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PostSubject: Jordan   Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:20 pm

Name: Jordan
Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 25
Month and Day of Birth: 03/11
Place of Birth: Earth
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Theme: And I Though All The Dumb People Left


Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Jordan has aged now, his personality showing it, he's now more relaxed and still immature at times cracking the most inappropriate jokes. Yet he's much more mature, he's grown up after having a kid, he's more out for himself now days yet he won't sit back and watch you get mugged in the street. He's now much more relaxed about fighting, its not his first way of doing things now, he prefers to talk his way through things yet he's not about to stand there and let someone walk all over him.
Weaknesses: Jordan’s weakness’s follow: He is weak against water as his element his fire. Jordan is also headstrong so he does like to assume most things before thinking it through. Finally he's also against harming girl's directly yet he will find other ways to do so.
Strengths: Jordan's ability to talk his way out of a situation is matched by none. In close combat, he is at his advantage due to his immense amount of strength. And due to his fire element, he can last in a lot higher temperature environments.

Physical Appearance: Jordan is 6 foot 2 with green eyes, followed by messy light purple hair which is never tidy. He has tanned skin and a muscular build which is noticeable through his shirt, showing of his muscles. He has a strong jaw line and a charming smile as well as long legs.
Attire: Jordan has a white furry hood which surrounds the back of his neck and is held in place on his jacket by gold buckles on each side. He has a blue jacket with sleeves that only go up to his bicep, where he then has blue and white gloves which cover his forearm and a gold armband on his right arm. He also has a blue belt with a gold buckle and a silver chain connected to it with light black pants and saiyan boots.


Ki Color: Blue
Technique List:
Name: Lava Burst
Technique Type: Advanced
Description: The user creates a huge boulder in his palm made from fire/ lava as he launches it at his opponent it splits into pieces shooting out small numerous lava balls which are hot enough to pierce through rock.

Name: Fire Dragon Claw
Technique Type: Advanced
Description: As the user punches the foe in the stomach, a flurry of kicks and punches are launched then followed up by a strong uppercut surrounded by fire shaped as a dragon claw. Rolls Successful ? Dice

Power Level: 4186

Racial Abilities: High Tension

Transformations: N/A


Weapons: N/A
Equipment: N/A

Biography: Jordan has a colourful history at the young age of 5 his parents were killed in a bank robbery, his grandfather took him in and raised him until he was 18 when he was 12 he was bullied at school his grandfather taught him how to fight, at 14 he found out about his parents death he continued to search for their killers, he found where they were hiding at 15. His grandfather warned him not to go but he went ahead anyway as he went into the old abandoned warehouse were they were hiding he told them how they killed his parents they laughed in his face, and said we’ll finish the job with you, he began to fight them but they weren’t ordinary robbers they began to beat him up one by one. Then one put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
He awoke in darkness to hear a voice telling him he died, this voice offered him a deal he would host this voice and he would be brought back to life and stronger than he could imagine, he agreed. His body began to heal his wounds the gun hole began to close up he stood up and a black aura surrounded him he flew up into the sky and with a single ki blast destroyed the whole warehouse.
He lived with his grandfather further on focusing his techniques still not fully aware what happened that night till he was 18. On his 18th birthday he left to begin to find out more about this ‘voice’ and become strong.

Other: N/A


Alex: Acquaintance
Shin: Acquaintance
Alexis: Acquaintance
Mageta: Acquaintance
Matza: Acquaintance
Quemon: Enemy

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PostSubject: Re: Jordan   Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:45 pm

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