet that had a remotely strong monsters, or anything that could be challenging to him. Something that will make him become a warrior.

Shin looked outside the window in front of him, he gazed upon the crackles of electric bolts jolting around from the energy of the fight. The voice panel asked Shin where did he wanted to go. The Saiyan smirked, and replied,

“Bring me anywhere.”

The ship rumbled and tumbled, it began to boost up power. Dust hurled through the air, and the ship speeded off into the distance of the skies with a red trail, showing it’s path. It was long before Shin began to reach out of Earth’s atmosphere. It was the beginning of Shin’s adventure.

It wasn’t long before Shin decided to do some training while waiting. He got out of his chair and headed for the gravity chamber. It was a well sized room with a gravity machine in the middle. Shin tinkered with the buttons, and started with 2x gravity.

“Doesn’t seem too hard.” he said, now changing it to 4x.

“Woah!” he cried, feeling the force that was pushing his body.

He raised his foot as he began to walk around the room. He slowly started catching up with the gravity, now able to do basic exercises. Beads of sweat dripped down his face as he began with simple punches, kicks, and jumps. He struggled to keep his ground under the heavy force, showing his will to become stronger than ever. His exercises lasted long, pushing his body to its limit.

Soon, the gravity had no effect. He had to go farther. He leapt to the machine and tried his luck, and typed in 10x gravity. The changes were in effect as soon as he hit enter, as he groaned with pain as the gravity pushed down on him. He struggled to move his head up. He started all over again, from basic walking to small punches and kicks. Slowly, he got used to the 10x gravity, and began working again. This time, he sent two blasts around the room, and waited for them to spin around the machine and come at him. Once they reached him, he sprinted around in a circle trying to outrun the blast, but failed. It collided into his back, which sent him crashing into the wall of the ship, leaving a large dent. He sighed and decided that was enough for now, as he slowly walked over to the machine. He canceled the force, and was happy with the results. He felt light as a feather. His speed was tremendous, and he could feel the power the surged through his body. “Ah! Much better!” he cheered, throwing his fist in the air.

Shin moved on into the main room to check on where he was headed to. The ship read, “Vegeta,” Shin’s eyes lit up with excitement, as he would be visiting the planet of his ancestry.

After a long sleep, Shin lands on Vegeta, behind a huge rock formation, making sure no one could find it.

The doors of the space craft open, as he is greeted with the amazing fresh air and look of Vegeta's barren wastelands. "Great," he said. "I'm lost."

He began to walk out, shutting the doors behind him, locking the ship up. He looked left, then right, seeing nothing but wasteland, bushes, and a few trees here and there. Whistling on his walk, he began to pick up some small powerlevels in the area. "I guess I can check out who these guys are. After all, I'm pretty strong enough to hold myself up in a fight!"

After that being said, he jumped up in the air, sped off to those energy signals, and landed dead in his tracks where they were. Two large alien creatures with Saiyan battle armor looked back and saw the Saiyan, smirking with excitement of the wonders of how they can destroy this life form.

"Who the hell is this?" one of them said.

The second alien looked at the other, "Looks like a newcomer to the planet. Let's give him a warm welcome. Shall we, Nikail?"

Nikail looked back, smirking, "We shall."

"Wait!" Shin blurted, setting down his bag he was carrying over his shoulder. "Before you get your asses handed to ya', let me set this down somewhere. I don't want my extra underwear and toothbrush all destroyed."

The two aliens glared at Shin with angry, upset about his cockiness. "Quagizi! Let's go!" Nikail yelled.

Both of them jumped at Shin. He threw his bag to the side, somersaulted into the air, and threw his feet upon the two's backs, smashing their armor as they fell flat on their face. Shin landed on their backs, only adding on to the pain. They both yelled, and quickly proceeded to grab his legs.

Shin, being surprised from this move, left his guard open. His legs were grabbed, and he was thrown off of them. Quickly, Quagizi staggered up, and threw a kick that landed right into Shin's stomach. The Saiyan held his stomach tight, writhing in pain. Nikail then punched him in his face, propelling him into the ground below him. The two laughed, and jolted into the air. Both threw numerous amounts of ki blasts in Shin's area. A huge explosion was continuously being built up, as Nikail and Quagizi quickly stopped.

