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Pack Your Stuff and Jump on the Wagon!
That's right boys and girls, the long discussed new home for Vortex has finally arrived!

At our new home, we are self-hosted and powered by Simple Machines, one of the best, if not the best, forum software available.

See you all on the other side!
by Blues Light - Comments: 0 - Views: 4969

Today's your lucky day fellow Vortexian! I have decided to re-open submissions for being a Vortexian Editor. Have you enjoyed writing, have you written just for fun? Here at the Editorials, we strive to better Vortex with content for our members to read and enjoy. So why don't you stop on by to your private messages page and drop a PM into my box. Have it your way! If you'd like to have a go at being a Purple, send in your information:
Your type of work: What you what to write about
Your plan for updates: How often you will update or write articles
by Tails - Comments: 2 - Views: 787

I reviewed this in an older style as it would be back when it came out. It’s not fair to rate graphics say a 0 because we've evolved so much in the few years. I would give it a ten because it was perfect for its time. If you get what I mean.

I went back to an old classic, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. As soon as I put the disc into my PS2 and my screen loaded up I could feel the nostalgia. It’s my favourite of all the original Budokai series before they brought in the Tenkaichi games. Atari really hit the nail on the head...
by Mageta - Comments: 7 - Views: 2088

Strife(Aids): Hello Luka.

Luka: Yo strife.

Aids: Ready for Vortex's next interview?

Luka: Indeed.

Aids: So how are you feeling today Luka?

Luka: Tired as hell. Had a long day at work.

Aids: Work's a bitch. Now tell me, when did you start spriting, how long have you been spriting for, and what brought you to Vortex?

Luka: hahaha, technically I've been spriting since I was in about 6th grade.
Sooo.... 8 years? Maybe 9.
but I never really tried bettering myself til about 2007.
So 5 years I guess.
I used...
by Strife - Comments: 0 - Views: 820

~Mageta: *le Mage walks into le room and sits on the big fluffy pink bean bag*
Hola Cody! How was you today?

le Codester: Harro Magelicious! >:3

~Mageta: Okay than, just ignore my question -_-
Let’s start this interview!
When did you start spriting?

le Codester: ehh..
I started mah spriting since 2008 brah >:3

~Mageta: Ahh, fair enough!
How did you find your way to Vortex?

le Codester: uhh *clears throat* I was a nub at that time, I was searching for some Dragonball Z sprites for my animation and then I saw the rusty...
by Mageta - Comments: 6 - Views: 640

Not counting the very first Dragonball Z game on a large system (Dragonball Z: Budokai) they have all been a bit...well confusing. The point of view will make or break the game for you. Some love the old fashioned retro version of fighting, commonly seen in Mortal Combat or Tekken. And some love the newer styles. In this game, it's in first person, allowing you to roam around, but to a certain point (They have boundaries for that).

The story mode is incredible to say the least. There are 24 different Stories from both the original anime and the movies. There are usually 8-23 in the most...
by Strife - Comments: 3 - Views: 496

First and foremost, if you did not at least enjoy Fable I, you will not like this game.

All right, there are so many things mister Peter and his staff over-hyped, and that's just life for video games made by companies capable of putting the machine into motion. Really, we can only blame ourselves. So that is why I both have no idea what was said and no idea what was lacking by such comparison. Which, ultimately, is the only fair way to review a game.

Graphics: 7/10

Good, nice, not awesome. Very reminiscent of the first game, and not a huge improvement (if...
by Mageta - Comments: 4 - Views: 584

When you sit and think about it, creating a new Dragon Ball Z game presents a whole host of problems. How can you condense the ridiculously over the top fights into just a few buttons? How can you keep it at a speed that won’t melt your face, yet will please the hardcore fans? How can you make it interesting, bearing in mind the whole world and his dog have played through the sagas multiple times now? Well, developers ‘Spike’ think they have the answer in their new fighting game ‘Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi’.

The first half an hour of Ultimate Tenkaichi is a daunting experience....
by Tails - Comments: 0 - Views: 502

Breaking away from all the funny things and harem, my cousin offered me to watch this anime called "Another." Curious, I told him to make a copy on my flash drive as I'm gonna watch it. Fortunately, it didn't take much space. But there was something else. He told me to watch it at night.

I was very impressed with the art. It had well-drawn characters and the best CGI rendering yet. The anime was just published recently; it started in January and ended in March. All in all, it has twelve episodes and has an OVA currently in production. And so, yes, I watched it at...
by Tails - Comments: 0 - Views: 474

Mark - Mageta: So, how long ago did you start spriting and how did it all start?

Leo: I started editing Sonic sprites and RPG Maker portraits, as of late 2009 I was introduced to LSW and the current forum at the time. I wasn't interested and I continued to edit Sonic sprites, etc. It was on august 12th, 2010 8:17 PM, I joined the site under the name of Huey.
Mark - Mageta: Ahh, so thats how Leo found his way to Vortex.

