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 Technique Learning

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PostSubject: Technique Learning   Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:47 am

All right, the first thing I want to get clear is that you do not gain any PL when learning new attacks. With that aside, we go to our next presentation - Technique Learning! You cannot create techniques in the middle of a battle. Now, the types of technqiues are sorted out in three different categories: Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques, and Ultimate Techniques. You post these technique learning posts in your training topic. You may also be taught a technique by another player within a topic. In these threads PL Gain is deducted your total share of PL from the topic.

Basic techniques don't hold very much power. They are known to be somewhat weak, but effective on the field. Examples of this are a Zanzoken, and even the Solar Flare. To learn a basic technique, it requires 200 words.

Advanced Techniques hold quite a bit of power. They are known to be strong in the right hands, and can make or break someone in battle. Examples of this are the Kamehameha or the Galick Gun. To learn an advanced Technique, it requires 450 words.

Ultimate Techniques carry with them a massive pool of power. They are mostly classified as finishing techniques, while some are dangerous moves or elemental manipulations. Using a finisher costs a lot of energy, so each player, no matter how strong they are, are only allowed to use two Ultimate techniques in combat. Examples are the Spirit Bomb and the Final Flash. To learn an ultimate technique, it requires 700 words.

When learning a new technique, be sure to use this template:

[b][Name] -[/b] Name of the technique
[b][Technique Type] -[/b] Whether the type of the technique is a Basic, Advanced, or Ultimate Technique
[b][Description] -[/b] a Description of the technique. I expect it to be good.
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Technique Learning

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