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 Noelani Kaiaka

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PostSubject: Noelani Kaiaka   Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:43 pm

Name: Noelani Kaiaka
Alias/Nickname: Noel
Age: 19
Month and Day of Birth: April 9
Place of Birth: Pluto
Gender: Female
Race: Plutonian White Tip
Home Planet: Pluto


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Despite her constant, condescending grin and menacing appearance which make her appear cold and evil, Noelani isn't. She is actually quite shy, preferring to keep her hood on at all times to hide her face from the world. This is also to avoid prejudice on Earth for her otherworldly appearance. Due to the appearance of Plutonians, they are often mistaken for Beastmen when on Earth. And so much like Beastmen, she is often assumed to be a wild animal when among humans. She is very uncomfortable around others, seeing as she grew up alone with only her master. Most of the time, she's a curious, awkward individual- but can be serious when she needs to be. Noelani wants to make the world a safer place, to avoid tragedies like what happened to Pluto. She believes killing the wicked is a necessary evil to rid the world of it. Noelani prefers to kill quickly and cleanly, with stealth if possible. This is to help her avoid guilt, because if she were to fight in a long, arduous battle, she would begin to regret her actions as she gets to know her foe whilst trading blows. In other words, the longer she sees them as a living, breathing person, the heavier the weight it'll put on her- no matter how evil they are.
-Plutonians in general are not a fan of hot, dry environments or the fire element, and Noelani is no exception. Fire Element attacks deal almost twice the damage to her.
-Although Noelani is a trained killer, she has no field-experience in a fight, much less in garnering a kill.
-Noelani cannot last in a long, drawn-out fight. She just does not have the stamina or endurance.

-As a native Plutonian, Noelani has built up a solid resistance to the cold climate and harsh winds of her planet. As such, she has an almost complete resistance to [Basic] Wind Element attacks, and up to [Advanced] Ice attacks.
-Having received training from a Great White (a title bestowed only to the most powerful Plutonians), Noelani is skilled in Plutonian Martial Arts, Ki Control, and Blade combat.
-The natural armor plates across her body can soften physical blows considerably- if she manages to block with them effectively. Although they're nigh-indestructible, their awkward placement makes them difficult to use in most combat situations.


Physical Appearance:
She has a petite and athletic physique, standing at 5' 3'' and weighing in at 125 lbs. Noelani's skin is a purple hue, and has a light, sand-papery texture. Her eyes are completely white, with no iris or pupil. She has razor-sharp teeth and claws on her hands & feet. Tan bony plates that are apparent in most Plutonians cover various parts of her body: Shoulders, abdomen, knees, and back/spine (and stretching across the back of her shark-like tail.) Noelani also has one of the rarer traits of a Plutonian- long bony blades extending out from her elbows. She has two dorsal fins, one on the back of her neck and the other on her head. A fin-like "bang" hangs over her face as well. A toothy grin is clad across her face at all time- though not purposely, but because her teeth are visible even when her mouth is closed.
Noelani wears a dark getup meant to give her a good amount of mobility. A skin-tight black suit covers most of her body- save for the areas already protected by her natural armor plates. This leaves her abodomen, shoulders, knees, and back exposed. A hooded, dark blue robe is worn over this and a white cloth belt is tied around her waist.


Ki Color: Sea Green
Technique List:
-Noelani (Heavenly Mist)
---Noelani has the ability to alter or deceive the perceptions of another. She does this by affecting all six senses of her target with a thick mist made from ki. Their sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and power detection is susceptible. Noelani must have her focus on the target(s) to hold an illusion, however. If her mind strays even slightly, the illusion will break. "Illusion attacks" will still be felt by the opponent, but will not do any real damage.

-Kaiaka (Shadowed Sea)
---Noelani starts off by using her powers to create an illusion to disorient her opponent and set the stage for the combo. Everything turns black as night, with only a faint silver glow from the moon overhead. The sound of rushing water can be heard as water swirls under and around the area. Noelani dives into the whirling water, out of the opponents sight. Her hand springs out from the water behind the target, pulling them into the water. As both spin around in the whirlpool, Noelani attacks with a barrage of punches, kicks, slashes, tail whips, and even bites. When the onslaught is over, she throws the opponent back into the center and flys up into the air. The water rushes inward enveloping the opponent in a sphere of water that feels as if it's putting immense pressure on the opponent. Noelani floats overhead in the moonlight, holding a sparkling ball of sea green energy in her palm. She throws it down toward the opponent and it explodes in a brilliant light as the illusion fades.

Power Level: 7500

Racial Abilities:
[Special Ability - Adept] White Tips are notorious for possessing large ki reserves, and are very efficient when it comes to ki consumption. As such, they are capable of performing twice the number of Ultimate moves in a single thread, up to 4.


The sharp, bony blades protruding from her elbows.
An enchanted bag made from the skin of a Polaroo. Within is a pocket dimension that holds various objects from her homeworld.

Noelani grew up on Pluto, leading the usual life of a Plutonian child. Her parents were a Mako and a White Tip, meaning when Noelani would mature she would become one or the other. She was guided by both of her parents as she grew up, they helped her learn to control her developing abilities so she wouldn't harm those around her. However one day, she decided to venture off into the Plutonian wastelands. Noelani heard a voice calling to her, and her curiosity led her to listen to it. It led her to a strange, icy cavern. Once she entered however, she was unable leave. Noelani panicked. She tried to use her premature powers to get herself out by force- but to no avail. Not a dent was made in the cavern walls that trapped her. Noelani sat in the darkness, until the voice returned to comfort her, and encourage her to head deeper into the cavern. With no options left, she agreed.
As Noelani made her way into the depth of the cave, she was shown things. Horrible things. Visions of the past, present, and even future. All of the horrors of the universe lay before her eyes. She reached the end of the tunnel, losing her sanity. The cave opened up here, where the source of the voice was. It was a Great White- one of several still scattered across the galaxy. A wise, ancient being thought to have been lost long ago. She explained to Noelani what she had shown her. The Great Whites came forth to help defend not only Pluto, but the universe from these horrors that plagued life. However as they grew old, with no successors, their hope had faded.
The Great White, Ewelani, spent ages looking back on the feats of the Great Whites. But also on their failures. Though successfully ridding the universe of various evils, new ones kept coming back- each more powerful than the last. It was a vicious cycle that had gone on from the beginning of time. However Ewelani now saw things with a different view. Darkness had always been combated with Light- but as long as the Light remained, so would the Shadows. She wondered how things would turn out if they would use that very Darkness to destroy Evil. Ewelani had grown weak with age, unfortunately- so she sought out a pupil to pass down her knowledge to. That was Noelani. Ewelani told Noelani that she would no longer be accepted by her people should she follow this path. In return, Ewelani promised Noelani that she would be given the power to rid the universe of the horrors she was shown. Noelani accepted, and her training began.
Years passed, and Ewelani grew ill, passing on. With her death, Noelani was left with her training incomplete, and having to follow the path on her own.




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Noelani Kaiaka

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