Leo: At first, everybody said i was a great spriter, something that they still say today, and that they have never seen someone improve so fast.
by L. Cole - Comments: 0 - Views: 536

Leo: *insert corny joke here*

Mark - Mageta: Ohai there Leo!

Leo: hello, how are you doing today Mageta?
Mark - Mageta: I am very well and how about you?

Leo: Just woke up, so I'm a little bit cranky.
Leo: But let's get this interview started.

Mark - Mageta: That sounds like a good idea

Leo: now, when did you begin to sprite and why.

Mark - Mageta: It's longish story Leo, but here it is;
Mark - Mageta: It all started two and a half years ago when I was looking for a DBZ Rp forum and stumbled upon something like that.
by L. Cole - Comments: 0 - Views: 438

"Well I'll be damned, you actually made it back in one piece," Rikol started. "I thought the Unrag Thorag would have finished you. It looks like you have proven me wrong once again, Leo." Rikol was a moderate sized, slender elf with long red hair tied into a ponytail, a goatee and hazel skin. The elf jotted into the small notebook he kept at his side at all times. He then motioned towards Leo, "Well. What was being a member of the Unr-", before Rikol could finish his sentence he was blown to pieces...
by L. Cole - Comments: 0 - Views: 492

Rowan's Path to Power: Part one

He vaguely remembers the detail on the faces of his attackers, but that's the only thing he remembers. After being brutally beaten by the slender man dressed in all white, with his two bulky counterparts, it seems that his memory has been wiped. He has no memory of any people in his life, but the lessons and abilities are still present. The only thing he remembers is his name.

Rowan walks out of an illuminated dome shaped room to find himself on an obviously unrecognizable area.
"Damn, I'm hungry," he thought as he began...
by Strife - Comments: 0 - Views: 454

Good evening! Hello again, this time I'm reviewing yet another *harem! Well, it's kinda toned down as the guy is 17 years old and the girls are 14. The title is Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai! or MY LITTLE SISTER CAN'T BE THIS CUTE! Lengthy title if you ask me, so I just call it OreImo or My Sister.

I found this anime while browsing at a blog. It's a relatively good anime, something everyone can relate to. Even if you don't have a sister or the opposite. An incest anime without the sex and the love is replaced by a brother-sister love.

by Gokuatruehero - Comments: 0 - Views: 588

Stardate, log. I've adventured west from our campground with my map and supplies. It was a long journey and it's lonely. I'm missing my friends and the sweet peaceful world. Out here it's true survival.
Stardate log 2 - I managed to set up a camp on top of a mountain/hill in the snowy biome east of our camp grounds. It's heavily fielded by cows, and a strange lava pit in the snow. Phanny has been missing for quite some time since his last outing. It's...
by Tails - Comments: 2 - Views: 565

Hahaha! Well, here's something different. Created by Japan's Ken Akamatsu, you would expect something epic. And I was right. I bought this manga and I was completely caught in the action. The Manga's genre is Harem, Ecchi, School life, Fantasy and Adventure. It has 38 volumes, Volume 0 not counted.

Sometimes, they include goods such as stickers and real cards called...
by Gokuatruehero - Comments: 0 - Views: 637

For any people who are about to go: "Dafuq is dat, yo?" This is Aussie Rules Footy: Click me yo!

Big Ant Studio has been working on the new game for a number of years now and with the release, the country can finally rejoice - we have an AFL game designed for PS3 and Xbox 360! Although the game was expected to...
by Mageta - Comments: 2 - Views: 563

Dream 4/24-25

Setting: Riding home on the school bus, sitting next to no one.

As I'm rearranging my stuff to sit comfortably, someone gets on. I look forward quickly to see if it was one of my friends, it wasn't. 'But wait, was that, no it couldn't be.' I said to myself, arguing in my head. Still I decided to have a double take, I quickly turned my head around, and looking at this person's hair I could tell it had to be who I thought it was. 

I turned back to what I was doing, pretending nothing had changed. In reality though I was smiling greatly on...
by Ravage_Gokan - Comments: 0 - Views: 435

le Afro: Lalala~

~Mageta: *Walks in to le room*
Hello Fro!

le Afro: Hola Señor Mag.
How ya' doing?

~Mageta: I am resting my hamstring after Football and yourself my good man?

le Afro:
Yeah! FOOTBALL! Erm...uh...*clears throat* Fine my dear sir. Just watching some Avatar and wrestling.

~Mageta: Australian football! Not that yanks crap.
So shall we start le interview?

le Afro: Oh, you mean soccer. Eh. Sure, let's get it on!