The smoke cleared up, and Shin was not to be seen. The two sluggish aliens chuckled in victory, and zipped to the ground. One looked at the other, and bumped fist.

Suddenly, Shin came from thin air, and kneed Nikail in the neck, paralyzing him for the count. Blood sprang from his mouth, and Shin turned around kick, delivering another knee to his stomach, making a hole in Nikail armor. Quagizi tried to grab Shin, but he was too slow. Shin had already side stepped out the way, and elbowed Quagizi in the stomach. "Gah! You retched Saiyan!" he bawled in disgust.

"Ha! Caught you guys off guard!" Shin gloated. He backed off in a flash, leaving Quagizi to react.

"Gr...Looks like I'll have to pump it up a notch!" Quagizi smirked. He stood up straight, shaking off the pain, now charging up power. Dust carried into the air, the ground shook violently as if an earthquake hitting, the purple, evil aura's light shining upon Shin and the dark area around them. Shin stood, astonished by this rising power. Quagizi's muscles expanded, sharp, black horns grew from his body all around, eyes turned into blood red, his armor expanded, as he grown two times the size he was. "W...What power!" Shin thought.

OOC: Quagizi's Powerlevel is now 500.

The light carried on in the dark night. Shin stood his ground, waiting for this newly transformed Quagizi to attack. Nikail still lye there, knocked out, not being able to move. The towering alien began to slowly walk to Shin, laughing sinisterly. "Now, experience the power of the Empire!" he yelled, bolting at Shin with amazing speed.

Quagizi kneed Shin in the chin, blood sprang from his mouth. Shin flew across the ground while Quagizi followed. He ran alongside the airborne Shin, punching and kicking him in the chest and back, then finally kneeing him in his back, dead in his tracks, then smacking him down into the ground with his fists together. Shin crashed into the terrain, hacking blood. Quagizi lifted his foot and smashed it into Shin's stomach, launching more blood from his mouth. Shin violently yelled in agony from the pain. He couldn't take it.

The alien backed off, letting Shin enjoy the moment of ease. "So, who's getting their ass kicked now, Saiyan?! Surprised that you are being brought down by me?! A Low Class Warrior?!" he affirmed.

Shin brought his hands up, launching a Breaking Shine attack, heading at Quagizi's head! The attack hit, and sent the huge alien back, smashing onto the ground. The ground crushed upon the impact, smoke cleared, and Quagizi lye there. Shin chuckled, and staggered up, holding his stomach from the pain he had just endured. Quagizi sprung up quick, onto his feet, laughing. Blood dripped from his forehead, nose, mouth, and checks. Scorched skin burnt, and the noise of chuckling could be heard from his mouth which only had a few teeth left. "God dammit, you piece of trash! Look at my teef‘...you...YOU RUINED MY FACE, I'LL GET YOU, YOU LOW LIFE!!!" he yelled, charging at Shin.

The Saiyan darted towards Quagizi, both delivering blows continuously.


Shin blasted Quagizi with ki, and somersaulted back, gathering some ground. He powered up, and waited. "Alright," he said, wiping blood from his mouth. "It's time to get serious!"

Quagizi smirked and threw two ki blasts at Shin. Shin dodged one, and grabbed the other and threw it back at Quagizi. He followed behind the blast. It hit, the smoke covered Quagizi's line of sight, and Shin darted in, attacking with all his might. Smashing, yelling, and wailing could be heard. The smoke cleared, and Quagizi was beat up pretty bad. His armor was brutally damaged, as it had holes, cracks and the shoulders were ripped off.

Nikail came from no where, and smacked Shin across the face, using all of his might. "I'm back in action, baby!" he announced.

Quagizi looked down upon his comrade, smiling with excitement. "Finally, you're back!"

Shin, looking surprised as ever, sighed. "Do I really have to fight you again?!"

Nikail nodded, and sprang forward, throwing a punch, but he missed! Shin clutched the alien's arm, and proceeded to twirl around in circles. Nikail yelled in panic, as the momentum picked up. Dust danced around them, as they began to ascend in the air. Shin let go, and Nikail crashed into the tall Quagizi, picking him up, and then finally crashing him into a number of rock pillars, finally stopping into a halt, against a large rock formation. "That should slow them down...!" Shin called out.

