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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:17 pm

[The Rules of Combat]

Fighting in this RPG in itself is fairly simple. The first person will attack, the second person will respond to this post and may also counterattack. This will go back and forth until somebody wins. You do NOT call the hits against your opponent, its up to them to decide what happens. Here is a brief example.

Player A: Goku ran forwards across the ground towards Raditz, he got up close, jumped and then swung his leg round towards Raditz's head.

Player B: Raditz blocked the kick with his forearm and pushed sideways to try and throw Goku off balance. At the same time he fired a ki ball with his free hand at Goku's chest.

Player A: Goku was hit in the chest by the blast sending him flying backwards. He skid across the ground, bouncing like a pebble across the surface of a lake before eventually coming to a stop. He raised himself to a standing position a wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth. Goku crouched down slightly and cupped his hands behind him, a ball of blue energy forming between them. "Kame..." The ball began to grow in size, "Hame..." The ball had reached roughly the size of a basketball and was glowing with an intense light, "HA!!!"
Goku brought both arms forward, palms facing towards Raditz, suddenly a massive blue beam shot through the air towards Raditz.

Like that ^_^

Fighting, is give and take. It is NOT a good idea to dodge and block every single hit your opponent throws at you since you will probably be accused of godmodding. Your power level play a BIG part in combat, if the PL difference is fairly low then then the weaker one has a slight disadvantage. If the PL difference is huge then the weaker one stands essentially no chance of wining.

Next point, one attack. That is what a fighting post should consist of. Combat is a chess match, you do not take multiple turns in chess. Feel free to add dialogue, thoughts, feelings, descriptions, and such to your combat post. But do not exceed one attack per post unless your opponent has given you permission to perform a combo. When you state that your character performs this, and then that, and finishes with a last technique, you are also saying that your opponent stood there and did nothing while you were being flashy with your techniques. That is a definite abuse.

[Group Combat]

Group Combat. Clones, summons, these things are bound by one attack rule as well. Now, here is the deal with many vs. one combat. If everything you control is attacking, you need to specific either an order ("the kage bunshin attacked with X, then the summon did Y, finally the character finished with Z") or state that they are all attacking at the same time ("kage bunshin did X, summon did Y, and character did Z, all converging on the opponent".)
Note: keep in mind that if you are attacking the same person at the same time, one good dodge will evade the attacks. I've seen a whole lot of "there was no way he could dodge all of these" when the truth of the matter is that if everyone is headed for one specific point, all a character has to do is not be at that point to avoid being hit.

When attacked by a group, try to account for the fact that it is significantly harder to dodge a succession of attacks. Unless there is a decent rank difference, many on one is almost always disadvantageous for the one. Play accordingly.


Certain techniques are known as "rush" or "combo" techniques. These are a bit trickier than basic techniques. These abilities use up two posts, the first is the combo starter. This will be something to set them up for the combo itself like stunning them, which you then roll a dice to see whether or not your combo is successful. If the Dice roll is a Goku, then the combo is successful. If the Dice roll is a Vegeta, it is unsuccessful. However, you are only allowed to do three attempts in a single fight, whether successful or not. Here is another example demonstrated by Goku and Raditz

Player A: Goku ducked under Raditz's kick and then tried to ram his fist forward into Raditz's gut, winding him and setting him up for the Zanku Fist attack.

<[b]Dice Roll: Successful[/b]>

Player B: Raditz was hit by the punch and doubled over in pain, temporarily stunned.

Player A: Goku took his chance and kicked Raditz upwards into the air, not waiting for his opponent to react he jumped up and hit Raditz with a barrage of punches and kicks to the upper and mid body. At the top of his jump Goku spun around in the air and brought his foot down hard on Raditz's head, slamming the evil saiyan straight down towards the ground.
Do you understand now? Good!

[Power of Rage]

This one is a real problem in some RPGs. Getting angry will NOT make you stronger. Sometimes rage will trigger hidden potential or unlock a transformation but in 9 cases out of 10 it will not actually increase your power. Yes you will put more force into your punches and you will focus more on hurting the opponent than caring about your own safety but you are no more powerful than you were before.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this long winded and generally boring post but now you can go and beat the Sh*t out of people the right way.
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Combat Rules

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