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 Create your own Superhero

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PostSubject: Create your own Superhero   Sun May 08, 2011 6:52 pm

This is pretty simple and easy to do you just need to fill out the form below;
Character name
Power (if any)
Alignment (hero, anti-hero, villain, mercenary, bounty hunter, assassin, other)
Costume description (if any)
Sidekick (if any)
Weapon (if any)

Here's mine so you've got an example to follow.
Character Name

Due to severe injuries as a child caused by a stray dog (it bit Nexus several times and took off his little toe) Nexus's nerves no longer function correctly and as such he cannot feel pain.

His lack of pain made him a perfect trial subject for a drug some crazy chemical geeks cooked up. The drug was supposed to be the ultimate adrenaline boost but instead it gave Nexus a healing factor to repair him after his many fights. He calls it cheating and is constantly looking for an antidote.

Anti Hero

Costume Description
Nexus's costume consists of your typical teenagers choice of clothing, a worn out grey hoodie along with a pair of moss green combat trousers with the essentially beaten up trainers from countless hours of running. He always keeps his hood up when angry AKA about to kill something and wears a mask A plain white mask with a large black stripe running down the left side of the mask. The eyes of the mask appear pure black and half closed whereas Nexus can see quite clearly through them, the mouth area consists of a stitched up mouth to show the fact Nexus hates speaking whilst wearing the mask.

He was once stalked by a crazy kid called Damien but after the kid got half of his left arm chewed off by a crazy guy's dog Damien stayed well clear of Nexus.

A baseball bat with bandages wrapped around the hilt for comfort whilst swinging.

Growing up as a child Nexus hated most people. His parents, fellow children and every other human he came to meet.

Within his seemingly black twisted heart Nexus had love for some things. Mainly kittens, cats, video games and bacon. Life's simple pleasures. Though his hate for all living people doesn't apply to all, Nexus eventually decided to make a 'friend' but his only reason for doing so was because his 'friend' had the same blood type as him. "Pays to have spares" Nexus says.

You see the reason Nexus decided to take it upon himself to kill those he hated was mostly because of pent up rage from being a kid but mostly because he just liked to maim assholes and break their bones. Now he was no vigilante, doing it for justice or the praise. Hell he even robbed people he saved from time to time. Nexus did it all because he loved to bring suffering and fear to the world. To Nexus there was no greater drug than a human fearing him.

His daily motive's are pure and simple. Spread havoc and fear whilst enjoying the few pleasures of the world, mainly video games, bacon and playing with his cats of which he has 3.

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Create your own Superhero

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