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 Anarctic Snowman

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PostSubject: Anarctic Snowman   Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:05 pm

Alex braced across the frigid airs of Pluto, his body reacting positively to the tundra as if he was made for the climate. He had taken a sabbatical from his position as a Special Ops soldier in order to go out and discover his powers more. Granted they decided to give him the title of “Freelancer”, but that was just nothing more than a title to soldiers who go on leave for special training. But he hadn’t left for some ordinary training, since he himself was no longer just an ordinary person…not like he cared in the first place. He had left to go train his newly discovered powers that were awakened after he was injected with the NAITANOK super-soldier serum - the ability to manipulate ice and fire ice projectiles off at high velocity.

There were many reasons why he decided to go to Pluto for his ice manipulation training instead of anywhere else on Earth. Sure he could’ve gone to the arctic poles, but he would’ve ended up getting swarmed by a Charlie-Foxtrot of penguins or made as lunch by some hungry polar bear. He could’ve gone to Siberia where he might’ve learned from the nomads, but the nomads were Russian and last he checked the Russians still hate Americans. But Pluto, on the other hand, was a far different matter.

It was just one giant ice ball out in the fringe of the solar system and in the line of the watchful eye of the technologically advanced. Its polulace was six hundred million strong of humanoid fish people who have not only learned to adapt and survive in the negative 40 degree Celsius climate, but also be able to manipulate the climate on a whim. He knew he needed to learn from the best of them, but he also knew that if he didn’t express some knowledge of his powers to begin with, then the learning curve would be extremely difficult for him.

He needed a higher variety of bullets at his disposal in order for him to proceed further. His three bullets, Ice - 3, 6 and 9, focus on high velocity with high piercing capabilities. Its appealing and all, but he needed a more modified set of bullets for what he had in mind. The first idea he had was for a shotgun-styled round, substituting piercing power for a wider range of fire. The second he had in mind was trading in piercing power for an explosive round. Each will still have their own separate levels and will go up to Ice - Ten. But what’s getting his goat is that he has nothing he could use as for Ice - 1.

After miles of walking, he came across a nearby lake that had been frozen over with two feet of ice. Alex figured this would be the perfect spot to practice his new bullet rounds. He felt that the only rounds that could be able to pierce through the thick ice would be his Ice - six and Ice - 9. Anything else wouldn’t be able to get past the one foot mark if they were lucky enough, which was just what he was hoping for. He wasn’t sure what lived under the ice, and considering this is still a foreign planet to him he’d rather not be the one to find out.

Alex pulled out his sawed-off Taurus Circuit Judge and examined it carefully for freeze damage. The gun was modified not only with a pistol grip but with freeze-proof metal; however, Alex couldn’t be too careful. He then emptied out the high-calibur gunpowder bullets out of the chamber, and stashed them in his pocket. Normally, he would use these rounds against weaker-leveled enemies such as the Saibamen. However, the problem was that they were useless in cold conditions like this, the hammer not being able to cook the gunpowder in the negative 40 degree Celsius climate. However, it didn’t really matter in the case of Alex using his Ice Bullets, since they can be fired except for temperatures past 40 degrees Celsius.

Alex pointed his gun at the frozen lake and began to fire off different rounds off into the distance. Some of the rounds pierced through the ice and began to leak out water through the holes. Some of them punched quarter-sized holes across the landscape with each shot he fired. And some more or less just exploded on contact, taking a chunk out of whatever part of the frozen lake they touched. Like he had done for the piercing rounds like Ice - 9, he pumped more ice energy into the chambers for stronger scattershot and piercing rounds. The results were the same as before, except they were much larger than before. After about ten minutes of constant firing, Alex lowered his gun and examined his end results. The area he fired across looked like something gnarly off of a Bob Ross painting. For a minute, he was dead silent, but then he let out a sigh and then said:

“Well, I guess I can get by with this for now,” Alex said to himself, “I can call my scattershot rounds Ice - 2, 5 and 8. And as for my explosive rounds, I can call them Ice - 4, 7 and 10 since they’re my strongest bullet types. But I have yet to figure out what I should call Ice - 1!” Alex punched the snow next to his feet in frustration, “Damn it all!”