~Mageta: No... Aussie Rules football, we use the oval shaped ball! I hate soccer!
by Mageta - Comments: 2 - Views: 529

The one thing that we cannot escape from. It's inevitable. Everyone has felt it, but what causes it? We all have reasons why we're feeling down, why we're in a state of worthlessness: Our "Partner" has broken up with us; Our families "Hate" us; We have no friends; We received no phone calls, Facebook posts or hugs on our birthdays; Perhaps you failed your New Years resolution. Only one person can cause depression, and that's another person you. It's your outlook on life. Life is what YOU make it, and I'm not saying it's bad to feel sad every once in a while, but every...
by Strife - Comments: 0 - Views: 474

Albino Legend: The UnTold Story
Prologue 1: The Albino

Thousands of years before our story takes place, that is where the story actually begins. A power was born so great; it was destroyed by the three greats of the time. Frost, Kale, and Tsuru; three cousins whom represented three powers: Wisdom, Courage, and Power (respectively). The three, if they worked together, could have easily conquered the universe at this time. Until a saiyan so powerful was born, it began to put the others to shame almost instantly; Akos. He was born albino, lacking pigment. His Ki (measurement of power)...
by Ravage_Gokan - Comments: 3 - Views: 480

Being the first interview of my career, chaos ensued.

PhantomAForce joined the chat.
Afrolicious : Raddaaaaa rada...
PhantomAForce : Nom
* Afrolicious wags finger
BubbleWarrior : phanny, your server gots some massive lags going on
PhantomAForce : It does?
BubbleWarrior : onis got stuck xD
PhantomAForce : Let me reset.
PhantomAForce : Interview :3?
BubbleWarrior : sure
BubbleWarrior : So Mr. :3, how did you manage to escape from squishy face prison?
PhantomAForce : Whut progrum?
Yastas : .
BubbleWarrior : wut? o.o
by Tails - Comments: 2 - Views: 441

Today I’ll be taking a look at the most recent FIFA game release by Electronic Arts, FIFA 12. FIFA 12 is the nineteenth release in the incredibly successful series, which in itself is quite an achievement. The original FIFA game was released almost 20 years ago (mid 1993) and the fact that the game continues to evolve and be enhanced highlights its massive popularity. FIFA 12 offers us the chance to play with teams from 29 leagues from 22 countries. One of the great aspects about the FIFA series is that it's a fully licensed game, so that you get the proper team and player names and don't have...
by Mageta - Comments: 3 - Views: 504

A side note before you read, .//Gale is me and DarthOnis is....well, very obvious. Just in case anybody isn't sure.

.//Gale: *wears a fancy hat and clears his throat loudly*

DarthOnis: Just the hat?
DarthOnis: No monocle and cane?

.//Gale: Some young ruffian stole them from me in the street.
.//Gale: But without further ado, shall we get started?

by Guest - Comments: 3 - Views: 883

RRR Issue One: Absences

Within the realms of our everyday lives there lies a part of us that, on occasion, seems to shut down. More often for some than for others it will happen, myself, I am the former. Quite often it seems that I wind up just giving in to all the pressure, saying fuck it, pretty much. Between school, work, family, friends, a girlfriend, homework, working out, and getting onto the computer, the stress tends to build up. I guess I would call this the Camelback Effect. Why? A story I once heard.

by Ravage_Gokan - Comments: 0 - Views: 443

Well, as we all know, RP's on Vortex don't usually last that long. Well they do, but they die out easily. Maybe it's because of the system, maybe people don't like it. But out of all Vortex Rp's (including affiliates), which one had the most substance and hooked the Rp'ers into it. I was only here for the recent ones: Vortex, Vortex 2, Phanny's RP and now Rezzie's now-dead RP.

1: BurstFire Legacy 1
In my opinion, BurstFire Legacy 1 is one of my most favorite DBZ RPG's. Why? Because it had substance, it wasn't your same old RP. It was set in modern times, it had a wonderful staff...
by L. Cole - Comments: 1 - Views: 402

Plus special add-on!
Today, I’ve felt that one true emptiness we all have felt. The feeling of losing that one strip of bacon you really wanted. Now, I looked everywhere on that Tennis court searching for it, but it had seemed to be lost within the bombardment of tennis balls soaring through the sky with each stroke of the racket.

-It seems we interrupt this broadcast to bring you this, wait a minute… it’s not a broadcast. Anyway, this interruption is brought to you by Yastas’s anger toward the sock. I tried telling him that I consumed said sock, but so far, no results are in.-

Either or, we are...
by Tails - Comments: 4 - Views: 425

This is my outlook on the 2012 NAB Cup Grandfinal. It's just a pre-season cup the AFL do.

All of the last week in NAB cup footy circles was devoted to the Adelaide Crows. Starting with a great win over Collingwood at the weekend, the week turned sour as Bernie Vince celebrated a club cricket premiership a little too hard, and then got even worse when recruiter Matthew Rendell stood down from his post amid a racism scandal. They had been the story of the week, and it was only fitting they would also be the story of the weekend, claiming the preseason premiership in the NAB Cup grand...
by Mageta - Comments: 0 - Views: 352
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