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 Angel Alex

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PostSubject: Angel Alex   Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:43 pm

Name: Alexis Enzeru
Alias/Nickname: Alex
Age: 0 (Appearance of early 20s)
Month and Day of Birth: March 8
Place of Birth: Heaven
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: An angel created solely for protection. She holds the personality of someone who is kind and gentle, yet battle-rough. She is even compassionate in battle, but if one is her opponent and that person did something she deems evil, she will go all out. She would quickly give her body for the protection of innocent people, something that will be a great advantage from her inner angelic powers of immortality. She travels solo in search of weary and needy souls. She also has a tint of randomness to her composure. She enjoys flying with her wings, so when she gains the ability to fly with ki, she’ll still use her wings, but not as her main flying source (she’ll use both simultaneously).

Weaknesses: Darkness, as a holy angel, she trembles when assaulted by dark attacks. Physical combat skills are less than average. She has a sense of pride from being an Angel born to be the “best.” Creepers since she has nice everthings.
Strengths: Little control of all natural elements and decent power of light. Agile.


Physical Appearance: She was created with the face of an angel, a beauty to most, if not all, people. Her lengthy brunette falls straight and curls about the end, which reaches around her shoulder blades. She has light brown highlights throughout her hair. She falls at the height of five foot exact. She has fluffy white angelic wings sprouting from her back.
Attire: She wears a loose white robe with a small v-shaped neck gap and long sleeves hanging over her hands by a few inches. The bottom of the robe is a long skirt-like cloth dropping slightly under her knees. She wears an amethyst crystal necklace and her bow usually hangs off her left shoulder for traveling purposes.
Picture: None yet.


Ki Color: White

Technique List: [Name] - Healing I
[Technique Type] - Basic
[Description] - Uses Ki abilities, the user transfer tiny amounts of ki into a fellow ally (or anyone really, allies just make most sense Very Happy) and recover their wounds at a faster rate than their body would have. This level of healing only covers basic injuries such as minor burns, cuts and bruises.

[Name] - Ki Arrow Barrage
[Technique Type] - Advanced
[Description] - The user creates a bundle of ki arrows (approximately around ten in said bunch) and launches all arrows simultaneously with their bow-like weapon at either a single target or multiple targets. Multiple targets are MUCH harder to concentrate on and hit successfully, so most use a single target for actual damage and multiple for strategics like distraction and etc.

Power Level: 100

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability - Immortality] ArchAngels gain the ability to regenerate from any wound. They cannot be killed under any sort of conceivable circumstances. However, their defenses are softened and malleable, meaning that they can be blown apart into air almost easily. Fortunately, this doesn't cost any energy and only very little time.

Transformations: Transformations are Permanent.
Cherub - x2.5 - Requires 6000 PL
Seraph - x3.5 - Requires 20000 PL
Archangel - x5 - Requires 100000 PL
Gains Special Ability "Immortality"
Race becomes "Archangel"


Weapons: Bow made from Gold and Silver Alloy (Created a swirling combinations between the two colors across the bow)
Equipment: N/a

Biography: Alexis Enzeru was created on the last coming on the month March and the eighth day of said month. Her creation was recent and her purpose was meant to be fulfilled within the next few years at most. She was a special Angel created by the Grand Kai specifically to become a protector of the living realm of the universe. Her adventures were meant to begin on the planet Earth and span from there. How long she would spend on each planet, no one knew. Upon her creation in Heaven, she was sent to Earth in a flash of light and began her adventure there.

Relationships: N/a Yet

History: N/a Yet
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Alex   Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:41 pm

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Angel Alex

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