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 Mass Mayhem & Carnage Limitations

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PostSubject: Mass Mayhem & Carnage Limitations   Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:07 pm

[Mass Mayhem on the Environment]

When it comes down to DBZ, you can tell its all about the "KA-BOOM!!"s! The ground being torn asunder by your auras, buildings being ripped right off their foundations, that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, its not entirely that case. Yes, there will be explosions, but only your PL can define such material. Here's a basic chart I wrangled up. Note that everybody has their limitations, therefore you're not entitled to any special treatment, either.

100 - Grounded. Your powers may be impressive, but it will wash over any sort of solid material. Getting hit with a bullet will kill you then and there Plus, you can't even fly yet. How lame are you?
1000 - You're now able to fly. The skies are the limit, my friend!
2500 - The grass is capable of being torn by your aura.
5000 - You are now basically bulletproof. No amount of gunfire from firearms is capable of harming you.
10000 - The high-density glass is able to be shattered by your power.
25000 - The buildings of the cities will be dented with your attacks.
50000 - You strength can now shatter through the buildings. It can also pick them up, as well.
100000 - Your aura is capable of tearing up the city streets.
250000 - Your aura is capable of parting even the deepest ocean. Moses would be so proud of you.
500000 - Your power is capable of levelling cities under your wake.
1000000 - Your power level is so high that at its peak, it can wipe out a planet. However, you'll most likely die along with it if you were to do so.

[Mass Mayhem on a Player]

Now this is a pretty big thing, a lot of newer players with low power levels think that they can take on people with powers that are much higher than there own and win. A couple RPs I've seen haven't covered this, which tends to cause much strife. Here is a simple break down. The stats go not by the original strength of the opponent, but the gap between their strengths.

Category I: 0 - 1000 = Regardless of whoever else says, differences at this range will find this at a perfectly even match.
Category II: 1000 - 2000 = The higher power has a slight advantage however the weaker player could still win depending on how well they can Role play. In this case, the one who does the best is the one whose the most likely to win.
Category III: 2000 - 5000 = The stronger player will clearly have the advantage, regardless of power. The weaker oppnent will be defeated after a long, hard-day's work. Of course, it is still possible that with the right combination of skill, moves, and good RP could pull out all the stops, the weaker opponent could be able to defeat their superior.
Category IV: 5000 - 10000 = Chances of winning are for the weaker warrior is no longer existent, if there is any chances at all. The opponent could be able to swiftly defeat the opponent. However, death might still out of the question due to their defenses being high enough to overcome the possibility of death.
Category V: 10000 - 20000 = The higher power outclasses his opponent. They can easily knock out a weaker opponent with a few-placed blows, and they're also able to, at their peak, kill their opponent.
Category X: 20000+ = The weaker opponent is easily overwhelmed in every conceiveable way. A simple punch out of reflex would outright kill the weaker opponent. This is the only time that you do not need staff approval to kill another player.

Now, with transformations, its actually much more different. Depending on the transformation being used, the gauge requirements are also multiplied equal to the multiplier of the transformation used. However, in the case of both people using varying multipliers, the one whose multiplier is the lowest is applied, instead. An example goes as follows:


Say we have a bona-fide Death Match on our hands. Two angry, musclebound warriors trying to violently kill each other. One one hand is Joto Hellopo, a Pyromaniac Saiyan. The other is Thomas Bault, the Omega Scion Swordsman. Scouters read their Power Level to be as followed:

Thomas Bault - 10000
Joto Hellopo - 4500

Judging by the difference in PL, The difference range is classified as a Category IV on its own. Joto is more or less screwed, but he'll at least live to tell the tale. Now, we'll say that Joto activates his Pseudo Super Saiyan Form in hopes of fighting on par with Bault, increasing his PL to 9000. Now, thanks to the differentiation's gauge, staff would instead put this as a Category II difference range. Joto has a chance of winning.

But lets take things a few notches up. Bault decides to unleash his Omega Form, which gives his PL multiplier a x5, increasing his PL to a whopping 50000, overwhelming Joto. Unfortunately for Joto, his multiplier stays out, noting that its the lowest one on there. This puts the difference range from a Category II to a retardedly stagnant Category X. Bault would basically make Joto into fingerpaint.

Thomas Bault - 10000 [Omega Form - x5] = 50000
Joto Hellopo - 4500 [Pseudo Super Saiyan - x2] = 9000

Note that if Bault were to transform and Joto were to have not, the chances of survival for Joto would've been...somewhat better. The difference would've only been a Category V, which would mean that unless Bault was dishing out a Finishing Blow, Joto would've only scraped by barely dead. When it comes down to new transformation, the weaker oppnent will be torn apart, but they'll be able to survive due to the opponent's inexperience. However, lets say that they meet again. This time, the two have trained a bit more, and they got some mastery in their transformations. For the sake of the seminar, I'll generously increase their PLs by 4000 each.

Thomas Bault - 14000
Joto Hellopo - 8500
Gap - 2750

Now, if you actually paid attention and read everything, you would notice the scenario would still be the same if both were to transform. Joto would be utterly overwhelmed and he would die a horrible death. Now, but what if Bault were to transform and Joto were to have not? Now if we do the recording correctly, it will come out like this:

Thomas Bault - 14000 [Omega Form - x5] = 70000
Joto Hellopo - 8500
Gap = 30750

And there's the kicker, folks! Due to the massive gap in power, instead of the difference being a Category V like it was last time, it is now a Category X, meaning that a similar fate of complete and utter devastation would occur if Joto were to have transformed. The training and PL makes all the difference. 

NEW RULING - For multiple people in combat against one person or event boss, the Categories decrease by 10% per person against the event boss. Max decrease is 70%.
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PostSubject: Re: Mass Mayhem & Carnage Limitations   Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:18 pm

Mass Mayhem vs Player has been updated! Check it!
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Mass Mayhem & Carnage Limitations

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