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PostSubject: Lance   Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:34 pm

Name: Lance
Alias/Nickname: Lan
Age: 18
Month and Day of Birth: May 27th
Place of Birth: Vegeta
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyan
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Lance is happy, energetic, sarcastic, and a funny-guy, strict at sometimes. He speaks tons but rarley ever insults someone unless he is really angry. He is a very responsible person and will not let anyone do any wrongs. He woud be disgusted by the higher authority as they have treated him like a mere peasent his whole life. He also is kind of dumb, he doesn't know to many things about real life, he is lazzy so he rarely works and he really enjoy fighting with strong opponents, even if they defeat him. He likes to teach young fighters and loves to help people with their problems. Lance also love taking long naps,ating tons of food and dresseing up like a dinosaur.

*Women: Lance is really shy toward females, so fighting one or harming one is considered something really bad for him.
*Darkness: Lance is weak against darkness energy users, he is also afraid of it because of his brother Jave used to scare him in the dark.
*Water: Lance doesn't know how to swim really good, so if he is thrown at water, he might have a lot of troubles getting out.
*Injections: who doesn't hate those things >.<
*Close combat: as a martial artist, he has a wide knowledge of fighting styles.
*Ki: he can control his own ki, but he is still learning how to use it at its maz.
*Gluttony: Lance can eat lots of food, really lots of food.


Physical Appearance: Lance has spiky long black hair, grey in certain lights. His eyes are an aqua blue. His skin is a light peach, and he weighs in at 120 pounds. He stands a 5'9. He has a wiry but muscly build. As for many people, he is considered one handsome guy.
Attire: He dons a red with black polo shirt, the shirt has a red Y shape on in, and white tee underneath. He is always seen wearing, light blue jeans and his red and white converse. He wears fingerless black gloves with a light silver lining. He also wears 2 silver skipe-ish chains above his blue jeans.


Ki Color: Light Blue
Technique List:
The Kamehameha is formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and the ki is concentrated into a single point between the cupped hands (and the hands must be really close), however in the manga, there aren't any energy spheres in user's hand. The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy. The blast can also be used, generally under extenuating circumstances, with just one arm or even the feet. In most variants, the user utters the word "Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!" as he/she charges and releases the attack. Master Roshi's Kamehameha is called the Original Kamehameha in video games and it takes a longer time to charge up.
Theoretically, this is a move that could be performed (to some degree) in the real world, since it merely requires moving faster than the eye can see. This is a similar phenomenon to that of moving your hand back and forth very fast, and seeing a sort of afterimage of your hand.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Zenkai] Saiyans are known to get stronger after each fight they undergo. Therefore, at the end of a fight, he gains an addition 5% of their gain in addition to the PL they would gain in the topic.

Transformations: [Locked until PL requirements]
Pseudo Super Saiyan - x2 - Requires 4000 PL
Super Saiyan - x5 - Requires 10000 PL
Super Saiyan II - x7 - Requires 20000 PL
Super Saiyan III - x10 - Requires 50000 PL


Weapons: N/A... yet
Equipment: N/A... yet

Lance was born on May 27 on planet Vegeta.He was sent to Earth to be trained whit one of his father best disciples. At the age of 4 years old he started his training with his Master, Roy. When he was 6 years old, his master was killed by his brother Jave. As the years passed, Lance grew just by his own. When he was 13 years old, he manage to move from his "home" to a small village, he met alot of people and he continued his training.While in his short time living on that village,Lance met a really nice girl, they feel in love, but one day, Jave found that village and destroyed everthing. Lance couldn't do anything because he was not strong enough to beat Jave,so he he

Motivation: Lance has traveled around the world just to find the answer for some questions,"Where do I go from here?","Where is my brother?","How can I reach my true power?","Who am I?"He knows his father was a God/monster/thing and he needs to know if he is good or if there is something evil deep inside of his heart. He is also trying to prove the entire world that he is a good fighter. Finally, he is secking for his brother Jave to take vengance of killing those who Lance loved (Master,girlfriend and friends.)

Rezz, for all his patience
Leo, for all his help (thanks alot buddy)


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PostSubject: Re: Lance   Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:39 pm

Accepted bro. Accepted.
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