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 Alex Calibur

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PostSubject: Alex Calibur   Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:46 am

Name: Alex Calibur
Alias/Nickname: Excalibur
Age: 22
Month and Day of Birth: June 16
Place of Birth: Mount Rainier, Washington
Gender: Male
Race: Ritual Human/Konatsan [Human Dominant]
Home Planet: Earth


Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Being a Special Ops soldier, he has been built in with the hard-knock life of the military with the conservationalism of a government agent. He can be a nice guy most of the time and can be talkative depending on the subject at hand, but besides that he prefers his own company. He's the kind of guy who focuses on the "now" and will blatantly ignore anyone who angsts about the past. In combat he never says a word and never gives any tells as for what he plans on doing next. This makes him unpredictable as no one knows which ice bullet he plans on firing next.
- As an Ice user, Alex is weak against fire techniques. Considering the elemental order of things, its only natural.
- Alex cannot see in the dark.
- He has a legitimate fear of scorpions due to falling into a pit of them during an assignment in the Wasteland.
Strengths: List three.
- He isn't considered the Arctic Gunman for nothing. Alex specializes as a long-range marksman using extremely high-velocity ice attacks that do extreme piercing damage.
- Alex is a well-trained soldier, utilizing several martial arts techniques and takedowns. This makes him a formidable foe in combat.
- Alex's neural system has been fried to the point where he can no longer be affected by basic or advanced electric/lightning techniques.


Physical Appearance: Alex stands around six feet and one inch, weighing around 180 pounds. He has caramel skin with golden blonde hair and amber eyes. Due to the serum and years of training he has a built and muscular physique. He has a tattoo of a shuriken on his left deltoid.
Attire: He mainly wears FX1 Flexforce Damascus-plated body armor with custom gold plating. Instead of the standard FX1 helmet and goggles, he instead wears a FX-V Damascus-plated full-head helmet that looks a bit like a motorcycle helmet.
Picture: Completely Optional


Ki Color: Gold and Black
Technique List:

..:Ice Rounds:..

Quote :

[Name] - Ice - 1
[Technique Type] - Advanced Technique
[Description] - An environmental move. Shoots a weather round into the sky and starts a grueling blizzard along the landscape that lasts for the entire topic. Increases the power of all ice and wind techniques by 50%. The user rolls the successful die. If successful, then the effect takes place. Can only be used once per battle.

[Name] - Ice - 2
[Technique Type] - Basic Technique
[Description] - A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has moderate velocity but low piercing power.

[Name] - Ice - 3
[Technique Type] - Basic Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with moderate velocity and piercing power.

[Name] - Ice - 4
[Technique Type] - Basic Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with moderate velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing minor internal damage.

[Name] - Ice - 5
[Technique Type] - Advanced Technique
[Description] - A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has high velocity but moderate piercing power. Requires Ice - 2

[Name] - Ice - 6
[Technique Type] - Advanced Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with high velocity and piercing power. Requires Ice - 3.

[Name] - Ice - 7
[Technique Type] - Advanced Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with high velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing moderate internal damage. Requires Ice - 4.

[Name] - Ice - 8
[Technique Type] - Ultimate Technique
[Description] - A barrage of ice energy bullets that shoots out in a spread. Has extremely high velocity with high piercing power. Requires Ice - 2 and Ice - 5.

[Name] - Ice - 9
[Technique Type] - Ultimate Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with extremely high velocity and piercing power. Requires Ice - 3 and Ice - 6.

[Name] - Ice - 10
[Technique Type] - Ultimate Technique
[Description] - An ice energy bullet that excells with extremely high velocity. Explodes on contact, dealing major internal damage. Requires Ice - 4 and Ice - 7.

[Name] - Arctic Shockwave
[Technique Type] - [Advanced] [Area of Effect] [Knockback] [Offense] [Defense]
[Description] - The user spikes up their energy rapidly, causing ice energy to burst out in a sphere around them. This explosion of energy can be used to harm opponents or ward off attacks. This attack can also be directed in the form of a wave attack, as well.

Power Level: 17000

Racial Abilities: [Special Ability - Pure Force] Makos are known for the sheer destructive force behind their ki techniques. Any and all ki-based moves and capabilities performed by a Mako deal double damage.

Cultural Paragon x5 – Requires 10,000 PL
Legendary Hero – x10 – Requires 50,000 PL


Weapons: Alex carries a modified sawed-off Taurus Circuit Judge rifle fit with a pistol grip. He uses this as a catalyst for firing his energy bullets. In the other holster, he carries a razor-sharp survival kukri.
Equipment: Standard Special Ops armor and equipment.

Biography: Born on the military base on Mount Rainier, the only life Alex has ever known was that with the Marine Corp. He took great enjoyment in his life as he was able to score himself the top of his class several years in a row, being the ideal soldier. However, his accomplishments did not go unnoticed as he was called upon at the age of 15 by the Central Intelligence Agency. He was then selected to be one of 20 other soldiers to be injected with NAITANOK, a serum that was made from the DNA of Konatians to give their soldiers superhuman powers.

Out of all the 20 subjects, only Alex's DNA was able to successfully bond with NAITANOK, gaining superior physical prowess and a heightened reaction time, even going so far as to transform him into a half-Konatian. But what they never foresaw was that the serum secretly awakened Alex's inner power - the ability to manipulate ice energy. He mainly trained his powers in secret, realizing that he could fire off high-velocity ice projectiles using his TCJ rifle as a catalyst to produce numerous bullets with different effects. During his years of special ops missions, he mainly used his ice powers, in which he discovered his strongest ice projectile known as "Ice - 9", capable of punching a half-dollar-sized hole through just about anything.

Having ordered to be reassigned as a freelance soldier by the CIA until further notice, he sets himself off on an adventure to fully unlock his powers and find himself in this world of warriors.

Other: When working with other warriors with powers, he will only team up or teach them in exchange for favors.


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Alex Calibur

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