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 Matza The Human

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PostSubject: Matza The Human   Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:29 pm

Name: Batara
Alias/Nickname: Matza, Monster.
Month and Day of Birth: 18 of December
Place of Birth: Planet Vegeta
Race: Saiyan
Home Planet:Earth
Theme:Libera Me From Hell


Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Batara is a calm man, that usually doesn’t fight to much, but when he does he is a real saiyan fighter, he only stops if either him or his opponent are dead, he is very stubborn guy, he never gives up. He does anything to survive, he uses the word “nani?”-“What?”. Although he is a Saiyan he learned to be a good friend in Namek where he lives since 20. Most people there think he is wise and call him Master Matza.
-His tail
-he haves a low endurance
-High temperatures
-keen senses (he trained eyes closed to have his senses better, except for Vision)
-Elemental ki Light
-low temperatures


Physical Appearance: Batara is not very tall, has short black hair(haircut), he also has a beard, although he looks 20 he is 38 years old, Batara is muscled. His eyes look like he is always bored or sad.his body while he isn't fighting isn't all muscled, he uses this technique to prevent him to spend more energy than he is supposed too.

Attire: Batara uses usual Namekian clothes, he wears white collar, and pants. He uses a black belt, and dark blue shoes, and under-shirt. He was a brown mantle. inside all this he wears a Saiyan armor with out shoulder pads, that armor is Black, and darkblue, it was an armor made in Namek, using his old armor.


Ki Color:
Technique List:
[Name] - Namekian Ki Ball
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] -- The User shots a Ki ball that can be controlled by his user in midair, and the user can make it explode.

[Name] - Ki Slash
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - The user charges ki in his arm, then he shot it against the enemy.( one charging post required-3 charging posts max)

Power Level: 1428
Racial Abilities:[Special Ability - Zenkai] Saiyans are known to get stronger after each fight they undergo. Therefore, at the end of a fight, he gains an addition 5% of their gain in addition to the PL they would gain in the topic.



Weapons: --
Equipment: Saiyan Armor

Biography: Batara was born in Planet Vegeta, trained since his early 5 to 14 years, at the age of 18 he had already destroyed 4 planets.
When he went back to planet Vegeta he was immediately sent to another mission, This mission was In Namek, where he was defeated and almost killed, while Namekian warriors were after him he covered himself in Namekians clothes let his beard and hair grow,to disguise himself trying to look like a Human.
He trained there without using Ki, He was there for 20 years and now he decided to go back to Earth, he is so used to Namek that he still uses their clothes, he no longer thinks of Planet Vegeta as his Home Planet.

He smokes Namekian Tabacco in a pipe

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PostSubject: Re: Matza The Human   Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:45 pm

- Fire, Lava, and hot temperatures all fall under the same category.
- Physical appearance and Attire have a mandatory 50 word minimum.
- Keen sense means he has greater vision, not less.
- Light!?!?! Be more specific
- Upgrade Ki slash to an Advanced technique
- "The Saiyan." Isn't really a nickname
- Your Biography is one run-on sentence. Fix that and make it not completely general as hell.

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PostSubject: Re: Matza The Human   Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:11 pm

is it ok now?
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PostSubject: Re: Matza The Human   Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:14 pm

Accepted... barely.
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PostSubject: Re: Matza The Human   Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:12 pm

New Haircut
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PostSubject: Re: Matza The Human   

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Matza The Human

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