And at that moment, the everlasting blizzard that had hailed on the Arctic Gunman for days on end had come to an instantaneous halt, much to his chagrin. He had preferred to work in the snow in order to stay with his roots. But then he noticed something peculiar - one of his flare bullets was glowing with a gold and black energy. An idea came to mind - maybe by shooting this flare into the sky he could find a way to produce a snowstorm out of the blue. Loading the glowing flare round into the chamber, he spun it and locked it in place before pointing it towards the stars.

“Five, four, three, two, one!” Alex shouted as he pulled the trigger on his sawed-off TCJ modified.

A large bolt of ice energy fired off into the sky, soaring into the darkness and out of sight. For a few seconds, nothing seemed to happen, and Alex was going to huff and walk away. But then, the air began to become colder as snow was beginning to sleep all over the place. Within a matter of seconds, the entire landscape was consumed once more in a grueling blizzard. Looking at his gun with a surprised and satisfied expression, he patted it loftily and said:

“That’ll do, Ice - 1. That’ll do…” the Arctic Gunman nodded as he put his twirled his gun in his hand, “Flares these days have a tendency to misfire in the air, so there’s a possibility that an Ice - 1 won’t work as well as it should. Now, lets see how much juice you’re packing now.”

Alex turned towards the lake, and pointed his gun out towards the iced-over water. He pulled back the hammer and began to fire off a number of ice rounds at the frozen lake. The results were enough satisfying that Alex felt proud that he was able to pull all of this off. His scattershot ice rounds riddled large holes into the water the size of matzo balls. The piercing rounds punched holes clean through the ice and had managed to cause water to geyser out. And the explosive rounds, which Alex considered his personal favorite, generated large explosions into the ice large enough to create monstrous geysers that were larger than the ones punches by the piercing rounds. Even his Ice - 10, his strongest explosive round moved so fast that he couldn’t even track it as it fired, creating the largest crater of them all.

After Alex began to cheer in celebration, the area began to rumble violently as the sounds of water gurgling rang through the air. Alex took a few steps back, a bit nervous as to what was going on. It was strange that he couldn’t sense anything in the nearby area save for himself. But more strange was that something was coming this way, something massive that seemed to be on its way to the surface. Alex took the time to face palm at what he has done - perhaps he shouldn’t have been firing all those rounds into the water like Leon off of Resident Evil 4.

From the ice, eight monstrous serpent heads attached to one monstrous body erupted from the ice, towering several times over before Alex. The eight heads and necks were attached to one monstrous, scaly quadruped body that looked like that of a dragon. The eight serpentine heads locked eyes with Alex, and they all let out a loud and simultaneous roar. Alex was more surprised than scared at what he saw, but he felt that he could take it. It was more surprising since he knew what the hell it was.

“A Yamata no Orochi, here?” Alex breathed as he cocked back the hammer on his TCJ, “Well, I guess since this planet is basically 100% water, I shouldn’t exactly be all that surprised. All right, you eight-headed freak of nature - bring it on!”

OOC: 1575 words
-1575 for techniques
0 PL Gain

Techniques Learned!

Name: Ice - 1
Type: Advanced
Description: An environmental move. Shoots a weather round into the sky and starts a grueling blizzard along the landscape that lasts for the entire topic. Increases the power of all ice and wind techniques by 50%. The user rolls the successful die. If successful, then the effect takes place. Can only be used once per battle.

Name: Ice - 2
Type: Basic
Description: A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has moderate velocity but low piercing power.

Name: Ice - 4
Type: Basic
Description: An ice energy bullet that excells with moderate velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing minor internal damage.

Name: Ice - 5
Type: Advanced
Description: A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has high velocity but moderate piercing power. Requires Ice - 2

Name: Ice - 7
Type: Advanced
Description: An ice energy bullet that excells with high velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing moderate internal damage. Requires Ice - 4.

Name: Ice - 8
Type: Ultimate
Description: A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has extremely high velocity with high piercing power. Requires Ice - 2 and Ice - 8.

Name: Ice - 10
Type: Ultimate
Description: An ice energy bullet that excells with extremely high velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing major internal damage. Requires Ice - 4 and Ice - 7.

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Anarctic Snowman

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