He landed hard and began to power up again. Energy bolts flickered around his body, a golden aura flashed around him, and his piercing loud yell rang in everyone's ears. He threw his hands in front of him, and launched a powerful Breaking Shine wave at the two. "Breaking Shine!" Shin yelled.

The wave soared across the terrain, as it carried a large, bright purple light in the looming darkness of the night. The blast pierced the rock, into Nikail, and finally stopping into Quagizi's skin, causing it to explode. The rock crushed, as it was brought down into small pieces and dust. The wind picked up, and Shin sighed with relief. "One down, another scum to go."

Some time past, and Quagizi rose. His stomach had been burnt off, revealing red flesh covered in purple blood, oozing out of what you would call the little amount of battle armor he had left on him. His red eyes closed, his very few teeth gritted, and he yelled in pain, and anger.


"Shit...he's really angry now..."

Shin, beginning to become worn out, charged at Quagizi, striking him with a sharp left hook to the face. The alien immediately threw a uppercut to Shin's chin. He swung back, and kicked him in his abdomen. Shin landed on the ground, and swept his leg under Quagizi's feet, tripping him. He grabbed his feet, and threw him on the ground, crushing it below them. He let go, dashed into the air, made a sharp turn back down, fists first, and dived into the alien's stomach, where the flesh was shown. Quagizi yelled, writhing in so, so much pain. "Yughh," Shin said, "This shit is nasty..."

He darted away from the alien, breathing heavily. "Damn...I'm running out of energy...What can I do...?!"

Quagizi slowly got up, coughing up blood, and holding his stomach, "It's...It's time to end this brawl. I had fun with you kid, but, I need to finish you off. I can’t afford to die...!"

Shin fell on his behind, trying to catch his breath. The colossal interloper threw a punch to his face, then another, and another, and another. He grabbed the Saiyan's hair, and dragged his face across the dirt, finally throwing him into the air. Shin dropped, holding his scrapped face. He looked back, and got up once more. "I-I'm...not gonna die here, you low class scum!" he declared.

Gathering all of his energy he had left, he placed his hands in front of him. Energy gathered in his palms, as Shin began to build up power.

"Breaking..." he divulged.

Purple electric bolts danced around his body. The area began to shake vigorously, dust blown behind him. The golden aura around Shin delivered a light that covered the area, and Quagizi.

"Shine..." he added, about ready to send this attack flying into this super beast. He could feel this one was full powered. Nothing could stop this blast, not even Quagizi.

"ATTACK!" Shin yelled, as the prodigious blasts soared across the ground, heading for Quagizi.

"I can take THIS! YOU ARE FAR TO WEAK!!!" the soon to be dead alien pronounced.

The blast hit Quagizi, as he held it in front of him, feet dug into the ground. Rocks departed from the turf, and into the sky, floating from the enormous power surge. Quagizi felt that he was losing ground, as he began to fall back. The blast engulfed him. His eyes widened, and he realized, he was defeated. His body disintegrated, and he was no more.

The blast carried into the sky, and out into the atmosphere. A bright shine of light was seen in the night sky, as the blast exploded. Shin, now out of energy, chuckled softly. He had won his first, official battle against an opposing force. He dropped his arms, grabbed his bag, and limped his way towards his ship.

He got in, carried inside the rejuvenation chamber, turned it on, letting himself rest, gather his lost energy, and recover from his battle. Shin was victorious... for now. Small cameras flew to an overhead ship close by. Inside the ship, carried multiple scientists creating a Bio weapon created for the soul purpose of Universal domination. The cameras recorded information, ranging from attacks, strategies, anything that could help the development on this tyrant. Unfortunately, Shin’s ship headed back to Earth, but he will return soon.

WC: 2718
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PostSubject: Re: [Pending Acceptance]Shin's Survival! First Trip to Vegeta and Back!   Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:54 pm

Accepted Very Happy

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[Pending Acceptance]Shin's Survival! First Trip to Vegeta and Back!

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