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PostSubject: Mageta   Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:06 pm

Name: Mageta
Alias/Nickname: "The Saiyan Loyal"
Age: 27
Month and Day of Birth: 25th of September.
Place of Birth: Vegeta.
Theme Song: Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
Gender: Male.
Race: Saiyan.
Home Planet: Vegeta.


Alignment: Lawful Good.
Personality: Mageta is a good man at heart, on the outside he can seem quite harsh. But he is one of the loyalest people you will ever meet. He will never do anything to cross anyone, he may of had a troubled past. But Mageta turned himself around and has become a hero. He plans to restore the world back to balance and if Mageta has to choose... he will always choose many of the few. No matter who it is, he will allways save the larger group of people. Mageta greatly belives in mercy and the fact that someone should always have a second chance.

-His fighting style can use up a lot of enery and he can get fatigue easily.
-Since his is now a Saiyan Commander, lots of Saiyan lives are in his hands and he cant deal with lots of the pressure.
-He can get enraged easily.
-He is strongly built and has lots of muscle mass.
-He is quite quick and can fight well with Melee
-He has great fighting wits.

Physical Appearance: He has black spiky hair and has white tips in the back of it., going for an older type of look. He stands at 5 feet and 9 inches, the right size for a guy his age, and weighs 125 kilograms. He has a great muscular build. He always eats lots of protein and works out a lot.

Attire: Sometimes he is seen in a suit, just to look a little fancy. But most of the time you will find him in old school Saiyan Armour. The armour is red and it has a gold outer trim, with black tights and white boots.

Ki Color: Purple
Technique List:
[Name] - Oozaru Fist
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - The user rush's towards there opponent and swings for one massive punch to there opponent. There fist is engulfed by an Oozaru shaped Aura.

•[Name] - Solar Shot
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - The user raises one hand up into the air and gathers a ball of aura. The user then geturers there hand down to the target and screams "SOLAR SHOT!"

Power Level: 100.

PL History : 100, 931.

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Zenkai] Saiyans are known to get stronger after each fight they undergo. Therefore, at the end of a fight, he gains an addition 5% of their gain in addition to the PL they would gain in the topic.

:.Locked.:Pseudo Super Saiyan - x2 - Requires 4000 PL
:.Locked.:Super Saiyan - x5 - Requires 10000 PL
:.Locked.:Super Saiyan II - x7 - Requires 20000 PL
:.Locked.:Super Saiyan III - x10 - Requires 50000 PL


Weapons: N/A
Equipment: N/A

Biography: Mageta grew up on Planet Vegeta, he had the highest power level at birth for the year. Due to the fact he was automaticaly deemed a Elite Saiyan and had to go on missions as a small child. Mageta has never like to kill for fun, but did it due to being forced to. Eventually... Mageta turned on the Planet Trade and relocated to Earth. Where he trained under his father "Syfon" who was allready living there and then Syfon tryed to attack Earth. But Mageta was able to defeat his father and stop all of the madness. After he defeated Syfon, he was deemed the name "The Saiyan Noble."

Mageta now lives quitely on Earth.
Other: N/A


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